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The Legend of Lan Se
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Action, Drama




Book 1: 8

Book 2: 8

Book 3: 8

Book 4: 0






Avatar Brek

Tales of Yukio


The young Avatar Lan Se is the only survivor of an attack from the Earth King. When everyone is struggling to decide who will win the war between earth and fire, Lan Se must master all the elements before it is too late. But he cannot even bend his home element, fire...


Team Avatar:

  • Lan Se/Lan: Our hero of this time. 16 years
  • Ai Lun Na/Elena: The only friend of Lan Se, earthbender. 16 years
  • Tiankong/Tian: Airbender, former gang member, grandson of Jinora. 14 years
  • Kassandra: Non-bender of the Northern Water Tribe, she is lost in a world that is not hers. 13 years


  • Earth King Lishi: He wants to destroy the Fire Nation, before they attack the Earth Kingdom using Sozin's Comet. He is also paranoid and thinks the attack is going to happen because of that.
  • Independent Nation: They want to destroy the Avatar, because they believe he only causes harm.
  • King Wanji: King of Omashu. He wants to overthrow the Earth King, and is willing to make a deal with the Independents for that.
  • Soyun: Uncle of Tiankong, master airbender.

Minor characters:

  • Fire Lady Zola: She will resist the Earth King with all her might, and is prepared to fight him for her nation. Lan's firebending teacher.
  • Ti Kuang: Elena's earthbending teacher. Great-grandson of Xin Fu
  • Lady Jinora: Lan's airbending teacher


  • Sudu: Lan Se's animal guide, a buffalo yak
  • Ekata: Tiankong's animal guide, a flying bison


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Book one: Fire:

Book two: Air:

Book three: Water:

Book 4: Earth

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