Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Last Avatar in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Last Avatar
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The Legend of Korra

The Last Avatar is an ongoing story, currently in its 9th chapter with updates to come on a regular basis. The story was last updated on 31 January, 2014.


Hundreds of years after the time of Avatar Korra, in a future where benders are the outcasts of society, the world has fallen further out of balance than at any previous point in history. It is up to a band of rebels and the Avatar to bring peace to the five nations.

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  • Houtu - Heritage: Earth Kingdom. Rank: Avatar, successor to Korra. Succeeded by Houyi. Houtu spend most of his life trying to bring peace without becoming involved in war. 
  • Houyi - Heritage: Fire Nation. Rank: Avatar. Successor to Houtu. Due to spending his entire life in captivity, he never became a fully realized Avatar. 
  • Lihua - Heritage: Fire Nation. Fearless and fierce, she is the leader of a small and elite group of rebels, the Lionraptors. She is a sister to Mengyao.
  • Kumiho - Heritage: Non-bender. President of the People's Dominion. Kumiho led a revolution that toppled all five nations. 
  • Mengyao - Heritage: Fire Nation. Mengyao is an accomplished firebender, nearly equal in skill to his older sister. He has a slow wit but good sense of humor.
  • Ryo - Heritage: Non-bender. Fast, small, extremely skilled with weapons, he bending ability, but has weaponized bionic implants and is extremely skilled with technology. Ryo is romantically involved with Ahnah.
  • Ahnah - Heritage: Water Tribe: A water bender whose lineage is unknown, she is an escapee from Dominion prison.  He sweet and upbeat personality hides the horrors of her childhood. Ahnah is romantically involved with Ryo.
  • Kang - Heritage: Earth Kingdom. Kang grew up free and privileged. He concealed bending ability to avoid persecution. Upon joining the resistance he hasn't seen his family. 
  • Aang - Heritage: Air Nation. Rank: Past Avatar. He's the last of his kind and is known as the 'great restorer of balance' among benders.
  • D-mo - Slang. A Dominion soldier.


The Resistance

Forces of benders forced to hide in remote locations. They wage a war of attrition against Domion Forces.

The Lionraptors

A team of covert elite operatives led by Lihua. The best in the resistance.

The People's Dominion

The global government founded by Kumiho. After defeating the four nations, killing their leaders, and capturing Republic City, they conquered the world. Benders are either enslaved or killed.



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