The Legend of Laghima
Empty, And Become Wind
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The Legend of Laghima is a fanon written by 強力な風. The tale focuses on the journeys of three young adults, one of them the future Guru Laghima, and their search for enlightenment.


Nearly 4,000 years before Avatar Korra, there lived an airbender named Guru Laghima. Legendary, he was the first airbender to ever achieve true detachment from the world, and experience true, unaided flight. But, for everything that is gained, something is lost. To become one with the wind and unbind himself from the world, he had to let go of all earthly desires, including those he loved. His is a story of adventure, love, and loss. The records of his epic tale were destroyed in the genocide, but are available to us. Read on for a moving tale of how nothing ever comes without a price.


Laghima, a 21-year-old airbending master traveling the world with his friends.

Rinchen, an energetic female master of airbending and the best friend of Laghima.

Rongyu, the earthbending friend of Laghima and Rinchen from the Earth Kingdom.

Sonam, Laghima's sky bison.

Tashi, Rinchen's sky bison.

Pikam, Rinchen's winged lemur.


Upcoming Chapters

Chapter 0: Prologue

Part 1

Chapter 1: Fresh Air

Chapter 2: Bandits

Chapter 3: Gliders and Badgermoles

Chapter 4: Poetry

Chapter 5: Triangles

Part 2

Chapter 6: New Foes

Chapter 7: Blazing Flames

Chapter 8: Knife in the Dark

Chapter 9: Fire and Brimstone

Chapter 10: Sacrifice

Part 3

Chapter 11: Let Go Your Earthly Tether

Chapter 12: Enter The Void

Chapter 13: Empty

Chapter 14: And Become Wind

Chapter 15: True Freedom


Note: Some of these are working titles, and may change before the end of this series.

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