The Legend of Kyoko
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Comedy; Action/Adventure







Original run

2014 - present








Combustion Woman (Youtube Channel)[1]


Avatar: The Legend of Kurono


Avatar: The Legend of Xu Len


Avatar Kyoko is an Earthbender from Ba Sing Se. She is 17, she is smart enough and is about to go to college when she finds out her identity. She faces a lot of challenges along the way. In the first book, she faces of gang of bullies who used to terrorize her. She masters all four elements and faces them right after mastering Waterbending. She fights them in the Southern and Northern Water Tribe as well as the Spirit World.



Book One: The Elements

  • Chapter One: Brains to Brawn
  • Chapter Two: The Fire Nation
  • Chapter Three: Firebending
  • Chapter Four: The Northern Air Temple
  • Chapter Five: Airbending
  • Chapter Six: The Southern Water Tribe
  • Chapter Seven: Waterbending
  • Chapter Eight: The Difficulty
  • Chapter Nine: Jing Chen's Attack
  • Chapter Ten: Zhì Kuài's Inner Spirit
  • Chapter Eleven: The Second Kyoshi
  • Chapter Twelve: The Return of the Bully
  • Chapter Thirteen: All Four Elements Part One: The Waterbending Master
  • Chapter Fourteen: All Four Elements Part Two: The Spirit World
  • Chapter Fifteen: All Four Elements Part Three: Fully Realized Avatar

Book Two: Bionics

  • Chapter One: The Woman who Left them Behind
  • Chapter Two: Change of Personality
  • Chapter Three: Bionic Superhuman
  • Chapter Four: The Southern Air Temple Part One
  • Chapter Five: The Southern Air Temple Part Two
  • Chapter Six: The United Republic
  • Chapter Seven: The Bait
  • Chapter Eight: The Lesson
  • Chapter Nine: Rujean's Power Unleashed
  • Chapter Ten: Cuts and Bruises
  • Chapter Eleven: The Deciding Factor
  • Chapter Twelve: End of an Era
  • Chapter Thirteen: Succumb to the Power
  • Chapter Fourteen: Like Mother, Like Daughter

Book Three: Growth

  • Chapter One: Not the Girl She Used to Be
  • Chapter Two: The New Threat
  • Chapter Three: The Northern Water Tribe Part One: The Water Princess
  • Chapter Four: The Northern Water Tribe Part Two: Ice Shot
  • Chapter Five: The Realization
  • Chapter Six: Family Troubles
  • Chapter Seven: Ba Sing Se Part One: The Royal Family
  • Chapter Eight: Ba Sing Se Part Two: Dust Burst
  • Chapter Nine: The Avatar from Within
  • Chapter Ten: Raava
  • Chapter Eleven: The Fire Nation
  • Chapter Twelve: Hou-Ting's Earthquake
  • Chapter Thirteen: The Comet and The Earthquake Part One: Confronation at the Fire Nation Capital
  • Chapter Fourteen:The Comet and The Earthquake Part Two: The Downfall of Earth and The Rise of Raava
  • Chapter Fifteen: The Comet and The Earthquake Part Three: Xiao's True Power

Book Four: Past

  • The Old Stalker

Book Five: Triad

  • The Triple Threat Triad

Book Six: Flight & Suffocation

  • The Eastern Air Temple

Book Seven: Lotus

  • The End of the Purple Lotus


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