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The Leader
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The Spirit

Without Mian, Team Strike is divided. How will the team rescue their lost friend, and leader?


"Come on, guys, Harukia is 3 days away by walking; we have to go!" Yelled Zura

Sokka can't sleep

Sudden urge to kill all Chens in immediate area.

Everyone slowly began to get up, from their comfortable beds in their apartment, and moved to get ready. For some odd reason, they were all mumbling about some dream...something about a guy named Chen, Peter, and an...IHOP? They reminded themselves it was just a weird dream, and went to gather the supplies. Soon all the supplies for a rescue mission were prepared, and despite the offer of a battalion to help them recover Mian, they turned down Kai's offer; they would be faster on their own.

"Zurrraaaa! How much longer?" Asked Sky for the fifth time the past 10 minutes.

"I told you , Sky, we're just several hours away..." Stressed Zura, getting irritated.

"How many hours?" Asked Sky

"I don't know."

"Why not?"

"Because there are situations that can change how long it takes for us to...LOOK WE'LL BE THERE WHEN WE GET THERE" Yelled Zura, who was now definitely irritated.

"Zura, knock it off." Asserted Hai "We have to go save the Avatar."

Zura nodded, Hai was right, but there was something wrong with what he said...

"Wait..? What did you say?"

"We have to go save the Avatar."

"You mean Mian."

"Yes, he's the Avatar, we have to save, let's go." With that Hai began to walk away

"Stop." Said Zura calmly.

Hai turned around, looked at the prince, shrugged and said "No." then continued to walk.

"I ordered you to stop!" Yelled Zura throwing a fire blast at Hai

Hai avoided the blast and turned on the firebender. "Ordered me? You're not leader, hell, you're not even a damn prince anymore. YOU ARE IN EXILE!"

"Shut up, Hai."

"Make me."

"Maybe I will."

"MAYBE YOU SHOULD." The two were now face to face. They had dropped their equipment and took stances.

"Guys, come on...we're all friends here..." Began Ami trying to calm down the two.

"Yeah, WE are. He's had something against Mian and me since we came to Omashu." Said Zura, looking at Hai, suspicious.

"I CANNOT believe this. You don't even..seriously?" Asked Hai, confused at the apparent foolishness of Zura.


"Let me explain. I had lots of respect for all of you, when you showed up. I welcomed you to my home. I kept you as guests and took care of all of your needs. I joined you to save your nation, and what did I get in return? Intensive Care. I was horribly burnt. That's hardly fair, is it?"

" have a point. But that's no reason to hold a grudge against us, it's not our fault, you did this voluntarily."

"Maybe I did, but I never even got recognized for what I did. I was given no honor, no respect."

"You're expecting too much."

"Look...just forget it. Let's just go. Come on." Said Hai, picking up his backpack, and taking a left at the fork.

"Fine. But we take a right." Said Zura, picking up his backpack.

"No, is left. Look at the map."

"Hai it is right." Said Tia, looking up from the map.

"Sure! Stick up for him! Just like you do with Mian!"

"What are you talking about?" Exclaimed Tia

"I see how you look at him, how your face changes when you hear his name." Said Hai, angrily looking away.

"Hai, that's not true..." Justified Tia

"Forget it. I don't want to hear it." Said Hai, and he headed left.

"Whatever, Hai. But it is Right, man." Said Sky, checking the maps, again.

Hai stopped in his tracks, and seemed to be holding back his rage. He turned,

"Of course, Sky. And when will you stop taking orders from the EXILED PRINCE?" He yelled

Sky looked up, "When I learnt to value relationships, Zura and Mian are leaders."

Zuko firebending

"It think you're just a loser, Hai..."

"And I am not an exiled prince..." Said Zura through his teeth

"Face it, man, you're just in denial. You know what? Let's...just...go. I'll lead, now, since you all don't know what it is to lead." With that Hai began walking away

"I think you're just a loser, Hai, one who can't face the facts of life. You're a terrible leader, look at what happened at the valley!" Said Zura, angrily.

Hai stopped in his tracks, turned, and shot a blast of fire at Zura. Zura dodged the blast, and shot another back. Before anyone could stop the two, they were in a full Agni Kai. Zura created a wall of fire and repelled Hai's attacks.

Hai dodged to the right, ducked, and took the Praying Mantis Style. He began to throw disks of fire at Zura, who again absorbed them. Hai dashed towards Zura, jumped into the air, and brought down a rain of fire. Zura created a full sphere with his fire, absorbing all of Hai's attacks, and once they stopped he shot a steady stream at Hai. Hai moved to avoid it, but his body wouldn't move, and he was slammed into the nearby tree. He looked up angrily at Zura, focused, and looked away. He got up, and looked at his friends, a pleading look in his eyes. He looked at Tia for a minute longer. When Tia shook her head and looked away, Hai nodded understanding. He glared at Zura, focused, and a tornado of fire surrounded him. Hai was gone.


"Zura, I think we need to talk over this..." Said Tia

"No, Tia. Forget it. He left, now come on...I can see the town over there." Said Zura, squinting, as the sun set over the horizon. The Team waited until the fall of night and snuck into the abandoned village. They walked down the former main street, in the shadows, and headed for the prison. There were two guards guarding the entrance.

Prison bars

"..the rear of the prison, and luckily, found a window."

The Foursome went to the rear of the prison, and luckily, found a window. Zura and Tia climbed through it while Ami and Sky stood guard. The Prison was a dusty place with just three cells. After passing the first two empty ones, they found the third with a body in the rear corner. Zura melted the prison bars, and stepped inside.

"Mian, come on dude, we gotta go..." He whispered, the body's head looked up, revealing the face of his old friend. Zura smiled but was caught of guard by the voice.

"I'm not Mian. But you may call me Orion, Lord of the Heavens"

Behind the Scenes

The Avatar, knew this would be a key chapter. This would be the chapter, where Hai is no longer affiliated with Team Strike. It had to be carefully, put into the plot, and it had to be revealed that Mian was no longer "there". And most importantly, the reasoning for the argument, had been purposefully random and a little illogical due to other beings revealed later on in the series.


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