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The Legend of Atka
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July 2014-


Avatar: The Last Airbender


Long ago a great war ravaged the very land we now stand in as the Fire Nation sought to seize control of the world. The war raged for one hundred long years, bringing suffering to millions.

But one day the Avatar returned, a young airbender named Aang. He soon mastered the four elements and defeated the Fire Lord, bringing the war to an end and restoring balance to the world.

Aang and the worlds leaders gathered after the war to decide the next course of action. Avatar Aang proposed the Harmony Restoration Movement, a means of returning the Fire Nation Colonies to the Earth Kingdom.

However, tensions began to rise as Fire Lord Zuko and Earth King Kuei broke many promises between each other. Soon war seemed inevitable again.

The Avatar intervened and the brief conflict was brought to an end and the Restoration Movement collapsed, leaving the Colonies in the hands of both the Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom.

Now, 70 years later, Avatar Aang has passed on and a new Avatar must take his place, a talented waterbender named Atka. The Avatar must deal with the decisions of his past life and ensure that the careful balance in the world doesn't collapse around him...


Book 1: The Journey

Book 2: The Alliance

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