The Legend of Korra-Chitose Gen Crossover
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March 9, 2014 -




The Legend of Korra


For Korra, it has been a month since the defeat of Vaatu and Unalaq, and the spiritual and physical worlds have since been left open. However, she has begun to question her role as the Avatar with the world's connected... In an alternate world, Ryu Shinto and Chireru Amakuni have had their own problem solved within the same timeframe... Chireru's youngest sibling, Borero, had seized the powers of Hell via the Leylines in order to kill his older brother Chireru for being the successor to their clan. Only by gaining the Kyokuko Kekkai State forms did Chireru and Ryu trap Borero into the Leylines. Little did both sides know... the two dark powers found each other to create not only a Dark Avatar, but a "Resonance Trigger". To leave the Leylines, the new Borero created a resonance portal, connecting the two different worlds. However, both Korra and Chireru must learn new skills before Borero masters his own powers...


Chitose Gen characters

  • Chireru Amakuni
  • Borero Amakuni
  • Josefubu Amakuni
  • Ryu Shinto
  • Eva Shinto
  • Lady Murasame

Legend of Korra characters

  • Korra
  • Mako
  • Bolin
  • Asami Sato
  • Tenzin
  • Unalaq (as the past life of the Dark Avatar...)
  • Vaatu
  • Lin Beifong
  • The Lieutenant
  • Hiroshi Sato

Crossover Only characters


Poster Concept

Concept Poster for first half of the series


  • I wanted to do a story with a theme showing the difference of the two world's display of their spirituality (with bending requiring ones chi to utilize, with spirituality leading to self-discovery, as opposed to a world where use of one's aura brings one's spirituality to the surface and is necessary for worldly ambition)
  • The biggest outside source of inspiration for doing this crossover was the video game series Warriors Orochi, a collaboration game of Samurai Warrior and Dynasty Warriors, where legends of Japanese and Chinese history encounter one another on the battlefield. Ever since I've been a massive fan of crossover series.

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