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Livro 1-Terra

Capitulo 1-Introduction

We are 1753 years before the end of the Hundred Year War, more specifically, 8176 years after the 1st Harmonic Convergence. The world is like today, with four air temples, two Water Tribes, the continent is dominated by the Kingdom of Earth, while the volcanic islands by the Fire Nation.

The current Avatar is Bagrak, originating from Earth Kingdom; he is a tall, robust, young, good-looking, and holds a respectable position, but hides distorted ideals of justice: he believed that dobradore -humans with the ability to master and control an element- had a gift that made them superior to demais. Então started an ideological revolution to whisper in the ear of its authorities which benders were living in favor of non-benders, contrary to what should be a few ser. He conquered the hearts of world leaders and was gaining power, until put plan was in place.

The non-dominant, every time they saw a bender - the ones who were authorized to use the colors of their nation as a way of identifying who was a bender or not - should treat them with respect, take a bow, and fulfill their orders. A New Avatar Act included that non-benders should respect the touch of collect and could never exercise positions of authority in their nações. All those who access the new rules, including non-benders, were allowed to live in the "society which benders built", as the rebels were contained by special militia and went to the Labour Courts.

In this context of oppression, some spirits, who most often do not take sides, provide support for non-benders in an attempt to equip them to folders in the hands of war. A secret society called The Fifth Element gathers non-benders and benders who do not sympathize with the Bagrak ideas. They plotted the assassination of the Avatar, while he was speaking at an event.

The Avatar, Bagrak, was killed, but his ideas were not buried with him. He was transformed into a martyr, which made the world even angrier with non-dobradores. Quando, the spirit of the reincarnated Avatar, was found in a poor family of the Fire Nation. Hazok, now 20, has learned to dominate three of the master four elements. He is currently preparing for their final test, domination of land, and then begin his spiritual ascension and his ability to enter the Avatar State and to communicate with spirits. The key to change the world is in his hands ... but having been created in the world left by his predecessor Avatar, he thinks much of the world.


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I'm a big fan of the Avatar series and really enjoyed the Fanon side of this wiki and decided to create one. I am Brazilian and now, people, I apologize for my English. Based on the story of a browser title of "Codi Walcnevar" then I owe him all the credit.

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