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The Last Moment is the twenty-eighth chapter of the fanon series Kyoshi Revolts. It premiered on March 12 2010 as part of the first ever Kyoshi Revolts marathon.


After taking some good advice from Ray, and not from Giu, Chen finally decides to ask Kaila out. Their date goes quite well, but every time they want to express their feelings to each other, something breaks in.


Ray and Chen are walking through Kein Forest's personal docks, lying at its secret river. Ray watches over the whole process of boarding and de-boarding, while Chen is walking behind her. Just when he wants to say something, there's suddenly a lot of screaming behind them. They both look back, only to see that a little boy of about 8 years old is about to be crushed by a large wooden box, filled with weapons and armor. Ray react immediately, bending a whip of water around the boy's middle, pulling him out of danger, moments before the box crashes and spreads it deadly content all over the ground. As the box smashes onto the ground, Ray says that she's getting a bit tired of saving all these troublesome kids.

As Ray puts the boy down at a safe distance, Chen finally asks what he was wanting to say all day. He asks Ray advice about how he should Kaila out. Ray laughs, saying him she and Giu were wondering when he was about to acknowledge his love for Kaila. Chen blushes, and timidly smiles. Ray says he should just take her out, and that she will take care of everything. Chen walks away, with a big smile on his face, as Ray nonchalantly continues her control of the docks.

About half an hour later, Chen finds Mina and Kaila, who have just finished Kaila's swimming lesson. As Mina comments on how good Kaila has become, they suddenly notice Chen. Chen nervously asks Kaila if she wants to go on a date with him tonight. Kaila is speechless, but Mina quickly replies that she would be glad to. Chen then leaves, utterly happy. Kaila is still speechless, but quickly comes to her senses and gets very excited about the date, to which Mina says they still have a lot of work to do. Kaila looks down on her dirty training clothes, most of them ripped by her training with Lee, and asks Mina what is wrong with her clothes. Mina shakes her head, and takes Kaila to their hut.

The Duke

Kambi's nephew, Saito

Meanwhile, Giu and Ray meet up with Kambi, who has an eight year old boy with him. Kambi tells Ray and Giu that the boy is Saito, the son of his sister, who was killed by the Fire Nation. Ray and Giu nod, and Kambi continues by saying that he places him under their supervision, and that if anything should happen to him, they will be held responsible. He wishes them "good luck", and Ray and Giu then leave the palace. Saito runs in front of him while imitating an airship. Giu comments on how he dislikes Kambi's order, and that he has much better things to do. Ray looks to Giu from the corners of her eye, and responds: "Oh yeah, much better things. Like spying on the Meijing sisters while they are taking a shower in the waterfall?" Giu doesn't respond, but only looks away. Ray then says she has to take care of some things, and that he'll have to handle Saito alone for a while. Giu protests, but is quickly silenced by Ray as she gives him a kiss on the cheek. Ray then asks again, and Giu agrees, commenting on how stupid he is at some times, while Saito begins to throw rocks at his head.

That evening, Ray is walking with Chen, who is all dressed up and apparently very uncomfortable. Ray tells him that he'll be okay, and pushes him to an open place, where a table is positioned with a candle and two plates on it. At the same time, Chen sees that Mina is also pushing Kaila to the open place, and while they both take a seat, he notices some movement in the bushes. This movement consist of both Ray and Mina, who are sitting next to each other and closely watching Chen and Kaila's actions. They are soon joined by Giu, who starts to tell Ray how he had to take care of Saito all day and the ways the kid has been irritating him. The girls, however, silence him, and Giu then notice Kaila and Chen, who are now talking and laughing. Giu wants to say something again, but then Saito storms out of the bushes, jumps on the table and spills all the food on Chen. Saito then begins to declare his love for Kaila in a very poetic way.

Chen is first amazed and then angry about the fact, but when he wants to react to the boy, Kaila stops him. She then smiles to Saito and asks him what he is doing. Saito smiles and says Kaila that she is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen and that she deserves much better than that loser, while pointing to Chen. Chen gets even angrier and prepares to silence Saito, but Kaila stops him again and asks Saito if he know the Meijing sisters. Saito says that he knows them, but that he thinks that they wouldn't pay attention to such a little boy like him. Kaila smiles and tells him that they actually love little boys. Saito is very enthusiastic, and runs away to the rebel camp. Chen stares in awe, but Kaila grabs him by the arm and tells him that they should go somewhere else.

Ray, who has seen the whole scene together with Mina and Giu, comments on how the little Saito reminds her of someone. She gives a meaningful look to Giu, who is flabbergasted, and says he wouldn't even think of choosing Kaila above the Meijing sisters. Ray gets mad, and prepares to beat up Giu as Mina sighs and says to herself that she should get some sleep.

As the sun sets, Kaila and Chen are sitting next to each other. Kaila then places her head on Chen's shoulder, and the sun disappears.


  • This chapter is planned to be the last humorously toned chapter of the entire series.
  • Meijing means 'Beautiful' in Chinese.

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