The Attack on Future Industries
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Avatar: The Legacy of Yan





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Aquarius Black


Aquarius Black

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March 14, 2013

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"Air Temple Island"


The Legacy of Yan

"Fire, Air, Water, Earth.  My father told me tales of the Avatar that once per generation appears to master all the four elements and put balance to the world. The last Avatar was Korra, my grandmother, but she died nineteen years ago, giving rise to a new Avatar: my friend, Yan. I know Yan is quite apt to master the elements and put the Avatar Cycle in motion. And this, is our story..."

" 气 "

Book one


Chapter One: "The Attack on Future Industries"

Nearly one hundred years passed since Korra unmasked Amon and dispersed the Equalists. Nearly twenty years later, she found her real enemy. A firebending master called Snake, born on 139 After Sozin's Comet, killed the Fire Lady that succeeded Zuko, usurped the throne, and started a war with the remaining nations.

Snake's family was unshakable loyal to Sozin's view on firebending. After usurping the throne, he committed an act that surpassed the murder of the Fire Lady in terms of profanity: he rid the world from the Sun Warriors, killing also the masters Ran and Shaw, thus pushing the dragons into extinction. He also adopted their symbol, the Sun Disk, as his own.

The war raged for six years, but by 195 After Sozin's Comet, the Avatar defeated Snake, since his army was already weakened with the retaking of Ember Island one year previous.

In the end, Korra used energybending and took Snake's firebending away. However, sensing that Snake was still dangerous in the politic sense, she doomed Snake to be put in suspended animation by locking him in a cooler of the Boiling Rock prison. But ten years later, the prison was closed and Snake was forgotten.

And nearly forty years later, Avatar Korra passed away, and just like the cycle of the seasons, the Avatar Cycle began again...

Nearly sixty years passed since the war against Snake. After the usurper's defeat, General Iroh assumed the title of Fire Lord, and peace was restored. Forty years later Avatar Korra passed away at 79 years old, leaving her husband, Mako, and her two sons – the elder a waterbender, and the younger a firebender. With Korra's death came the end of the Chun Tai Era and the beginning of the Zhi Yuan Era.

Yan Beifong was born one week after Korra's death, on February 3, 232 After Sozin's Comet (Year of the Monkey). He had black hair and cyan eyes. Since he was a newborn his parents noticed he was blind, like his ancestor, Toph Beifong, but instead of overprotecting him, they raised him as a normal child, only taking the needed precautions.

When Yan was still a baby, his parents gave him a badgermole, in hopes the animal would teach their son the art of earthbending. Their intent was successful, and Yan began learning earthbending.

Four years after Korra's death, the Order of the White Lotus, now led by an elderly Mako, began searching for the new Avatar. The first to find the new Avatar were Yan's parents, properly reading the signs. They brought toddler Yan before the White Lotus and, after a few tests, he was recognized as the new Avatar.

Even after his status as the new Avatar was confirmed, Yan continued to be raised as a normal child, progressing in his earthbending training. As soon as Yan finished his earthbending training, he saw himself ready to pass on the next element of the Cycle, in this case, fire. He was put under the tutelage of none other than Mako himself. It was during his firebending training that Yan met the two most important people of his life: Kozui and Natsu.

Kozui was born on November 3, 235 After Sozin's Comet (Year of the Pig). He had black hair (originally dark brown), blue eyes and tanned skin. Kozui was Mako and Korra's grandson, and son of Chief Kanati, their eldest son. When Kozui was a newborn, his health was very fragile. Then they recalled the story of Yue, the princess of the Northern Water Tribe, who lived during the waning years of the Hundred Year War. According to legend, she was born ill, and she was saved when Tui, the Moon Spirit, gave her part of its life force.

However, when they entered the Spirit Oasis, and bathed Kozui in the water, the one who donated its life force was the La, Ocean Spirit, immediately turning his hair from dark brown to black. With time, the influence of the Ocean Spirit showed to be deeper than physical change. As he grew up, he showed to be the finest waterbender of that century.

When Kozui was just a toddler, his father arranged his marriage with the newborn daughter of his closest friend. They would marry as soon as the girl, named Ruan turn sixteen.

Natsu was born June 25, 231 After Sozin's Comet (Year of the Ram). She had black hair and amber eyes. Natsu was Mako and Korra's granddaughter and daughter of their firebending son. She had a lifelong crush on Yan.

Kozui and Natsu, though cousins, acted like siblings, having formed a strong bond since the former moved to Republic City on 244 After Sozin's Comet, at the age of 9, in order to learn all aspects of waterbending (having been taught both northern and southern styles in his early life at the Northern Water Tribe), since his mother was from the Southern Water Tribe.

It was September 11, 251 AG (the Year of the Hare). Yan was now nineteen years old. When Yan finished his firebending training, at the age of twelve, he decided to give a stop to his Avatar training, seeing as the world was safe, a decision supported by his parents.

Since he was too young at the time to join the Metalbending Police Force, he joined the Fire Ferrets and began competing in the pro-bending championships. Just like Korra in her youth, the only condition for the organization to let him in was if he only used earthbending during the matches.

When he turned fifteen, he left Pro-Bending in favor of the service as a policeman. When asked if he wanted any regally due to his double status as not only the Avatar but also the Chief's son, he only asked a green version of the Metalbending Police uniform.

As a weapon, Yan used only a metal staff, which he could extend through his metalbending. As a fighting style he used the Chu Gar Kung Fu associated to earthbending, but instead of Praying Mantis Style he used Monkey style of Chu Gar Kung Fu.

And now Yan was running after another criminal. Some minutes ago, the firebending member of the Triple Threat Triad robbed a non-bender cabbage seller, taking all his cabbages.

'Hey, come back here!' yelled Yan, running behind the thief.

'Sorry, Avatar, but I need to deliver those cabbages.' said the firebender, running.

'If you give them back to the owner, I promise I won't harm you.' said Yan. '... Much.'

The persecution led both to the other members of the Triad.

'Why the delay?' asked the one who seemed to be the earthbending member of the Triad.

'The Avatar is after me.' said the bandit, just as Yan reached them.

'Here you are, thief!' said Yan. 'Didn't your mother tell you never to steal things?'

'Ah, yeah.' said the firebending member of the Triad. 'Unfortunately, I never listened to my mother.'

'If your mother didn't teach you properly, I will.' said Yan.

'Count again, it is one against three.' said the earthbender.

'Two.' said a voice, and Kozui appeared to Yan's right.

Kozui usually wore brown boots, white jeans, black sleeveless shirt, and over it a light blue jeans jacket. Strapped across his back he carried a sheathed jian sword, the perfect weapon for the slicing nature of his bending art.

'Three.' Said a female voice, and Natsu appeared to Yan's left.

Natsu dressed tall black boots, black leather pants, and a red hoodie. Beside her rested a whip she used in conjunction with her firebending.

'And to think you said: 'why don't you take your turtle duck for a walk in the street?' said Kozui as Natsu joined them. 'ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? THAT CABBAGE BAG COULD HAVE BEEN MY LITTLE QUACKY!'

'Hey, Kozui.' said Natsu.

'What?' asked Kozui.

'Focus.' said Natsu.

'Right.' said Kozui, becoming crestfallen.

'Kozui, you take the waterbender, and Natsu, you take the firebender.' instructed Yan. 'I will take on the earthbender.'

'Right.' said Kozui.

The six benders assumed their respective stances, and the fight began. Right in the beginning, they drew their weapons, Natsu even applying her firebending to her whip.

While Natsu and Yan's fights with their respective opponents were serious, Kozui's fight against his opponent was a comical one, since the waterbending Triad member was fat, and Kozui was doing what he knew the best: to taunt his opponent.

'Yo mamma is so fat that she doesn't use waterbending, but lardbending!'

'SHUT UP!' protested the Triad member, as the two disputed with waterbending, using a nearby fountain.

'And yo mamma is so fat that every time she dresses in white she is mistaken for the moon!'

'Now you've gone too far!' said the bandit, picking an empty barrel and throwing at Kozui.

Kozui simply sliced the barrel in half with his sword.

'I give up!' yelled the bandit, running.

'This little pig went to the market.' Said Kozui, as he started to form two shards with the water of a nearby well. 'This little piggy stayed home. This little pig had roast beef. This little piggy had none. This little piggy went wee wee wee...'

At the "wee wee wee" part, Kozui threw the already formed shards. The bandit noticed he had come to a dead end. He then turned, and screamed in terror as the two ice shards thrown by Kozui were approaching. And with a stunning precision, they hit him, binding him through his suit without harming him. Then Kozui went to the man and punched him, rendering him unconscious.

'When I'm good, I'm good.'

Meanwhile, Yan and Natsu were dealing with their own problems. They were still fighting the remaining members of the Triad.

'You give up?' asked Yan, grinning.

'Never!' said the earthbender.

'I feared you would say that.' said Yan. He then used metalbending to encase his foe, using the metal ground they were.

'GET ME OUT OF HERE!' demanded the bandit.

'SHUT UP!' said Yan, hitting the metal encasement and making the sound echo inside.

He then looked at Natsu. With his seismic sense, he detected that the firebender prepared to strike at her. He quickly formed a metal shield.

'Thanks.' she said, and then surprised her foe with a quick firebending attack, knocking him.

Then the Metalbending Police Force arrived.

'Ah, the Triad, as always.' said Sencho, the Captain of the Metalbending Police Force. He seemed to be on his late thirties, and had brown hair, and as most earthbenders, green eyes. 'Good work, Yan, Natsu...'

'The other one is in the end of this alley.' said Kozui, joining the others.

'Thank you, Prince Kozui.' said the captain.

Then Yan's cellphone started to ring.

'Yes?' he called, answering the call. 'Hi, dad. Yes, we got them. What? Really? Okay. No, I'm okay. Bye.'

'What did he want?' asked Kozui, as Yan turned the phone off.

'Just to tell my mother won't eat with us, because she went to treat something on Future Industries.' explained Yan.

'I'll go home.' said Kozui.

'You want a ride?' asked Yan.


'Rocky!' called Yan. 'Here, boy!'

Soon a giant badgermole arrived, running. It was Rocky, the one who taught Yan earthbending. His body was huge and round, and his face badger-like, complete with whiskers. He had brown and peach fur, and his eyes were of a lighter tone of brown. The only addition made to him were reins attached to a collar wore on Rocky's thick neck.

As soon as he joined the three, Rocky licked Kozui's and Natsu's faces.

'Hey, Rocky, it's good to see you.' said Natsu, petting his muzzle.

The cousins then placed themselves at Yan's either side, and Yan stomped the ground, creating an earth pillar, which helped them go on Rocky's back.

'Let's go, Rocky.'

And Rocky began walking. As they passed by the Future Industries, they stopped to admire its building. Future Industries was created by Hiroshi Sato, at the time a poor businessman counting on the investment of a rich man. Soon Future Industries became known for their Satomobile, even creating the airships owned by the Metalbending Police Force. When Hiroshi Sato was revealed to be an ally of Amon's Equalists on 170 After Sozin's Comet, the corporation fell from grace, but was quickly put back to its former glory by Hiroshi's daughter Asami Sato.

'Wait, what is that?' asked Natsu.


'An airplane.' she said, pointing to a faraway airplane approaching. 'It must be from Future Industries.'

'IT'S ATTACKING!' warned Kozui, in the instant the mysterious airplane shot a missile.

Yan made Rocky run away from the complex's vicinity, just some minutes before the missile destroyed the complex, consuming it in a huge explosion.

'MOTHER!!!!!' called Yan.

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