The Legend of Kharison
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The Legend of Korra

Avatar Korra died in 299 AG, and 70 years have passed. 27 years before 2016 AG, Avatar Kharison, hailing from the Earth Kingdom, is born.

New Avatar Show: The Legend of Kharison

Credits Music:

Back To The Future Theme Tune

Intro 1:
Doctor Emmett Brown:

Fire, Air, Water, Earth,
Avatar Korra, at first she could not master airbending
70 years ha^ve passed and no Avatar has been around
But I bet a new Avatar will come, and 1 year has passed, and I and my friends are on to something,
Avatar Korra's time ended into the world in 299 AG, but I hope a new Avatar comes, and I have invented a timemachine out of a delorean.
Avatar Korra saved Republic City, but seventy years later her time ended. But always sometime a new Avatar Cycle will begin.(Logo shows up)

NOTE: Katara, Toph, Zuko have passed away. Tenzin, Lin, Suyin, Mako, Bolin, and Bumi are the only ones that are stil livving

Intro 2:
Doctor Emmett Brown:

Fire, Air, Water, Earth
Only the Avatar can master all five elements and bring balance to the world. (Logo shows up)


Book 0: The End Of Korra
10 Episodes

Book 1: Fire
20 Episodes

Book 2: Air
22 Episodes

Book 3: Water
16 Episodes

Book 4: Energy 15 Episodes

Book 5: The Future
11 Episodes

Book 6:The Past 12 Episodes


Book 1: Fire

Chapter 1 Welcome to Hill Valley Kharison, the Avatar after Korra, finds a city called "Hill Valley" and meets Dr. Emmett Brown.
Chapter 2 Dr. Emmett Brown Trouble Part 1 (Speech of the future) Dr. Emmett Brown tries to get his friend "Marty McFly", but he despites the evil man's orders. This causes Dr. Emmett Brown to get in serious trouble.
Chapter 3 Dr. Emmett Brown Trouble Part 2 (About Tenzin) Still, Dr. Emmett Brown is in trouble, but Avatar Kharison and Tenzin help him.
Chapter 4 Back to the future Avatar Kharison keeps getting arrested and dreaming he is under arrest, and escapes to the future.
Chapter 5 The Plan Part 1 (Finding the Fire Nation) Avatar Kharison goes back home and starts a plan with his folks.
Chapter 6 Staying home Avatar Kharison goes home, goes back in time, when he was starting a plan with his folks.
Chapter 7 The Plan Part 2 (Fire) Dr. Emmett Brown teaches Avatar Kharison how to firebend.
Chapter 8 The Brown Family Avatar Kharison meets the Brown family.
Chapter 9 Delorean to the Spirit World

Part 1 (Folks to the Spirit World)

Avatar Kharison and his folks were on the 55-seated Delorean and went to the Spirit World Portal to find out spirits.
Chapter 10 Delorean to the Spirit World

Part 2 (Trouble in the Spirit World)

Avatar Kharison told Iroh that he and his folks need help to get back to the overworld.
Chapter 11 Tannens vs Waterbenders After The Tiny Battalion destroys the South Pole, the waterbenders and the Tannens try to destroy Republic City and Hill Valley.
Chapter 12 Hill Valley and Republic


Avatar Kharison tries to fix the future but.. some trouble happens to Dr. Emmett Brown again.
Chapter 13 Game Over Zolt!!!! A group of citizens in Republic City and Hill Valley decide they have had enough of Zolt and his bogus laws and try to do something about it.
Chapter 14 Aang's folks Avatar Kharison goes back to Avatar Aang's time and goes to Republic City to try to make Biff Tannen do some dirty jobs for being evil.


Avatar's Time Only Take a look at the danger that's about to hit the Avatar universe.

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