Battle in the Crystal Catacombs
Light and Darkness
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Darksome Knights: Resurrection


Book 2: First Impressions



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February 7, 2012

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Light and Darkness

Light and Darkness is the twenty-sixth chapter of Darksome Knights and the sixth chapter of Book 3: Rallying the Troops.


Matt stood in front of a large statue. He gulped.

This is it. He thought. I'm really going to do this.

"Hey Matt." Zuko called. Matt turned around to see Zuko and Hwasan standing behind him and smiling.

Matt walked over to them. "Why are you guys still here?"

"We're not leaving you now that you're so close to your goal. Now go out there and give us a good show."

Matt nodded. "Right! Let's go!"


Matt stood across from a woman in a short purple dress. Despite her unassuming appearance, Zuko and Hwasan knew she was be Matt's first real test in the Unova League.

Things were going great. Matt had taken out her opponents first 3 Pokémon with ease and was now working on her final one.

"Chandelure!" She yelled. A demonic candelabra with purple flames appeared.

"Go, Samurott!" Matt called. His choice, a blue armored sea lion, materialized on the battlefield.

"Chandelure, Shadow Ball!" Chandelure launched six dark balls from the flames on its body.

"Samurott, Razor Shell!" Samurott took up one of its swords and sliced through the Shadow Ball, the sword leaving a blue streak behind it. It slashed into Chandelure and knocked it across the battlefield.

"Now, Aqua Tail!" Water swirled around Samurott's tail and it slammed into Chandelure, leaving the demonic light fixture fainted on the ground.

"Great job, Matt!" Zuko called to him as he walked back.


"Bisharp! Night Slash!" The well-dressed, dark haired man commanded his helmeted, red and yellow Pokémon. It sped at Matt's judo uniformed Pokémon, Throh, its silver claw streaming with black energy.

"Vital Throw!" Throh grabbed Bisharp's claw, swung him once around him and tossed it over to its owner, unconscious.

"Great job!" Grimsley said. "But you'll have to do a lot better than that to defeat the other two."


Matt's Leavanny was standing across a Pokémon in a frilly dress with white bows and six disks on her head for hair. Her trainer was a young, sleepy girl in a pink turban and long blond hair.

"Gothitelle, use Thunderbolt!" Gothitelle shot a white hot bolt of electricity from her body. Leavanny took it and fell down.

"Don't give up! X-Scissor!" Leavanny struck Gothitelle with glowing arms. Gothitelle fell backwards.

"Shadow Ball!" Gothitelle shot three dark balls from its hands.

"Leaf Blade!" Leavanny charged Gothitelle with a single, green arm and struck Gothitelle down.

"Nice move!" Hwasan yelled.


"Mienshao!" The buff man in work out gear yelled to his long-sleeved ermine. "Jump Kick!"

It leaped into the air, its left foot outstretched toward Matt's dowdy bird.

"Fly, Unfezant!" Unfezant flew up high and watched as Mienshao crashed into the ground. It took advantage of his dazed opponent and landed on it.

"Yes!" Matt yelled, pumping his fist in the air.

"Good job!" Zuko and Hwasan walked onto the field to give their Trainer friend a pat on the back.

But the test wasn't over.

"What do you mean you guys have to go?" Matt whined.

"We wish we could stay, but Sigan called us back to the castle." Hwasan explained.

"But this is the final battle. If I win I become the Champion!"

Zuko put a hand on his shoulder. "We really want to stay, but we can't. So you're just going to have to go out there and win this for all three of us. Okay?"

Matt sighed. "Okay."

"Be seeing you, buddy." Hwasan said with a smile as he and Zuko walked into the portal.

Matt looked at the large statue. He gulped.

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