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The Last Hope, Part 2
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Around the World (Again)



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December 29, 2011

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Epilogue: A New Day

The Last Hope, Part 2

Long Feng stood there, watching five Dai Li agents run past him, heading for the gang. Aang ran at them and blasted them out of the way.

"How can you fight without any earth around here?" asked Aang. He got his answer when a large boulder came diving toward him. He jumped out of the way.

He heard a roar and saw Appa flying overhead. The bison landed near the army of agents behind Long Feng and swiped his tail down at them; several agents flew south.

Another boulder came flying down. This time, Aang created an iceberg spike out of the snow and it collided with the rock. Some of the rock broke off, while several small pieces landed near Aang's feet.

Then he saw it; the source of the flying rocks. The metal ship. There were Dai Li agents there, bending rock on the ship to their allies. Aang knew immediately that their only chance to win this battle was to take out that ship.

He ran toward it, but was knocked down by a boulder.

"Oh, so sorry, Avatar. Didn't see you there," said Long Feng's voice.

Aang looked up. There he was, towering over Aang.

"Now I'll put an end to you, Avatar!"

Long Feng levitated the same boulder he threw at Aang and held it over his head.

"Say goodbye!"

Aang moved rotated his legs and blasts of fire shot out of his feet, knocking Long Feng down.

"Finally a challenge," taunted Long Feng. "Ahh!"

He broke the boulder into two and hurled one half at Aang, the second following closely behind. Aang dodged both parts and sent a strong wind at Long Feng, nearly knocking him down.

"That's it? A little wind is all the mighty Avatar has. Shame."

Aang held back using actual force, for he still wasn't sure what he was going to do with Long Feng.

Several rocks came plummeting toward the two. It landed next to Long Feng.

"Come on, Avatar. This isn't a fight at all. Put some muscle into it!"

He made two pillars of rock and jumped on the first one. He kicked it at Aang, who Airbended it away from Long Feng, and then jumped on the other, doing the same thing. Long Feng was now on the ground and was using the remaining rocks, kicking them at Aang. The Avatar continued to avoid them.

"Fight back!"

More boulders and rocks came flying down toward Long Feng. He flung every single one at Aang. Still the Avatar jumped around them.

"I guess you want to die again, don't you? You don't care about your friends or the world. If you did, you would've been finished with me a long time ago. Here I am standing before the wimpiest Avatar I've ever seen; no the wimpiest person on Earth. I remember when you were actually threatening. Back when your bison was stolen. You and your attitude toward me, asking where's Appa and thinking of ratting me out. Why don't I just kill the stupid, ugly animal? That should rough-"

Long Feng flew backwards after being pelted with rocks.

"No one insults Appa!" yelled Aang.

It was clear what he had to do now. He remembered asking the past Avatars for advice. Only justice can bring peace, Avatar Kyoshi had said. Aang, you must actively shape your own destiny, and the destiny of the world, Avatar Kuruk had said. Roku said to be decisive. And above all that wisdom, it was Avatar Yangchen's advice that helped the most: Selfless duty calls you to sacrifice your own spiritual needs and do whatever it takes to protect the world. It was time to end it. The only way the other agents would stop attacking would be if their leader got replaced or, in other words....died.

No Energybending. Not this time.

"You want a battle, you've got it!" shouted Aang.

Using the snow, he bended a water whip right across Long Feng's face. Air soon followed and it hurled Long Feng back. He looked up and was met with more water splashing him.

Aang wasn't sure why he wasn't throwing deadly blows at Long Feng. He just...couldn't do it. But he had to.

Aang Airbended Long Feng high into the air and rotated his hands, causing Long Feng to move in circles. Aang dropped Long Feng and the latter hit the ground with a thud.

Long Feng, looked at Aang with a deadly stare. He roared with fury. "AHHHH!"

He threw a nearby boulder at the Avatar and it hit him right across the chest.

Five Dai Li agents appeared and they stood next to Long Feng. The six of them threw boulders and rocks at Aang.

He tried to shake them all off, but failed after the third boulder hit his right arm; the Avatar fell. Each and every time a boulder hit him, he fell.

He was falling.


Failing the world again.


Katara had a target and one target only: Hama. Katara ran at her while Hama stayed where she was. Katara ran past all the Dai Li agents, hitting a couple with a water whip every now and then.

She was feet away from Hama now, in the middle of all the fighting. And they stopped. Hama apparently didn't know what to do. She still looked paranoid. But Katara didn't care; she had to help end this battle. Hama chose this path, thought Katara. She deserves it.

Katara smacked Hama with a water whip across the face. This seemed to fuel her angry, for Hama now had hatred written all over her face. She moved her hands toward the sky and four water whips shot out of the ground. It flew upward and then descended down, wrapping itself around Katara. Katara managed to break free of it by Waterbending the water towards the ground.

Hama created a large wave of water. Katara flew backwards, away from the battle. Hama followed Katara, who was several feet away from Zuko and Mai.

"Come on, Katara," said Hama, in her sinister voice. "I know you can do better than that."

Hama rotated her arms and formed one massive torrent of water. She flung it at Katara, who kicked it away. The young Waterbender issued the octopus stance.

Several tentacles of water formed around her. She flung two of them at Hama and grabbed her two hands. She held them together and started rotating her arms. Hama was thrown into the air, circling Katara. She let go and Hama hit the ground. She stood up and ran toward Katara, angrier than ever before.

Hama shot two water whips at Katara. Hama waved her hand and drew water around her fingers and froze them. She flung the five ice spikes at the young Waterbender. Katara's eyes widened as her hands crossed one another and the two water whips were thrust aside. She created an water shield; the shield and the ice spikes collided, and the latter faded away.

Suddenly, ice discs flew at Katara and hit her in the arms and one or two managed to hit her head. It was painful; it felt as if she was just hit with a rock and dipped into a bucket of cold water.

A wave of water landed on her. More water came. It was forming a whirlpool. Katara was stuck inside it. The fresh was gone. She was swallowing water. She was drowning.



"Come on, Suki!" yelled Sokka over the battle cries. He and his girlfriend ran forward. He was going to go for Hama, but knew that she was Katara's to fight. He turned left and avoided her, heading toward the army of Dai Li agents. Sokka pulled out his space sword and boomerang. He flung the boomerang to a nearby Dai Li agent.

A roar was heard and Sokka looked up. There was Appa, high in the sky.; he was moving toward the army of Dai Li agents.


Sokka found himself in the presence of several Dai Li agents. Suki was already knocking agents down. One was in the process of throwing a small boulder at Sokka. He swung his sword and the boulder crumbled. Sokka held his hand up and clutched his boomerang in his hand. He ran toward the agent, and hit him on the head with his sword.

Boomerang found itself being flung once more and it hit a few agents on the head before returning to Sokka.

He and Suki hurried forward. They reached the place where most of the Dai Li agents where: Near the ship.

Sokka swung his sword around, causing many agents to fall to the ground. Suki punched several of them right in the face and kicked them to the icy floor.

Sokka was about to throw his boomerang at the agents, but was knocked down after being hit with a rock. His mouth to started to bleed.

Sokka looked up and saw Momo flying overhead, heading toward Appa.

His face was about to be crushed by a boulder, but Suki kicked it away and was now punching a Dai Li agent.

Sokka stayed on the ground for some reason. Finally, he stood up and looked to the sky again. Momo was flying back, carrying something in his feet. Sokka shook his head and joined the battle once more.

Now he and Suki were near Zuko and Mai, the two pairs fighting Dai Li agents.

Things were looking up... at least for them.

Then suddenly, they heard a yell of sadness.



Zuko and Mai rushed forward, avoiding all the falling boulders. They reached the army of Dai Li agents and immediately began attacking them.

Zuko created a fire whip and smacked a few Dai Li agents, causing them to fly back.

Mai began shooting daggers at them. They yelled in pain as they gave way.

"Is that all you've got?" asked Mai, shooting more daggers.

"This is easiest battle ever!" yelled Zuko as he shot fire streams at the agents.

Several Dai Li agents huddled around Zuko, trapping him in a circle.

"Attack!" one of them bellowed, and the agents charged at Zuko. The Fire Lord got onto his back and started spinning his legs; fire shot out of them and the Dai Li agents were knocked down.

Zuko stood up and saw a boulder plummeting towards Mai. He ran at her and pushed her aside, the boulder falling on the ice.

They stood up, and Zuko was about to look around for the source of the boulder, but found his head being smacked by a large stone. A roar was heard.

Zuko had no time search for the source of the roar or location the from which boulders where coming from. Now was the time to fight. He rubbed his head and jumped back up.

Zuko ran forward and punched the air with both hands; fire lashes flew at a group of Dai Li agents. They yelled and gave weight.

It didn't seem like a challenge at all. It felt like a training session, at least to Zuko. And there were Sokka and Suki. They seemed to be having no problems at all.

Suddenly, a loud thud was heard. Zuko looked around and, seconds later, found himself yelling, "No!"

Mai was collapsed on the ground, a boulder next to her. Zuko ran to her and saw that there were other Dai Li agents on the ground. The boulder must have hit all of them, thought Zuko. But he didn't care. His eyes were on Mai. He kneeled down next to her.

Her eyes remained open and, to Zuko's great relief, she moved her head and spoke. "I'm okay."

Zuko embraced her, smiling.

"Zuko, we're in a battle," said Mai, blushing.

Zuko nodded and the pair of them stood up. It was time to be serious, thought Zuko. Even if the battle doesn't seem as hard as it should be. No more playing around.

He rotated his hands and kicked at the agents; they found themselves on the ground. Mai threw her daggers at the agents and they fell back.

It seemed easy enough. These Dai Li agents stood no chance against Mai and I and the rest of Team Avatar, thought Zuko. Victory is in the bag.


Toph waited next to Appa. Waiting. That's all she could do. Wait. She was useless in this situation. And then loud footsteps were heard; they were charging. She heard yells.

Appa roared and kicked off the ground, leaving Toph with Momo. The battle had begun. And here she was, waiting.

Momo sat on her shoulder and the pair of them waiting, listening to the battle cries in the distance.

It only took a few seconds for Toph to be pushed beyond frustration.

"Uh! I can't take it anymore!" she yelled.

She heard footsteps.

"Hello, there," a kind voice said. "Are you okay? My name is Kanna. I'm Katara's and Sokka's grandmother." She paused for a moment.

"What?" asked Toph.

"Your eyes? Can you-"

Toph shook her head. "I'm blind."

"Oh my. I'm so sorry to hear that. Maybe you should wait inside a tent. Relax."

Toph shook her head. Then she remembered something, something that made her fill with joy. "Wait a minute. A ship. I heard someone say there was ship that landed here. Was it made of metal?"

"Yes, it was. Why do you ask?"

"Excuse me for a second. Momo, get Appa. Tell him to come here. Do you understand?"

Momo chirped. But Toph still felt him on her shoulder.

"Momo. Get. Appa. Do you understand? Appa. Giant, fluffy Appa. He flies. Momo. Appa. Get him."

It took a little while for Momo to comprehend what Toph was asking, but he finally understand. Toph no longer felt the weight on her shoulders.

Momo flew through the sky, looking down the battlefield. He saw Aang and was tempted to help him. But he had a mission to do. Get Appa. He continued to fly by, Aang not noticing him at all.

There he was. Appa was swiping his tail around, hitting many people in robes. Momo flew down to the bison and chirped at him. He pulled his ear and tapped his head. Still, the bison would not listen.

Momo knew what to do. He searched Appa's saddle and, within seconds, found what he was looking for: The Bison whistle.


"No thanks. I'm gonna stay here," said Toph to Kanna, who suggested once more for Toph to relax inside a tent. "Thanks for your help, but I've got everything under control."

"Are you sure?"


"Okay. Yell my name if you need something."

Toph heard footsteps and knew that Kanna had left.

Yes! thought Toph. I'll be able to "see." And there's probably some Dai Li agents on there, so I'll be able to kick some butt!

She could hear the battle cries and even heard a loud "No!" that seemed to come from a familiar voice. But Toph wasn't able to press on with her thoughts, for she heard Kanna's voice once more, a few feet away.

"Maybe you should go help them. There are a lot of people out there. There's a chance that they may need help. They're sending boulders flying from the ship. You and the other Waterbenders should target the ship and destroy it. It'll leave the Earthbenders defenseless."

"I know, Kanna. But Katara told me to stay here and keep everyone inside. But I can't just watch as she and Sokka and the others get killed. Maybe the others and I should help."

Suddenly, Toph felt something on her shoulders. A chirp was heard.

"Momo. Where's Appa?" asked Toph, for she felt no thud.

The winged-lemur chirped once more and blew into something. What it was, Toph didn't know, for she didn't hear anything; she only heard Momo inhale air.

Soon she heard the roar and felt six large feet hit the ground.

"Appa!" yelled Toph.

She walked to the place where she felt Appa. She grabbed onto his fur and started to climb. It was difficult, but Momo helped by pulling her shirt upward.

She was on Appa's saddle. She held onto the side of it, and said, "Appa, take me to the ship. The metal ship."

Appa roared and took off into the cold sky, Toph holding onto the saddle as hard as possible; she had never flown alone before. But she wasn't alone. Momo was right next to her.

Appa was swerving. Probably to avoid the flying boulders she had heard about Kanna talk about. Now Toph could stop the agents throwing them, leaving all the other Eartbenders helpless.


Suddenly, she heard something. Down below. A cracking noise. The sound of ice cracking.


He kicked them and they fell. He Firebended at them and they were knocked back. Zuko low kicked them, high kicked them, and double punched them; he was doing the Dancing Dragon.

He turned and saw four Dai Li agents sneaking around him and Mai.

Why? thought Zuko.

He looked around and saw Katara and Hama engaged in a fight; the agents were going to help Hama by attacking Katara.

He blasted fire balls at them. One of them managed to avoid it and the fire ball hit the ice floor. He continued to shoot fire at the agent, but he was too fast.

Then he saw Sokka hit the agent with his boomerang and Zuko laughed.

More agents were coming.

How many are there? Zuko asked himself.

He ran forward and took care of them. He could hear a roar. Appa was flying toward the ship.

A boulder was coming. It crashed near Zuko, hitting the ice hard. He turned to face more agents.

Seriously, how many are there?

And as more fire shot out of his hands, he heard it. The sound of ice cracking.


She had broken free. A boulder had come plummeting toward Hama, causing her to jump, breaking her focus.

It was as if it were raining boulders; they fell everywhere, crashing into people or into the ice.

"Ahhh!" yelled Hama, sending a ray of ice towards Katara's feet; her feet were glued to the spot.

Hama her hands upward and the snow below flew up. And then suddenly, the snow was frozen, frozen into ice spears. She sent them towards Katara.

The young Waterbender gasped and held her hands up.

Both the ice spears and water shield were destroyed.

Katara melted the ice holding her feet to the ground.

The two Waterbenders continued to shoot water whips, ice claws, waves, water jets, and other Waterbending forms at each others.

And then all of a sudden, several fire balls crashed into Dai Li agents nearby; one fire ball dissolved into the ground.

This distracted Hama and Katara took the opportunity to send a wave toward Hama. The wave carried the old woman back. Katara hurried forward and threw several water whips at her.

More battle cries were heard and then an eerie sound. The sound of ice cracking.

Katara's eyes searched the ground for the location of the cracking ice, but, seconds later, found herself being pushed back by a water jet. Hama chortled as more cracking sounds came.

And then...A piercing scream. Katara looked up and saw a haunting image.

The ice below had cracked; the ice below Hama. And into the icy cold she went.

She started yelling, screaming, for help.

Katara wanted to help. Yes, Hama was a monster. But she was still a person, a fellow human being. Katara wanted to stand up and run and pull her out, but she was frozen. Her legs wouldn't work. They were glued together.

"Ka-Kata-ra. P-p-ple-please," said Hama, shivering.

Katara stared in horror.

Stand up! she yelled at herself.

She shook her head and finally had control of her legs. She sprinted forward and saw Hama, pale as ever, her teeth chattering.

Katara lowered herself down and stretched her hand out. Hama did the same, but it was no use. She couldn't reach Hama; the crack was much too large for her arms, and Hama just happened to be in the middle of it.

"Come on, Hama. Just a little farther. Just...a.. little...more."


He was fighting Long Feng when he heard the haunting scream. But he had no time to see the source of it. He had to end Long Feng. And he knew that it wasn't one of his friends. None of them would ever scream like that.

But it hurt him. Someone was in pain. And he couldn't do anything about it.

He continued to air blast Long Feng. But there was this feeling of worry.

Someone was facing death.

"Almost...there. Try to move closer my hand."

The young Waterbender tried to get as near as possible without falling in. It seemed like years ago that they were at the Southern Air Temple, and joy filled the air when Toph had returned. But now, there was hopeless feel.

"Come on, Hama..."

Hama's pale, old hand was centimeters away from Katara's.

Finally, the old woman's fingers reached Katara's. Katara held onto her hand, but Hama's hand didn't move at all.


Hama's eyes widened. She shivered, more than ever. Her eyes began to roll back. Katara was frozen was once more. She couldn't pull the old woman out. Hama opened her mouth, but no words came out.

One final breath. Her eyes stayed open as she began to sink into the piercing cold water. Her hand stayed above the water; Katara couldn't let go. She knew it was a lost cause, but she just couldn't do it.

Another yell came from the battlefield, snapping Katara back into reality. She was in a battle. She had to fight. Hama was dead. There was nothing she could do to help.

And then she was angry at herself, angry that she didn't think of using Waterbending to help Hama out.

I was shocked. I didn't know what to do. Don't mop around about it, Katara. It's over. It's time to move on.

Finally, Katara managed to let go and then left to help Aang fight Long Feng as Hama's hand fell into the ice cold water, along with the rest of her lifeless body.

There was a thud and Toph asked, "Are we on the ship?"

Appa roared and another thud came.

"I'm going to take that as a yes."

She jumped off Appa and her happiness swelled. She could now "see."

There were several Dai Li agents and a large pile of rocks, stones, and boulders.

Toph levitated two boulders and propelled them at five or six agents.

"Finally, some action!"

She ran forward and kicked more boulders at the agents.

Seven agents charged at her. Toph sent a large stone flying, causing to of them to fall back. She kicked the metal floor and three agents hit the ground. There were two left. They stood there, afraid of Toph.

"Come and get it," she said.

They ran at her; she raised her hands and up went several rocks, boulders, stones and held them over the agents. Her hands fell to her side and the rocks crashed over the agents.

There were only three Dai Li agents left. Or so she thought.

"Ow!" yelled Toph, falling to the floor, after someone hurled a boulder at her.

There was another agent behind her. He kicked several rocks at her. Toph punched every single one, destroying them.


She found her on the ground once more. The other three agents had taken the advantage of sending rocks while Toph's back was facing them.

"I guess you don't want me to go easy on you guys. Fine. You asked for it."

She lifted her hands and rotated her arms. Then she punched the air and countless rocks flew at the agents.

"Three down, one to go." Toph grinned.

The one agent found himself too afraid of Toph for he was now running away.

Toph walked to the pile of rocks. She kicked the ground, a cube-shaped rock levitated into the air, and she pushed it forward, knocking the agent off the ship.

Toph punched the air in triumph.

There's probably a captain on the ship. Time to find them.

She walked to a nearby door and just noticed that she could no longer feel Appa and Momo on the ship.

They probably went to join the battle, thought Toph.

She reached the door and pushed it forward. She walked in. She felt someone was there, hiding behind...

The door slammed shut and there was a man, holding a sword in his hand.

"Who are you?" he asked nervously, pointed the sword at Toph.

Toph walked to the side of the room and placed her hands on the metal walls. She gripped it in her hands, pulled back, and a large piece came off.

She ran at the captain and wrapped the metal piece around him.

"Piece of cake," she said.

And then a roar. A roar of anger issued from the distance. And then a terrible sound; the sound of a boulder hitting someone.

Everything went silent.

Suddenly, a shout of anger was heard, coming from the same location.

Something had happened, something terrible. And Toph wished she could see what had happened, but at the same time, she was dreading it.


Katara water whipped Long Feng right across the face again. Aang threw an air swipe at Long Feng and he fell to the ground. Aang saw him turn around and look at the battlefield. Aang looked around as well.

Something was different. There was something missing. His eyes rested on a nearby boulder and they widened. It wasn't raining rocks anymore. The Earthbenders' only hope of wining this battle was gone. There was only Hama left. But she stood no chance against seven people, giant bison, and even a small lemur. And then, Long Feng began to shout. He turned around, his face full of fury, jumped up, and levitated the nearby boulder. He looked at Katara, his eyes widened, an evil smile on his face. He punched the air and the boulder shot at the young Waterbender.

Katara gasped and, in one moment, Aang saw her raise her hands, and in the next he saw, her lying down on the icy ground.

Silence fell among the battlefield. Aang looked around and saw everyone looking at them, shocked. His eyes rest upon the fallen Katara once more.

Fury was building up inside Aang and after looking at Long Feng's smiling face, he exploded with anger.

His eyes glowed, as did his tattoos.

Long Feng's smile disappeared as his eyes widened.

Aang was rising into the air, an air spout underneath his legs. Aang rotated his hands and a tornado formed. He pushed it at Long Feng.

"Ah!" the Earthbender yelled, as he was sent back.

Aang, now back on the snowy ground, closed his hands and soon enough was covered in a water cloak.

Long Feng stood up. He looked at Aang.

Aang raised both his hands above his head and threw them forward. Long Feng soon found his hands trapped in water.

Aang raised his hands once more and swung left; Long Feng fell to the ground.

He shot fire at Long Feng and then a boulder hit him right in the chest.

Long Feng looked at Aang, terror written all over his face.

"It's over!" yelled Aang.

He raised his hands for the third time and icy cold water shot threw the ice below. Holding the water with one hand, Aang levitated the boulder that had hit Long Feng seconds ago.

Aang inhaled and raised his right foot, and all four element shot forward and collided with Long Feng.

"Ah!" he shouted.

Even after all that, he was still alive.

Aang knew he had to kill him. There was no way around it.

He lifted himself into the air again and looked down Long Feng. Aang rotated his hands and pushed the down. Two huge balls of fire headed toward Long Feng.

Long Feng shook his head, panicking. "No!"

Aang closed his eyes and closed his hands; the fire balls were gone. He lowered himself to the ground, walked over to Long Feng, and looked straight into his eyes.

And he saw a man, a poor, hopeless, pathetic man with a cruel past. He didn't deserve to die. And Aang knew that Long Feng had given up. He wasn't evil anymore, nor was he good. He won't ever be evil or good. He'll just be Long Feng. Long Feng's eyes watered and he began to cry. Aang left him there and then remembered. He ran over to her and kneeled down.

"Katara?" whispered Aang.

The rest of Team Avatar, with the exception of Toph, Appa, and Momo, ran toward the duo.

"Katara?" asked Aang once more.

She blinked and Aang rejoiced.


Aang gasped and they embraced.

"Katara, you're alive!" said Sokka.

The young Waterbender nodded. "I managed to shield myself from most of the boulder." She smiled.

They stood up and Aang looked around.

The Dai Li agents seemed to have lost the will to fight. They stood and watched on.

"What's gonna happen to them?" asked Suki, gesturing to Long Feng and the other agents.

"Who knows." Aang shrugged. "Jail, maybe?"

"But Long Feng broke out of jail, remember?" asked Suki.

Aang nodded. "But something tells me that he won't attempt that this time. As for the Dai Li agents, well, who knows. I think they're due for a new leader. Only time will tell."

They stood there, waiting, and then Appa landed next to them. On his saddle were Toph and Momo, the latter carrying the bison whistle.

"Group hug!" yelled Sokka.

The team huddled together, even Appa was included. Toph stayed on Appa's saddle, but Momo made sure that she didn't feel left out.

No one even questioned why Toph was on Appa. They were too busy smiling and hugging.

And when they finished with their hug, they looked at the Southern Water Tribe. Aang couldn't help but wonder what would become of the tribe in several years, how large it would be. Where would his friends be? Where would he be?

As with everything else, only time will tell.


Coming soon

Author's Note

Here it is! The final battle. This is without a doubt the longest chapter I've written for this fanon (9 pages. Doesn't seem that long compared to other fanons' chapters). Still, this was the chapter I was most excited to write. I'm not very good with writing battle scenes, but I hope I did a pretty good job this time. Now a couple notes.

There's a reason Hama didn't use Bloodbending. Now isn't the best time to reveal it. But there is a reason. It's not that I'm going to make up a reason during the time you guys wait to find it out. It's just that there's a better time to reveal it.

And there's a reason why Long Feng started to cry. You'll find out in Emerging and Eliminating.

I'd like to thank Avatar Wiki for having the bending techniques on the pages or else it would just been "Katara water whipped" a billion times.

I'd like to apologize for using "boulder" so many times. It's just that using rock would feel so undramatic. "___ hurled a rock at ___" vs "___ hurled a boulder at ___."

I enjoyed writing Toph's point of view most of all. The fact that she was so determined to enter the battle.

And I loved writing through many points of view. It gave the battle a lot of depth. I used "Meanwhile" to show things happening at the same time (obviously) while a line was used when the next scene took place several seconds/moments later.

Oh, and not everyone saw everything that happened in the battle. For example, Katara neither saw, nor heard Appa roar because she was blasted away from where Appa was flying by and she was too busy fighting Hama to pay attention to anything else. I just wanted to clear that up so no one thought that I had forgotten something.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the chapter. One more to go,

--Aang20791 Aang DOBS Sprite AtWA - EaE 03:02, December 30, 2011 (UTC)


This chapter is dedicated to The Ultimate Waterbender. Ultimate is an amazing user. Her writing skills are legendary (Need proof, see When Air Nomads Walked the Earth. You won't be sorry! Again, Ultimate did not ask me to promote her fanon. Not that it needs promotion. It's one of the most popular fanons around. :) She's also an amazing editor. But writing aside, she's very kind. Ultimate gives great advice and welcomes many users to the wiki (like me, when I first joined). Plus, she has a great sense of humor. Ultimate, you are simply awesome! Thanks for all the hard work you do!

Please don't ask to be dedicated. And please don't think that I'm singling out users when I dedicate them. You all are great and friendly users (as long as you're not trolls or rude). Don't worry, I have a great idea that will benefit everyone. You'll all see in the epilogue.

--Aang20791 Aang DOBS Sprite AtWA - EaE 03:02, December 30, 2011 (UTC)

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