By Korra Sato Part of the third season of The Legend of Korra continuity.

This is the chapter list for the third season of The Legend of Korra. (Book Five: Connections and Book Six: Disorder)

Book Five: Connections (连)

Main article: Book Five: Connections

Chapter Episode Episode name Overview Release Date
1 53 "An Air of Hope" One month after the defeat of Kuvira, Korra has settled down on Air Temple Island in Republic City and is living a life of peace an harmony, but a disturbance in the Spirit World leads her to believe that an ancient enemy of the Avatar is reawakening. Meanwhile, the World Leaders are held hostage in City Hall by the remnants of the Earth Empire and only Team Avatar can save them. January 16, 2015
2 54 "Exodus" When Tenzin refuses Korra's suggestion to travel the world to reconnect to her past lives, Asami has a talk with Korra. Meanwhile on Air Temple Island, a celebration takes a dark turn as the Earth Empire remnants attack and Korra is forced to leave. January 23, 2015
3 55 "Korra's Odyssey" Korra begins her journey across the nations to reconectt to her past lives. Meanwhile, Lin, Su, Mako and Bolin lead a top-secret operation that could end the threat of the Earth Empire remnants. January 30, 2015

February 13, 2015 (Update 1)

February 23, 2015 (Update 2)

4 56 "The Confrontation" Korra and Team Avatar return to Zaofu where the one person who can command the Earth Empire remnants to stop their conflict is held captive: Kuvira. February 27, 2015 (Expected)
5 57 "Roots of Growth" Together, Lin and Su work together to make it through the Foggy Swamp to find their mother and get the answers they're searching for. Unbeknownst to them, the Earth Empire has taken this as an opportunity to capture the Beifong sisters. 2015
6 58 "TBA" TBA 2015
7 59 "TBA" TBA 2015
8 60 "TBA" TBA 2015
9 61 "TBA" TBA 2015
10 62 "TBA" TBA 2015
11 63 "TBA" TBA 2015
12 64 "TBA" TBA 2015
13 65 "TBA" TBA 2015

Book Six: Disorder (紊)

Main article: Book Six: Disorder

Chapter Episode Episode name Overview Release Date
1 66 "My Dear Asami..." TBA 2015
2 67 "TBA" TBA 2015
3 68 "TBA" TBA 2015
4 69 "TBA" TBA 2015
5 70 "TBA" TBA 2015
6 71 "TBA" TBA 2015
7 72 "TBA" TBA 2015
8 73 "TBA" TBA 2015
9 74 "TBA" TBA 2015
10 75 "The Ember Island Players, Act II" Team Avatar decides to relax on Ember Island where they discover that the Ember Island Players have produced a play about Korra's adventures. 2015
11 76 "TBA" TBA 2015
12 77 "TBA" TBA 2015
13 78 "TBA" TBA 2015
14 79 "TBA" TBA 2015

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