Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Legacy of Suzhir - How Combustion Man came to be in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Combustion Man's attack
The Legacy of Suzhir - How Combustion Man came to be
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Avatar: The Last Airbender


This is the story of Suzhir, a firebending soldier under the command of Zhao who eventually came to be known as Combustion Man.


Zhao - Suzhir's former commander

Zuko - Hired Suzhir to hunt Team Avatar

Team Avatar - fought Suzhir and killed him. Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph.


This is the story of Suzhir, a former firebender under the command of Admiral Zhao. Suzhir was born and his father and brother were killed by earthbenders in the war. Suzhir then devoted his life to becoming a soldier. Suzhir discovered his firebending ability at a young age, and when he was old enough, he joined the Fire Nation army, under the command of Lieutenant Zhao.

Hello. I am Suzhir, and this is my story. When I joined the Fire Nation army I was sent to the Earth Kingdom under the command of Lieutenant Zhao, who was taking orders from General Shu. We were going through the desert when we came across an underground library. I went in with Lieutenant Zhao and found a scroll from the Spirit World, a scroll containing the instructions to tattoo a third eye on your forehead, and gives you the ability to firebend with your mind, and also cause explosions, or to combust.

Zhao in Wan Shi Tong's Library

Zhao was promoted to a Navy Commander, and went after the Avatar and the traitor Prince Zuko. We eventually got to the island where Avatar Roku's temple was, and we went in. We waited for the Avatar to come out, then we firebent at him. He walked out in the form of Avatar Roku. He caught out fire blasts and launched it back at us. It sent me flying, and my forearm and ankle got caught in a crevice. Avatar Roku then destroyed the temple. That's when I blacked out.

Winter solstice

Where I lost my arm and leg.

I awoke many days later, with rubble around me. I got up and my arm and leg were burned off by the lava. I did not remember what happened, but I got up and found my sack of belongings and I found the scroll with the plans for a third eye, sending me an idea, a new identity.

I went to the town outside of Ba Sing Se, and saw my friend who was a tattoo artist. I gave him the plans and told him what had happened. He gave me the third eye. I became known as the Mercenary, or as many call me, Combustion Man.

Combustion Man

I am no longer Suzhir, but Combustion Man.

After I got metal limbs replacing the ones that got burnt off, I became well known as a deadly Fire Nation assassin.

I was called to a metal plant a few months later, by the Prince of the Fire Nation, Zuko. He gave me a task, to hunt down the Avatar.

I readied for my attempt on killing the Avatar, when my raven eagle intercepted a messenger hawk to the Fire Lord and the message told him where the Avatar was spotted. I then destroyed the message. That night I stealthily approached the Avatar's campsite, but my metallic footsteps were detected by the blind earthbender, wrecking my plan of stealth. I then attacked. My powerful combustion blasts countered anything the group threw at me, forcing them to take cover. The Avatar's friends fled while he himself tried to take me on. I got him now.

Following a running battle, in which the Avatar used both airbending and earthbending to fend off my attacks to no effect, he eventually retreated onto the flying bison and escaped.

Following that, I readied myself for another sighting. I operated more subtly by setting up a trap in Fire Fountain City via a wanted poster to capture the Water Tribe and the Earth Kingdom girl, as bait for the Avatar. I locked them in a wooden cell deprived of both earth and water to bend. My baiting plan proved successful.

The two girls arrived just in time to help the Avatar and the Water "Tribe boy with the boomerang. They had only narrowly avoided my ambush because the Avatar heard me inhaling. Then the Water Tribe girl momentarily hampered my assassination attempt by freezing my head in a block of ice, allowing them group to escape. Toph launched a boulder at him to cover the group's escape, baiting me to intercept it with a combustion blast to explode it. As the rock exploded, a single pebble flew off of the rock and struck me right on my third eye tattoo, blocking his chi. I got up and attempted to shoot another explosion in the group's direction, only to find his ability hampered. The air around him detonated, sending him flying against a nearby wall, enabling the group to escape. I was very angered when he saw my prey escape.

I located the group again in the Western Air Temple. The traitor prince, Zuko, wrecked my ambush once again by deflected my opening attack and told me to stop. Zuko told me that he would not pay me if I continued his attack, and then changed his offer to double-pay if I had ceased to attack. I, however, ignored both offers, appearing to attack for reasons other than money. Zuko's antics proved to be a useful distraction for the group, who used the time to take cover. I then continued to blowing up pylons supporting the temple. Then a boomerang came out of nowhere and hit me square on the forehead, briefly stunning me and blocking my chi. I stubbornly ignored it and tried to combust again anyway, causing a massive point-blank explosion which killed me.

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