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The Legend of Korra: What Was Lost
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Book One: Air

The Legend of Korra: What Was Lost is a reinterpretation of the conclusion of Legend of Korra Book One: Air, inspired principally by my own intense dissatisfaction with the conclusion of "Endgame" and the rather uninspired and effortless way that Korra regained her bending by Aang ex Machina.

While I understand that Bryke had to work within the constraints of a short season, I am still annoyed. So I set out to write an alternate version of the ending in which Korra goes through the effort of training to attain that connection with the spiritual aspect of her being and what it means to be the Avatar. It may further continue into a full-fledged rewrite of Book 2, but as of this moment it will be set in the six-month period prior to Book 2's beginning. Other characters will be appearing, but at least initially, the focus is on Korra and Tenzin.

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The story begins immediately after the end of the Anti-bending Revolution and the defeat of Amon. A despondent Korra laments the loss of her ability to bend Water, Fire, and Earth. After being comforted by Asami, Korra seeks out Tenzin and, under his tutelage, begins training in airbending as well as training to establish a spiritual connection with Aang and through him her Avatar Spirit, in order to somehow regain the abilities she has lost.

Primary Cast

  • Korra: The Avatar, and main protagonist of the story.
  • Tenzin: Son of Aang, airbending master and Korra's current mentor and teacher.
  • Mako: Firebender, former leader of the Future Industries Fire Ferrets pro-bending team. Korra's current boyfriend.
  • Asami Sato: Mako's ex-girlfriend and a good friend of Korra. Daughter of Hiroshi Sato and, since his arrest, the leader of the struggling Future Industries.
  • Tenzin's family: Tenzin's wife Pema and his children Jinora, Ikki, Meelo and Rohan, most of whom travel with Tenzin and Korra as they continue their efforts to train Korra in the spiritual aspect of her role as the Avatar.


The length of this story overall is yet to be determined. However, as each chapter is uploaded, a link to said chapter will be provided below.


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