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The Prodigy
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Waterbending Prodigy


Waterbending Prodigy


The Legend of Korra

The Legend Of Korra: The Prodigy is set to feature eight episodes, which take place a week after Korra restored her bending.


As we all know, the Avatar is the master of all four elements, but he or she isn't the only person who brings balance and peace to the world. Before the extinction of the Air Nomads, the world was blessed with four master benders, which each were the rightful leaders of their nation. These Prodigies were supposed to aid the Avatar and to create a certain unity within their nation. After the tyranny of the last known Prodigy Azula, it was clear that the world was unstable and out of balance, and that the Prodigies would be feared and hated, so they went into hiding or they concealed their true nature.

Until the day that Korra visited the Northern Water Tribe on her tour around the globe to introduce herself to the people of the world.






  • Avatar Korra - Avatar Korra is the immediate successor of Avatar Aang. after defeating Amon, she left Republic City and her friends to go on a brief tour around the globe to introduce herself to the three nations as the new Avatar. She meets a remarkable person on her visit to the Northern Water Tribe.
  • Mito - Mito is the 16-year-old nephew of the Northern Water Tribe Chief. He already was a waterbending master at the age of 14 and was trained by Katara herself. However, it seems that his talent isn't that much of a coincidence after all...
  • Tenzin - Tenzin is the son of Aang and Katara and the spiritual guide of Korra. Tenzin was able to accompany Korra on her tour after the Equalists were defeated in Republic City.
  • Ishi - Ishi is a member of a wealthy family in the Earth Kingdom. She is about 17-years old and works as an intern at the Kingdom's embassy. She is currently on a trip to the Northern Water Tribe. She is a relative of former king Bumi and therefore an excellent earthbender and it seems that she and Mito get along pretty well.
  • Bolgar - leader of the WTEA (Water Tribe Equal Association). He doesn't imply to be involved with Amon or Sato, but he also thinks that equality seems the only solution. He isn't an advocate of an violent coup, but he seems to have a plan to change The position of Water benders for once and for all.


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  1. Soulmates Complete
  2. A Night To Remember Complete
  3. North Pole Rumbles Complete
  4. Bolgar:In Progress ( 10%)
  5. The Northern Air Temple
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Notes & News

General: I try to write one chapter per week, two weeks maximum.

Please, give me some comments. not because I am really anxious for recognition ( maybe a bit :D). but mostly because I just started writing fanons and I am always trying to learn something new. so please comment the parts you liked and the parts you didn't liked that much.


I am thinking about expanding book 1, because I actually have a lot of new ideas and suggestions. but I am not yet certain about how the books that would eventually come out after this one should relate to the book that I am writing at the moment. humm decisions, decisions.


25/08: The New Chapter (2nd Chapter) "A Night To Remeber" of My debut Chronicle "TLOK:The Prodigy" is finally OUT. it took a while but I hope that a lot of people will read it. Korra finally meets her new nemesis!

27/08: Started Writing "North Pole Rumble" and it would be finished within a week, the chapter is set to be a very important one. as it explains the disappearance and de origin of the Prodigy's!

28/08: Great news!, I decided to add 3 additional chapters to this book and I am connecting this book to the next, which might be created if I have enough people who would love to read it by the time that this book is completed. so tell your friends to check out my first 2 chapters. I haven't yet given the 3 unanounced chapters a name. but I will when I finish "North Pole Rumble" or "Bolgar".

P's, North Pole Rumble is a very easy chapter to write, as it is actually thé chapter that explains the lore were the Chronicle is based on. it will be online soon!

31/08: I'm almost ready with writing "Nort Pole Rumble", it will be quite a read. I am afraid to tell you that writing my chapters has been delayed because of the start of the new school year. I think that I am able to release "North Pole Rumble" tomorrow or Sunday.

02/08 My new Chapter "North Pole Rumble" is released. I will be working on editing my previous and new chapters for the next 3 days. and I will absolutely work on my new Chapter "Bolgar" when I have some spare time :D. so please, check out "North Pole Rumbles" and enjoy!

07/08 Well, it has been a while since my last update :D. I guess that I will start working on chapter 4. it will be finished in about 1 or 2 weeks. stay tuned!

09/08 I am really struggeling to find any time to write!, so I guess chapter 4 is delayed.

12/08 I think that chapter 4 is delayed a little more, I am just so busy ( exciting). it might be a good way to look things from another perspective and eventually come up with cool stuff for the fanon. so no, I am not quiting :D.

15/08 I'll start working on chapter 4 within this week.

29/08 Just added some lines, things are looking up :D

06/09 I am getting a bit annoyed, regular life is taking so much time that I don't have any time to write. I'll start writing on Friday, when I have a holiday for a week.

12/11 well it has been a while, I was actually shocked when I saw the date of my last update. I think about my fanon a lot, but I still don't have as much time as I want to write. so yet again, my next fanon is delayd.

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