The Legend of Don
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The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Don is an adventure story about the Avatar after Korra. It is created and written by Probending999.


20 years after The Legend of Korra, Korra died and a new Avatar was born his name was Don. Don grew up with a quite life in a village named Hai outside of the ruins of Ba Sing Se until he turned fourteen and found out he was the Avatar. When Avatar Korra was extremely, a war began; the Earth Queen ordered attacks on the Fire Nation; she wanted more land. Korra went into Avatar State and destroyed the Earth Kingdon and created a new peaceful kingdom. Its new capital is Bazingze, a beautifully built city named after Ba Sing Se.


Don: The Avatar, he is shy and very predictable. He does not believe he has what it takes to be the Avatar.

Tona: An eleven year old waterbending master from the Bayview Tribe. He is energetic and very bright. He is also as stubborn as can be.


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