The Last Stronghold
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The Bos

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November 27, 2009

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The Last Stronghold is the sixteenth chapter of Avatar: Guardian.


Mitros and Katas retreat to a nearby conquered village to recuperate from their recent loss.


Two men walked through the woods, one supporting the other. As they struggled, the supported man told the other to put him down. "Katas, we need to get this out." Mitros winced as his katana was pulled out of his side. As the tip exited his body, Mitros finally felt a rush of relief. He looked at his wound, seeing the damage that had been done and realized the danger he had been in for the past hour. Katas knelt down near him and raised some water out of nearby plants and engulfed his hand in the water. He placed the water on Mitros' wound and the water glowed while healing the wound. Katas inhaled and exhaled and Mitros' pain went away quickly. Katas looked at his hand, excited that his abilities could do that.

"Katas, how did you do that?"

"During the siege, one of my friends was hit by a fireblast. I tried to help him by putting water on the wound and realized that I could heal him. I decided to try that now. I guess it worked."

Mitros stood up and agreed, thanking him with a firm handshake before gesturing to leave towards the nearby village.

Arriving in town

Mitros and Katas arrived in Xian village late at night. As they walked in, the Firefighters stationed in the village arrived to welcome them into the village. They showed Mitros and Katas to a large building that they would be staying in. Mitros decided to think about how he would defeat that defiant Avatar and Fire Lord. If they wouldn't accept his terms, they would have to die.

Mitros remained in the room all night, thinking about how to defeat the Avatar. Katas knocked on his door in the morning, alerting him to the presence of a messenger from another village that had been conquered by the Firefighters.

"Master Mitros, you have a visitor. He says he has news about some of our conquests."

Mitros stopped staring at the ceiling to sit up in his bed. "Let him in."

The messenger steps in, looking scared since he had been told of the last messenger to give Mitros bad news. He bowed in respect and prepared to give him the message.

By this time, Mitros had began to become impatient. "Out with it, I don't have all day."

"Certainly, sir. As you well know, over the past year we have conquered many islands and cities across the Fire Nation. Over the past week, many of the citizens have begun rising up and attacking our forces. I hate to say this, but they are very successful. This is our last large stronghold in the Fire Nation. Many of the benders stationed in the cities have been taken prisoner by these rebellions. We must send reinforcements to recapture the cities before word gets out that they were captured if we are to keep our presence a secret."

"This island is our last one? It cannot be..." Mitros grew even more angry, mostly because the inferior Fire Nation had reclaimed their country, something which belonged to him. "We don't have many more people to send as reinforcements! I've been working on a plan, but it's not finished yet!" After a moment of contemplation, Mitros let out a sigh. "Your news is appreciated. Leave me for now. Katas, enter. We must come up with a plan."

The messenger left, leaving Katas and Mitros to their planning.


  • This chapter is left short to foreshadow future events.

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