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This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Legend of Aang: Book 4: Air
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Legend of Aang: Book 4: Air is a fanon that is being written by Ragnell wielder. It seeks to finish up the story of the War. It will show the Gang splitting up to go their separate ways, while they all face enemies, both old and new, on their own for the first time.


This section will change as the series goes on. I will update it as I write the chapters (and when I have time).

The story revolves around the characters going their separate ways: Zuko returns to the Fire Nation with Mai, however the former War Minister Qin has convinced the generals that served in the Earth Kingdom to rebel, saying that in Zuko's Fire Nation the power that they have gained over the last hundred years will be gone and that most of them will be put in prison for war crimes. They hope to return Ozai to the throne. While the Imperial Firebenders and the Domestic Forces remain loyal to Zuko, the massive invasion force that was stationed in the Earth Kingdom has sided with Qin. Toph goes around the Earth Kingdom by herself to solidify her position as the greatest Earthbender of all time, but when she discovers that the Dai Li agents are planning a rebellion, she decides to go after them single-handedly; Sokka and Suki travel the Earth Kingdom to help rebuild where they can (but not before they go searching for his "Space Sword" with Toph); Aang and Katara at first decide to stay in Ba Sing Se to help the Earth King, but soon hear of mysterious "Screaming Banshee" spirits that attack any one who ventures into the mountains south of the Northern Air Temple. Because he is the Avatar, Aang decides to check out the mountains. Katara stays behind and helps to start a new police force to clean up the Lower Ring with the help of General Fin, a powerful earthbending (retired) general who led the defence of Ba Sing Se during the 600 day siege by Iroh. She also discovers that the Dai Li are being led by Long Feng to assassinate the Earth King. During his journey in the north Aang discovers about how his people were killed and that he might not be as alone as he thought.


The series is planned to have 6 chapters.

Chapter 1: Tides of Intrigue

Chapter 2: The General's Hand

Chapter 3: Winds of Rebellion

Chapter 4: Just Cause


Most of the characters return in some way, shape or form. War Minister Qin returns to lead the rebellion against Zuko, however the main villain that Zuko will have to face is a new character called General Gangshou, a powerful Firebender. The new characters that Aang will fight will be the mysterious Screaming Banshee "Spirits". Gin will be aiding Aang on his journey in the north. More information will be released as the chapters are completed. The main villain that the rest of the Gaang fight will be Long Feng, with some help from the Earthbending General Shu .

The character pages will be put up for the new characters soon. The old characters still are their old selves, so refer to their canon pages for their info.


Most of the series has taken place in the Earth Kingdom, though some of it also takes place in the Fire Nation.


Currently Ragnell Wielder is writing this fanon, however any users that would like to help are welcome to. Just leave a comment if you are interested. Most of the help that will be needed is coming up with new characters, making sure that the main characters stay the characters that we all know and love, and to help fill out the story. If you leave a comment on the story page about how to make it better, I will try and work it in. Once again, this is a work in progress. Vulmen is the dialog and format editor.


Most of the images that I am using for my characters are from the Fire Emblem Wiki. They are copyrights of Nintendo, and I do not claim ownership of them. Most of the chapter names are also taken from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, because they fit almost perfectly and because that game is amazing.

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