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The Legend of Kano
"We can't change our destiny"
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July 26,2013 - present




EarthAvatar5 and Snivystorm

This is a series made by EarthAvatar5 and edited by Snivystorm. It focuses on an adventure of an Earth Kingdom Avatar named Kano. The series officially started on July 26, 2013.


Fifteen years ago the last Avatar fought the Un-Che, but during the battle she died and was reincarnated in a baby boy somewhere in the Earth Kingdom.

Fifteen years later, Kano is going to confront his destiny as the Avatar, as Un-Che warriors from the Northern Kingdom return to claim the Earth Kingdom beyond Serpent's Pass and eventually reach behind the Walls of New Ba Sing Se. Now Kano must take on a journey to defeat the Un-Che and finally end this war and save the Earth Kingdom from this terrible danger that has risen years ago.

Kano will not face this danger alone, however, he will have the help of his friends. He could be remembered in history as the greatest Avatar that has ever lived if he succeeds or the Avatar will never be remembered if he fails.

Will Kano and his friends succeed in their quest? You can join them in their quest now by clicking this right now. Join Kano's journey now!


Team Avatar

  • Avatar Kano : The main protagonist of the series.
  • Mira : Mira is Kano's friend and secret crush; she is very calm but funny.
  • Han : He is Kano and Mira's friend; a very goofy guy, the one with all of the jokes.


Book 1 : World


Chapter 1 : Before

Chapter 2 : Change

Chapter 3 : Pressure- 2.7.2014

Kano faces with his fate as the Avatar, the world's saviour.But will he be able to handle the pressure.

Chapter 4 : Learning - 5.7.2014

The world learns of the new Avatar.Kano gets an unexpected visit and an old threat returns.

Chapter 5 : No Turning Back - 8.7.2014

Kano reaches a mental turning point.Events come to a conclusion as the enemy reveals itself to the world.

Chapter 6 : All is Lost - 10.7.2014

Chapter 7 : TBA - 13.7.2014

Chapter 8 : TBA - 26.7.2014

Chapter 9 : TBA - 27.7.2014

Chapter 10 : TBA - 28.7.2014

Chapter 11 : TBA - 30.7.2014

Chapter 12 : TBA - 3.8.2014

Chapter 13 : TBA - 6.8.2014

Chapter 14 : TBA - 8.8.2014

Chapter 15 : TBA - 8.8.2014

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Updates Section

So you all know that this fanon has been marked as inactive and that new chapters haven't been posted in a long while. I apologize for my inactivity. I really have to study for school and hopefully I will be able to finish the first Book this summer.

Excited to continue writing this story :)

The production of the first ten chapters of Book 1 has started. The series will be more detailed and better than before the revision. The first two chapters will be released by the end of June. Then one chapter will be released every four days. Hope I will live up to your expectations. 


So the length of every Book has been shortened by 5 chapters so you all know. I am hoping to finish the first 2 seasons by the end of the summer or sometime during the school year. I'm doing this so I can have more time for myself and other fan stuff during the summer. I will probably publish the first 2 chapters later today but only if the editor has time to finish it. 

Anyways the first 2 chapters will certanly be published before Monday. Hope you like the new chapters :)


FFF Interview

On July 11, 2013. The Snowbold of the Fanon Fact Finders interviewed the author of this fanon. To check the interview just go to this link :


The Fanon has been reviewed by Typhoonmaster. You can find it in the link below:

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