The Legend of Legends
People don't need the Avatar. They just need to believe that he can come and solve all its problems.
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The Legend of Korra


Nobody cares about the Avatar Cycle anymore, anyway.

Avatar Korra will always be remembered as one of the greatest Avatars in history. She defeated many powerful enemies in her time and managed to bring peace and harmony to the world. But it didn't last for long.

In 180 AG, Korra headed for the Earth Republic, wishing to urgently speak to Kuvira for unknown reasons, but she never arrived there. Some think that she died during the journey. Some think that she was killed in the Earth Republic. Some think that she is still alive somewhere. But nobody has ever seen the Avatar again.

Two decades have passed, and the world has had to learn to live without the Avatar. But soon, a new threat rose. Soon after Avatar Korra's disappearance, a company called Spirits Industries appeared from nowhere. It didn't seem like any trouble then, but soon it proved to be so technologically advanced that it slowly started to take over the competition. It took over everything: technology, medicine, traveling. Future Industries, Varrick Industries, everything is gone.

The leader of Spirits Industries, a mysterious woman who calls herself The Spirit and stood behind all the Spirits Industries modernizations, was never seen in public, but the better part of the world was practically under her control. It was you either live from the Spirits Industries, or you die. She was rumored to have the power of spirits herself. Some thought that she was just a human, but nobody knew.

It was not a military conquest. It was a takeover.

World leaders recognized The Spirit as a threat, but there was no way to fight someone who controls everything. There was only one solution. To find the Avatar, whether it was Korra or the new Avatar, who will lead people against Spirits Industries. But the Avatar has not been seen for thirty years, and the former Team Avatar was unsuccessful in finding her.

By now, in 202 AG, Spirits Industries has complete control over our lives. They follow us, they know everything we do. But a few days ago, the Council for Security decided to send a team of children of the former allies of the Avatar, hoping that the next generation could be successful in finding the Avatar.

And the four of us will succeed.



From left to right - Kain, Turkko, Tan and Darin.

Main characters

  • Kain- Daughter of Jinora, master airbender, the leader of the Anti-SI security team, Kain is serious and down to earth. She is very resolute to succeed in her mission and help the world.
  • Turkko - The son of Desna and Tribal Prince of Northern Water Tribe, the only nonbending member of the Anti-SI security team. He is a natural optimist and a bit eccentric.
  • Darin - The son of Varrick and Zhu Li, a waterbender, though a very unfit one, and a technological genius, member of Anti-SI security team. Full name Iknik Jr. Darin Moon Blackstone Varrick, he is laid-back and a bit naïve, but a good friend.
  • Tan - Daughter of Baatar Jr. and his wife, master earthbender, member of the Anti-SI security team, she is a typical Beifong, tough and a bit tom-boyish, and a bit sarcastic at times.

Secondary characters

  • Orah- Turkko's fifteen years old first cousin, Eska's son, and second in line to the Northern Water Tribe throne. He briefly joined Anti-SI security team during their journey to find the Avatar, but they parted in the Earth Republic.
  • Kim- Turkko's cousin on father's side and Eska's niece, Southern Water Tribe warrior who accompanied Orah and Anti-SI security team on their journey from the Northern Water Tribe to the Earth Republic.

Supporting characters

The Council for Security

  • President Tayen Tiequan
  • Chief Desna
  • President Feng
  • Master Jinora
  • Chief Eska
  • Chief Taruq
  • Fire Lord Iroh II (formerly)

Water Tribe

  • Kan
  • N.J.
  • Kathrin
  • Lorena

United Republic

  • Asami Sato
  • Mako
  • Bolin
  • Violet
  • San
  • Sara

Earth Republic

  • Kuvira
  • Danaya
  • Sparkles
  • Leo


  • The Spirit - mysterious leader of the Spirits Industries, rumored to have spirit power herself, scientist and inventor.
  • Spirits industries
  • Eagle Hawks (Katherina, Tarrlok, Xaraya, Hawk) - Fire Nation terrorist group hired by The Spirit to track down Anti-SI security team


  • The story happens 28 years after the end of The Legend of Korra book 4, so the world is much more technologically advanced.
  • The story is separated into three parts.
    • Part one happens in autumn 202 AG, focusing on the Anti-SI security team tracking down Avatar Korra's former allies, trying to find out whether she is still alive or not. Secondary antagonists in Part 1 are the Eagle Hawks bounty hunters.
    • Part two happens in winter 202 AG, focusing on the Anti-SI security team's search for the new Avatar, and their first encounters with the Spirits Industries and learning about new horrifying threat.
    • Part three happens in spring 203 AG, focusing on the final stand against The Spirit.
  • The story has PG-13 rating for violence, however, there is no cursing or any explicit scenes.


Part one

  1. The Council (prologue)
  2. Chosen
  3. Whispers in the Night
  4. Scared of Tomorrow
  5. The Originals
  6. Old Scars (30.12.)


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