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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Legend of Kai
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April 15, 2012 - TBA






Kai has mastered all four elements in ten years in the secret base of the Order of the White Lotus, but has yet to master gaining the Avatar State and consideration has been thrown around that he may want to think over how he firebends. After the destruction of the secret base, Kai sets out to kill the tyrant Zheng, but as he travels, everything is not as it seems and the evil tyrant Zheng may only be a fraction of his problems


Long ago, Avatar Korra quelled the Equalist movement and made peace between the benders and non-benders, but sadly her time had passed and a new Avatar, Avatar Lien, was born. To spread the idea equality, the United Republic of Nations spread throughout the Earth Kingdom and became the Republic Kingdom. In order to achieve the same goal, the Fire Nation also became a haven for benders and non-benders all over the world to share equality and happiness, becoming the Suffrage Nation. While both share equality among many, both nations still keep their monarchies of Earth King and Fire Lord.

Soon, in the near future, a Republic scientist has discovered a breakthrough. This advancement in technology allowed any non-bender the ability of bending or a bender a different element to bend if they so desire. This breakthrough would be called "synthetic bending."

Not accepting the idea of "synthetic bending," the Suffrage Nation cut ties with the republic Nation without the Fire Lord's permission. Unhappy, the Republic Kingdom attacks the Suffrage Nation without the King's approval creating a war between both Nations. During the war, the Republic kingdom conquers the North Pole and makes it territory. Afterwards, the Suffrage Nation makes a pact with the South Pole in order to make new strength to fight the Republic Kingdom.

Unhappy with the war, the Fire Lord and the Earth King try to stop the war by coming together with a peace treaty to stop the war. But an influential man in the Republic Kingdom by the name of Zheng persuaded the warriors of the war to overthrow the Earth King. The revolution ended with the warriors celebrating in glory over the end of their monarchy. The Suffrage Nation has also undergone a revolution to overthrow the Fire Lord hearing that the Republic Kingdom has done it in succession. The result of was the warriors successfully overthrowing their Fire Lord. By this overthrow, this marked the end of the monarchy and the rise of political leaders.

The Suffrage Nation chose Hao, a kind leader who rose to power through hard work and the nomination of his friends promising to end this war and become a life of peace. And the leader of the Republic Kingdom would be Zheng, the man who persuaded the warriors into a revolution who would rise to power through harsh persuasion and the promise of the domination of the Republic Kingdom, which everyone agreed to.

Now due to the number of people who now have "synthetic bending," the Republic Kingdom has now conquered the Suffrage Nation due to the Suffrage Nation being out numbered, taking control of the nation and soon the South Pole will follow, supposedly ending the war with Zheng in control of the whole world.

Unhappy with the war and its outcome, Air Temple Island seceded from the Republic Kingdom, moving its location in the middle of the ocean between the two nations creating a safe haven for those wanting to get away from oppression or war.

There is only one person in the way who could stop this war ending Zheng's "tremendous" reign and that is Avatar Lien, but unfortunate for her, Zheng was a mad genius and a brilliant tactician. When thinking about the Avatar, he found a way not only to stop the Avatar, but to control the Avatar as well. To start off, he would monitor anyone with firebending heritage. He would prevent them from leaving to Air bending Island because it started establishing its civilization, and would eliminate of that lineage who conceived. He would then have a couple conceive a baby and when the time is right, he would eliminate the Avatar through poison when she least expected it. Coincidentally, the couple birthed a healthy baby boy right after the death of Lien. Zheng takes the baby and names him Shun and believes he is now in full control of the world.

Unknown to him, a woman named Kiyo who was pregnant, and fearing death of her baby, she secretly stowed away in a ship heading to the Suffrage Nation, thanks to her husband who sacrificed himself to get her stowed away. She arrives to a small village that is not monitored by the Republic officers. She successfully gave birth to a young healthy boy named Kai, but she was very unhealthy and sadly passed away not long after. Kai was soon taken custody by a man named Falak, who was good friends with Kiyo and her husband. He then walks away the village with Kai, never to be seen again. Unknown to the world, the newborn Kai would become the man to master all four elements. He would be the man to end this savage war. He would become the Avatar.



  • Kai - The Avatar. He is full of rage and hate and embraces the old form of firebending from Sozin to Ozai, despite being the Avatar. His sole duty as Avatar is to learn the four elements and defeat Zheng before he really gets out of hand.
  • Ryza - Kai's metaphorical brother and protector. He disagrees with Kai's view of the world and thinks he's taking his Avatar title a little to seriously.His weapon of choice is a short blade. He falls in love with Hana
  • Hana - A ninja from a secret clan who serve the Fire Nation and believe that peace means separation of the four nations. She falls in love with Ryza sooner or later, but puts duty before love
  • Tali - Zheng's only biological daughter and earthbender who ran away to the Suffrage Nation to get away from her corrupted family and help fight on the side of the Suffrage people. She falls in love with Kai at first sight, but he is oblivious to her
  • Kiyo - A white female dragon Kai rescued during his journey who was named after Kai's deceased mother and is also his animal guide. She is very attached to Kai and hates Tali very much


  • Zheng - The tyrant of the Republic Kingdom who is also a synthetic earthbender. He believes that the world does not need balance, but chaos and he believes his destiny is to create chaos in the world and become what he believes he will become a true leader.
  • Shun - One of Zheng's three adopted children to spread his ideals and hopefully someday succeed him.Believed to be the Avatar, until he realized that Kai was the Avatar. Now he believes that his destiny to destroy the Avatar and destroy the Avatar Cycle to make his dad proud. He is a firebender who bends green fire and is a master in lightningbending.
  • Kato - One of Zheng's three adopted children to spread his ideals and hopefully someday succeed him. He is a waterbender who masters the lost art of bloodbending to the extent that he doesn't need to do it under a full moon
  • Midori - One of Zheng's three adopted children to spread his ideals and hopefully someday succeed him. She is an airbender who is master of a new art called gravitybending. She does not have any Air Nomad tattoos because she thinks it's stupid and humiliating to any airbenders.


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