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Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Legend of Aang: Nations at War in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Legend of Aang: Nations at War
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The Legend of Aang: Nations at War is a fanon article about the story for a video game concept that would coincide semi-canonically with Buttongoo's film series plans. The video game would allow the player to play through the century aged war as the Fire Nation, however the final level would switch sides as the player can take on Fire Lord Ozai as Aang.

Plot Summary

Sozin's Era

After Fire Lord Sozin watches his former friend Avatar Roku perish, he starts war by massacring the Air Nomads as the comet arrives granting the Firebenders extreme power. Sozin first threatens a small Earth Nation city to claim war, he then sends dragon riding Firebenders to each Air Temple. The Northern Air Nomads take action and send their younger men into battle alongside the Earth Nation resistance. After exterminating most of Air Nomads, Sozin sends his men to hunt the Air Nomad resistance who remained alive after the comet's passing. Believing the next Avatar is dead or never was born, Fire Navy troops attack the Southern Water Tribe and capture every water bender in case the next Avatar was born within the Southern Water Tribe. Sozin, knowing that Aang is still alive dies an old man. His middle aged son Azulon takes his place as Fire Lord.

Azulon's Era


Ozai's Era


Chapters (Levels)

(Will think of better names later)

Sozin's Era

  • Roku's Death - (Roku's Island)
  • Troubling Signs - (Earth Kingdom Territory)
  • Arrival of Sozin's Comet - (Southern Air Temple)
  • Air Nomad Attack - (Earth Kingdom Territory Battle Ground)
  • The Resistance - (Earth Nation)
  • Water Tribe Raid 1 - (Southern Water Tribe)

Azulon's Era

  • Darkest Day in Fire Nation History - (Fire Nation Territory)
  • The Face-Off - (The Spirit World)
  • Slaying of the Dragons - (Sun Warrior Territory)
  • The Last Airbender - (Eastern Air Temple)
  • Siege of Ba Sing Se - (Ba Sing Se)
  • The Spirit Library - (The Library)

Ozai's Era

  • Sacrifices to the Earth - (Earth Kingdom Territory)
  • Betrayal of the Air Walkers - (Northern Air Temple)
  • Siege of the North - (Norther Water Tribe)
  • Day of Black Sun - (Fire Lord's Palace)
  • Battle of Ba Sing Se - (Ba Sing Se)
  • Into the Inferno - (Zeppelin Attack)

Chief Characters

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