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Avatar: The Legacy of Yan





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Aquarius Black

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May 31, 2013

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"Autumn Equinox, Part 1: The Fire Nation

Anahata and Rocky were sailing in the sea. They had been slowly circumventing the Earth Kingdom since the day before, spending the night in the middle of the sea. Now they were arriving in their destination, the Western Air Temple.

'Good thing the sky is clean today.' commented Peng, as they prepared to land. 'This way I can't be distracted by my favorite hobby.'

'Which is?' asked Kozui, who sat beside Peng on Anahata's back.

'Cloudbending.' Peng answered.

'But I thought cloudbending required an airbender and a waterbender.' said Kozui.

'It depends.' explained Peng. 'The less dense a cloud is, the least a waterbender is required. This is like metalbending, in which if the metal is too refined, a metalbender is powerless, since earth particles are needed to bend metal.'

'Oh, I get it.' said Kozui.

They arrived and got out of both animals. Yan was delighted to feel the earth under his bare feet after many hours he spent on Rocky's back and in the sea. But then, as he used his seismic sense to scan the area, he learned of the Western Air Temple's peculiarity. Different from the other three ancient Air Temples, the Western Air Temple wasn't located on the top of a mountain, but under the cliff they just stepped on.

'How are we going to go the temple?' asked Kozui, also noticing the peculiarity.

'You and I can go on Anahata.' said Peng. 'But what about Rocky? He can't fly.'

'Rocky and I can create an earth platform to descend to the temple.' said Yan.

'And I'm sure this will be very boring and slow, am I right?' asked Natsu.

'Yes, it will be quite slow.' said Yan. 'But I can't guarantee about the boring part.'

'Then I will go to the temple in my fashion.' said Natsu, walking to the edge of the cliff.

Before anyone could stop her, she jumped off the cliff.

'NATSU!' screamed Yan.

'I'm okay!' she said, laughing, while sustaining herself through jet propulsion.

'This is not funny, you could have died!' Yan reprimanded her.

'C'mon, you need to trust more in my abilities!' she said. 'But I'm touched. You worry about me!'

'Shut up...' said Yan, blushing.

'Well, I see you in the temple.' said Natsu, lowering herself to the temple.'

'Right.' said Peng, climbing back on Anahata's back. 'Let's go, Kozui.'

And Kozui joined Peng on the sky bison's back.

'Now, we are the last.' said Yan. 'Let's go, Rocky!'

Rocky positioned himself to use his earthbending. He put his thick legs and forelegs equidistant from each other, and buried his claws on the ground. Meanwhile, Yan fixed his feet in the ground and raised his hands, pointing his palms upwards.

Then, both Avatar and his animal guide used earthbending to cut the ground and form a round platform. With that done, the platform began transporting them to the temple bellow.

'Good.' said Peng after Yan and Rocky joined them in the central tier of the Western Air Temple, in one of the upside down buildings. 'Now, before anything, we need to set two things.'

'What?' asked Yan.

'This.' said Peng, showing a world map.

'Where did you get this map?' asked Natsu.

'I got it from my father before we left.' explained Peng, putting the map in the ground as they sat around it. 'First, we must define a rout. I was thinking in moving counter-clockwise through the Air Temples. We can also spend time in different Earth Kingdom locations along the way. The only region we will avoid during our rout among the Air Temples is Ba Sing Se. We can go there once Yan becomes a Fully Realized Avatar.'

'Good idea.' said Yan. 'Now we have to settle the training agenda.'

'What about, you can train airbending from Monday to Friday and rest in the weekend?'

'Perfect!' said Yan, rubbing one hand against the other in excitement. 'And what day is today?'

'Thursday.' said Peng with a triumphant smile.

'Crap.' cursed Yan.

'Now, put yourself in meditative position.' instructed Peng.

'No, meditation again?' lamented Yan.

'Did I tell you to meditate?' asked Peng. 'I told you to set yourself as if meditating. Now feel the wind currents.'

'It's so windy today.'

'Right.' said Peng. 'First of all, airbending deals with the invisible currents of air.'

'Then I will rock, because I can't see anything.' said Yan, and as a reaction, Peng hit his head hard with his glider staff. 'Ouch, what is that for?'

'Just a warning:' said Peng. 'I am immune to your blind jokes.'


'Now, try airbending.' instructed Peng.

Yan assumed the airbending stance, which relied on Ba Gua Kung Fu, and tried to fire an air blast, but the only thing he managed to do was to fire a very thin and nearly non-existing wind current.

'You call this airbending?' asked Peng. He fired a powerful air blast. 'THIS is airbending!'

'Sorry, I am not doing this right.' apologized Yan.

'Don't worry.' Peng tranquilized Yan. 'Probably the problem is that this is your opposite element, the element that opposes your nature.'

'It may be so, because, the way I see, I lack the airbenders' hyperactivity.' said Yan.

'You mean you were never hyperactive when you were younger?' asked Peng.'

'No, I always contented myself in standing still and feeling the earth, like mud, grass and stone, under my feet.'

'I didn't know that.' said Peng. 'And what do you do when there are no external sources?'

'Firebending.' revealed Yan. 'After finishing my firebending training, fire became my second nature.'

To show his point, Yan fired a fire stream. Then, Peng noticed something fishy. Yan's fire was not the normal red–orange–yellow one, but emerald green.

'I never noticed you could produce green fire.' said Peng. 'This is the first time a firebender generates green flames.'

'Yes, when Mako noted that I didn't believe.' said Yan. 'It may be influenced by my balance between the physical and spiritual sides of bending.'

'Yes, you may be right.' noted Peng. 'I do feel you are balanced. And your hard time learning airbender is normal for any non-Air Nomad Avatar.'

'I am relieved that you are a comprehensive teacher.' said Yan.

But as the days passed, he proved to be wrong.

'WRONG, YOU ARE DOING IT ALL WRONG.' roared Peng, completely fed up.

'Look, I'm trying my best.' said Yan, struggling not to let his rage get the best of him. 'It's difficult to me.'

'Try harder, then!' suggested Peng. 'Well, you can try it later, it's time to eat.'

Yan walked towards one of the walls of the mountain, and rested his forehead on it, slightly cracking it in the process.

'Are you okay?' asked Natsu, approaching Yan.

'No, I'm not okay.' he said, turning to face her. 'I am not progressing, it's almost the end of the week and I didn't even manage to project the weakest air blast!'

'Maybe it's because it is your opposite element. You are an earthbender, so your opposite element is air.'

'Yeah, I know it all.' said Yan. 'What bothers me is that I could have learned it earlier. Had I continued my training right away I would be finishing my waterbending training by now.'

'I know how you feel.' she said, approaching some more steps towards Yan. 'It's not easy to be the Avatar. Not only because of learning the bending arts, but the responsibility is really too hefty. But I want you to know this: I will always be with you, no matter what. If you need to vent or anything, you can count on me.'

'Thanks, Natsu.' said Yan, walking some steps towards Natsu.

Though Yan was tall, Natsu wasn't much shorter than him. While Yan was around 5'11", Natsu was around 5'7". They spent some minutes there, looking at each other...

'Hey, what are you two doing, you are missing the lunch!' called Kozui.

'Uh, right.' mumbled Yan, as both of them blushed. 'Well, let's go.'

'Yes, let's go.' said Natsu.

Natsu went ahead, and then Yan. When he reached Kozui, he asked: 'Can you go outside for a moment? I want you to see something.'

'What?' asked Kozui, going outside while Yan entered the dining room.


Yan stomped in the ground and made an earth pillar rise violently under Kozui, making the young waterbender fly upwards and then fall back to the ground.

'Ouch!' yelled Kozui. 'What did I do to you?'

After lunch, they resumed the training.

'Right, here we go again.' said Peng. 'Now I want you to make a rock from the ground, right in front of me.'

'As you wish.' complied Yan, lifting a thick rock from the soil. 'What now?'

'Now, my turn.' said Peng. 'I will throw this rock towards you with my airbending, but first I need you to take five steps back.'

Yan obeyed.

'Now here it goes!' warned Peng, using airbending to send the rock to Yan. 'Try evading it in the last moment.'

Evade! instructed a voice inside Yan's head. The world seemed to be moving slowly. Yan could hear the rock approaching. Evade! Evade! Evade!

But he couldn't. When the rock was about to collide with him, Yan delivered a powerful punch, pulverizing the rock.


Yan took a deep breath and started to walk away, crestfallen. He felt miserable, defeated.

'Peng, listen.' said Natsu. 'My grandfather spent four years teaching firebending to Yan. I know all he needs is to be stimulated.'

'Okay.' he said, and then walked some steps on Yan's direction. 'Yan, wait.'

'What do you want?' asked Yan. 'I'm tired to be humiliated! I will never airbend!'

'I wanted to invite you to take a ride on Anahata.' said Peng.


The duo went to the sky bison, and climbed to his back.

'Let's go, Anahata.' commanded Peng. 'Yip-yip!'

Anahata took flight and began making circular movements while elevating more and more.

'It's getting cold.' noted Yan, standing.

'It's because we are very high.' said Peng, taking Yan to the edge of the saddle.

'How much high?' asked Yan, feeling the cold wind kissing his face.

'Why don't you go check out?' asked Peng, pushing Yan off the saddle.

'What are you doing?' asked Yan, terrified, as he began his free fall.

'Your only way to survive is to use airbending.' said Peng.

'I can't airbend!' said Yan. 'I just can't!'

'Yes, you can!' Peng reassured him. 'You only need to believe in yourself!'

'Right.' said Yan as he continued to fall. He tried to airbend, but to no avail. He then started to focus his mind on what he had to do, ignoring the fact his time was waning. He then took a deep breath, and lunged both arms forward. 'Aaaahhh! Suck it!'

For his surprise, he felt his fall being slowed, and he felt air coming out of his hands. Feeling he was in a safe distance from the ground, he ceased his airbending and fell to the ground.

'You did it!' cheered Natsu. 'You did it!'

'Yes, I did it.' said Yan, standing.

'Uh, why don't you go rest a while inside?' suggested Natsu. 'I need to have a word with Peng.'

'Sure.' said Yan.

After Yan entered, Natsu went straight to Peng, pushing him.

'What was that about?' asked Natsu. 'You could have killed him!'

'I don't understand why you are so upset.' said Peng. 'He's airbending.'

And with that he entered the temple.

'I liked him.' said Kozui, causing Natsu to shoot him an odd look.

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