The Legend of Korra: Behind the Scenes The Meelo Cam 3
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  • Meelo
  • Korra
  • Tenzin
  • Pema
  • Bumi
  • Kya
  • Iroh
  • Unalaq
  • Desna and Eska
  • Vet
  • Katara
  • Mako
  • Bolin
  • Extras
  • Director
  • Costume Designer
  • Raava (person in costume)
  • Vaatu (person in costume)
  • Wan Shi Tong
  • Pabu
  • Zuko
  • Kya


Meelo takes his camera out for a spin on the set of Season 2 and introduces the Meelo Mini Cam!


(Static snow is seen and then we see Meelo, in his dressing room picking his nose. He stops, wipes his finger and backs up. What's most noticeable is a miniature camera on his forehead.)

Meelo: "Hi everyone, I can't believe it, but welcome to The Meelo cam....... 3!!!!!" (Huge bursts of confetti pop out of nowhere and Meelo makes the face he made when the Equalists attacked Air Temple Island.) "I'm so thrilled The Meelo Cam series made it to the third installment! It's all thanks to our viewers at home! Before we begin, you're all probably wondering why I have this mini camera on my head. Well, with the money I made from filming the Season 1 finale, it was enough to buy another camera, so let me introduce to you all.... The Meelo Mini Cam!!!" (He presses a button and the camera angle switches to The Meelo Mini Cam's view which shows Meelo's field of vision.) "Ta-da! I bought it since the Meelo Cam is noticeable, it's to show during certain situations like if we bump into Korra. Alright, let's go!"

(Meelo switches back to The Meelo Cam and opens the door to his dressing room. He leaves the room and begins walking around showing the set of Season 2. Meelo walks and stops by a costume designer working on a dark spirit costume.)

Costume designer: "Okay, you're almost done. I need to add a few more stitches to the arm."

Extra: "Please hurry up! My arm's getting tired."

Director: "Places, people, we're on in ten!"

(Barking can be heard and the camera pans over to Naga who is growling at the extra in the dark spirit costume; the crew member is trying to keep Naga away.)

Crew member: "Easy, girl! It's just a costume!"

(Naga calms down and walks away with the crew member. The extra puts on the head of the costume and gets into position on set.)

Meelo: "This is gonna be good!!"

Director: "Okay, ready, Korra?"

Korra: "Ready!"

Director: "Okay, ACTION!!!"

(The fake snow begins to fall very fast and the extra runs to Korra at a fast pace and pins Korra to the wall; Korra looks frightened. Suddenly, barking can be heard and the camera changes to Naga barking and growling at the extra, the crew member is losing control of Naga.)

Crew member: "Easy, Naga! It's acting!"

(Naga ignores the crew member's words and runs off. The camera catches Naga attacking the extra, who begins screaming for help.)


(Korra runs over to Naga, calms her down and then Naga takes interest in the camera, runs to Meelo, knocks him down and begins to lick the camera lens. Static is then shown where we see Meelo, in the lounge cleaning the camera lens.)

Meelo: "Agh! Gross! Polar bear dog slobber! This could ruin the whole field of view! (sighs) Let's continue the tour."

(Meelo gets up from the chair and sees Unalaq and the man in the Vaatu costume having a coffee break.)

Unalaq: "So I found out my teenage daughter tried to marry an Earthbender who she only knew for a few weeks! When I found out, I told her 'Princess, if this boy hurts you, I'll trap him in the Spirit World.' I don't know where I went wrong."

Vaatu (actor): (Removes the headpiece to his costume.) "Your problem is, you're not involved enough. She needs a parent to guide her on what's right and wrong.... Okay, you know what? Have her separated from her brother for a while because dude, your kids are creeps."

(A midget in a Raava costume walks over to Meelo and removes his costume head and the rest of his costume; he is wearing a pair of stretch pants and a dirty under shirt.)

Raava (actor) : "Hey kid, listen, this suit needs to go in the dry cleaners. Do me a favor and get this cleaned?"

Meelo: "Do I look like a dry cleaning service to you?"

Raava (actor) : "Hey! Do I have time for this? NO! Now get this to the dry cleaners!"

(A group of beautiful women surround the midget and walk away with him while he says, "did I tell you I happen to be good friends with The Avatar?" Meelo points the camera at the Raava costume.)

Meelo: "It looks like it's my size..... Anyone thinking what I'm thinking??"

(Meelo puts the camera on the ground and quickly slips into the Raava costume, his hands and feet are sticking out of the costume)

Meelo: "How do I look? Alright, I'm going to switch to the Meelo Mini Cam and... LET'S GO SCARE MY FAMILY!"

(Meelo presses a button and the field of view changes to that of the Mini Cam. He walks to Tenzin's dressing room and sneaks in. He hides behind the clothing rack. Here we see Tenzin speaking with Kya, Bumi and Pema)

Tenzin: "I'm telling you, guys, ever since Jinora returned from the Spirit World, her attitude changed completely. She's been wearing dark clothes, sighing a lot, and meditating with candles more than usual."

Kya: "It does sound a bit serious."

Bumi: "I'm sure it's just a phase Tenzin."

(Meelo pops out of the clothing rack.)

Meelo: (In a haunting voice) "Boo! I am the spooky clothing rack ghost! Beware!"

Kya: "Aww look! Meelo is dressed like Raava!"

Pema : "Aww! My little man looks so cute!"

(Everyone smiles and starts taking photos with their iPhone.)

Meelo: "Hey! You're supposed to be scared!"

(Katara pops up out of nowhere.)

Katara: "Oh Meelo! Come here and give your GranGran a kiss!"

(Katara picks Meelo up and removes the mask to the Raava costume, she pucks out her lips and starts coming closer.)

Meelo: "Oh no! Not agaaaaaaaiiiiiinnnnn!!!!!!!!!!"

(Static snow is seen and Meelo is on the set of where Wan Shi Tong's Library is; he's covered in kissy marks.)

Meelo: "Okay, glad that's over. I'm now on the set of Wan-"

Wan Shi Tong: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY LIBRARY?!?!?!?!?!?"

(Meelo moves the camera over to where Wan Shi Tong is staring at him with a nasty look.) Wan Shi Tong: "No Human is allowed in my library!"

Meelo: "You let my sister in your library when these events occurred and this isn't your real library, it's a set the crew made to LOOK like your library!"

(Camera pans over to show studio and lights, even a microphone boom.)


Meelo: "From what I understand, you didn't know how a radio worked and you technically know more than 10,000 things, so shouldn't you change your name to He Who Knows More Than 10,000 Things?"

(Wan Shi Tong looks at Meelo completely speechless.)

Wan Shi Tong: "Come to think of it, I never thought of that. I need a word with the writers on that."

(Wan Shi Tong leaves to go to the writer's room.)

Meelo: "Okay, while Mr.Owl goes to figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop, let's go find Desna and Eska!"

(Meelo leaves the set and heads down a hallway, the lights begin to oddly flicker on and off.)

Meelo: "That's weird. I better switch to the Mini Cam for safety."

(Meelo presses a button and switches over to The Meelo Mini Cam)

Meelo: "Man, this place is as creepy as a graveyard at night. And for some odd reason, smells like GranGran's house."

(The lights flicker and two figures appear then disappear. The lights flicker again and this time, Desna and Eska are in the middle of the hallway holding hands.)

Meelo: "What the-"

Desna and Eska: (In unison.) "Come play with us, Meelo."

Meelo: "..........AAAAHHHH! GHOSTS!!!!!!!"

(Meelo creates an air scooter and rides fast out of the hall. He loses balance and face plants onto the ground. Static snow is seen and then we see Meelo in his makeup chair.)

"Okay, that was creepy. But cool news!!! General Iroh decided to bring his grandpa Zuko to the set! Let's check it out!!"

(Meelo turns the camera over to show General Iroh helping an elderly Zuko walk, he has a cane.)

Iroh: "Alright Grandpa, take it easy."

Zuko: "I'm fine Iroh, I can walk by myself." (Zuko starts walking around set when Mako walks in.)

Mako: "Hey guys, I just have a few questions about the scri-"

Zuko: "Who might you be?"

Mako : "I'm Mako.... Team Avatar's firebender."

Zuko: "So this is my replacement, huh? Not good enough!"

Iroh: "What? Grandpa, what do you mean?"

Zuko: "Back in my day, Firebenders were shown how good they were through a scar on their face."

Mako: "Where is this going?"

Zuko: "I'm sorry people, but (He summons a flame in the palm of his hand.) the boy needs a scar."

(Iroh starts holding Zuko back while Zuko struggles trying to give Mako a scar. Mako is backing away slowly)

Iroh : "Grandpa! You shouldn't do this!"

Zuko: "Yes, I do! That's how I got my scar!"

Iroh: "No! You got your scar because Great-Grandpa was a jerk!"

Zuko: "Oh yeah. I hate him so much, I sometimes try to wipe him out of my memory. Now where's Chief Bei Fong? I got to give her some Yuans I owed her mom years ago."

Mako: "Why did you owe her mom some money?"

Zuko: "When we were teens, Toph and I made a bet about Aang. Toph made a bet that when Aang passed on, he would return as a girl. Since Korra is a girl, I owe Toph money and since she's not around anymore, Lin is the next of kin."

(Zuko leaves the room with Iroh leaving Mako speechless. Bolin soon enters the room.)

Bolin: "Hey Mako, I have some issues with Pabu."

Mako: "What do you mean?"

Bolin: "Well, ever since I took him to get fixed, he's been so calm and lazy, he just doesn't want to do anything anymore."

Meelo: "Didn't you take a video of the whole experience?"

Bolin: "Actually, yeah, I did."

(Static snow is shown and the video changes to Bolin's iPhone camera. Pabu is in the passenger seat of a car in a cage.)

"Okay, buddy, I know you're not use to the cage, but the new groomer I'm taking you to requires this."

(They arrive at the vet and enter. They sit on the seat and Pabu is scratching at the door to the cage.)

"I know it's hard, but trust me, this new groomer is the best in all of Republic City!"

Vet: "Pabu?"

Bolin: "That's us!"

(Bolin gets up and carries Pabu's cage to the vet.)

Vet: "Okay, he's here to..... oh boy, (To Pabu in a baby voice.) someone's getting fixed today."

(Pabu looks at the vet and realizes what she just said. He looks at Bolin with big round eyes.)

Bolin: "I'm sorry, buddy. But you need this; this is for your health."

(Pabu starts growling and hissing at Bolin, even swiping his paw at him.)

"I'm sorry, Pabu, but (Begins to sound hysterical.) you made me do this."

(Bolin hands the cage to the vet and runs off crying. He runs outside and face plants onto the ground. Static snow is shown and next we see Mako, Bolin and Meelo all looking at the video on Bolin's iPhone and they look as if they were in an awkward situation.)

Mako: "That was weird. I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to make out with Korra."

(Mako leaves the room and static snow is seen then a close up of Meelo is shown.)

Meelo: "Okay, now how about we all go visit our favorite Avatar, Korra! But, I'm switching to the Meelo Mini cam for safety reasons."

(Meelo switches to the mini can and leaves his dressing room. He enters Korra's room and we see her in her usual outfit, but with her hair down and receiving a pedicure and a foot message.)

Korra: "Oh yeah, that feels amazing. A little to the left. (Notices Meelo.) Oh, hi, Meelo! How are y-"

(Notices the camera on Meelo's head.)

Korra: "You're filming all this?! Oh, that does it, Meelo! (Gets out of the foot bath.) I'm taking you to Tenzin!"

(She grabs Meelo by the arm and drags him out of the room. However, she makes a wrong turn and turns down the hallway Desna and Eska's dressing room is in.)

Meelo: (Realizing where Korra is going.) "Uh, Korra wer-"

Korra: "Not now, Meelo, I've about had- What the?"

(Meelo turns his head to show Desna and Eska holding hands in the hallway which lights are flickering.)

Desna and Eska: (In unison.) "Come play with us, Korra."

(Meelo turns his head to Korra, who is staring at her cousins. She begins to message her brow.)

Korra: "Ugh! They used to do this to me when we were children. (Whispers to Meelo.) On my mark, we attack. Ready... 1...2...(shouts)...3!!!"

(Meelo creates an air scooter and throws it like a bowling ball at Desna and Eska. Korra takes all the water in the sprinklers and creates a wave of water. Desna and Eska avoid both and redirect the wave at Korra and Meelo. Both Korra and Meelo scream, static snow is shown and next we see Meelo and Korra on the couch in Korra's dressing room hysterically laughing.)

Korra: "That was funny! Did you see their faces? I never saw them like that my whole life! (Takes a breather.) I want to apologize to you, Meelo. I thought this Meelo Cam was bad at first, but I actually see some good in it. It helps us connect to our fans more. I can definitely tell you, you have a fan in me!"

Meelo: "Thanks, Korra! (To the camera.) That's the end of the Meelo Cam three! See you guys next episode of The Meelo Cam!"

Korra: (To the camera.) "And see you all next episode of The Legend of Korra!"

Meelo and Korra: (In unison.) "Bye!!"

(Meelo turns off the camera, ending the Meelo Cam 3.)

The Meelo Cam

Legend Of Korra Behind The Scenes : The Meelo Cam

The Meelo Cam 2

Legend of Korra Behind The Scenes : The Meelo Cam 2

Author's note

It took me FOREVER to finally write Meelo Cam 3. I got so much on my plate, I don't have time for writing much stuff these days! Plus, I suffered a bit of writers block, but all of a sudden......BOOM! Season 2 came along and so did new ideas! I had so many ideas I couldn't fit them all in this fanon (that's what Meelo Cam 4 is for ;p), but I'm glad I got this finished and up online. Now I got to plan out another one!

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