Chin's Childhood
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The Legend of Chin


Book 1: Lightning


Chapter 1: Chin's childhood

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April 6, 2014

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The Legend of Chin: Book 1, Chapter 2

Chin is the Avatar before Yangchen. He is born in Fire Nation and he never met his real mother. She left him when he was too young to remember her. Chin was left alone and he was baby. It was clear that he can't survive. His own mother left him to die.

It was cold and dark night. Clouds were hiding the moon and stars. Rain was falling and lightnings were the only light in forest. Wind was whistling and the baby was lying in grass and crying. Then, the big black shadow appeared. Huge animal was standing in front of the baby. It was mongoose dragon standing in front of Chin. Chin stopped crying. He was just looking at the mongoose dragon and mongoose dragon was looking at him. In the light of lightnings, mongoose dragon looked scary, but Chin wasn't afraid. He looked curious. He had open eyes and it looked like he forgot about rain, lightnings and scary dark forest. Then he smiled. In some reason, he was happy, and he wasn't scared any more. Mongoose dragon was just looking at Chin. Chin stood up on his arms and legs and crawled closer to mongoose dragon. He climbed up to its back and animal started to run. It ran very fast and Chin was just laughing louder and louder.

They soon escaped from forest. It was dawn, and rain stopped falling. Mongoose dragon slowed and Chin was sleeping. Mongoose dragon was kind. It was careful and it ran slower, so Chin couldn't fall off his back. Soon, they arrived to a small cottage. In front of the cottage was woman, picking vegetables from her garden. Mongoose dragon came closer to woman. Then she turned around and saw mongoose dragon and Chin. She wasn't afraid because she was often seeing it around cottage. She took Chin and said, "Poor little child. It must be hungry, scared and lonely. I'll call you Chin. From now, I will take care of you."

Her name was Jina. Chin was growing up with her, and he thought that Jina was his mother. She never told him that mongoose dragon brought him to her.

When Chin was five years old, he called his mongoose dragon Ron. They became best friends. Ron was Chin's only friend, and he never felt lonely with Ron.

Chin discovered that he's firebender and Avatar within five years. He had to discover that on his own, because there was nobody who could tell him that. Chin was never a good bender. He tried to bend, but he couldn't. He could airbend a little, but not the other elements. He hated that, but he couldn't change it.

Chin grew up to an eleven-year-old boy and things will soon change for him.

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