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The Last Airnender(Revised) - Comparison to Source Material is an article containing content regarding differences from Avatar: The Last Airbender, M Night's TLA and Kane Chin's (KaneC) planned four-part film saga - The Last Airbender. For more on The Last Airbender (revised), see here. Scripts for this version can found under the Revised Film Script (fanon) category below.
Numerous changes would be added during conversion from series to the film; mostly due to character development, run-time, introduction, pacing, and dramatic flow.

Book One: Water

  • The prologue will be similar to the first episode prologue, using animation similar to the one in the series. An extended edition version of this would regard on more content, involving the Spirit World and The War. The order of the episodes is as follows: the first three episodes, The Warriors of Kyoshi combined with Imprisoned, flashbacks of The Storm, Winter Solstice mixed with The Blue Spirit, and finally the last three episodes.
  • The first three episodes would be very similar in the film, with minor tweaks. Cartoonish bits like Aang's "will you go penguin-sledding with me?" in the first episode and Sokka's constant complaint of hunger in the third will be removed for a more realistic adaptation.
  • The fourth episode The Warriors of Kyoshi would be slightly tweaked; Aang, Katara and Sokka will be captured by the Kyoshi Warriors while looking for shelter and food, this directly takes once Katara spots Haru, instead of right after Aang rides the Unagi. And this time, Kyoshi Island and the mining town from Imprisoned are neighboring settlements. Haru's shop in the movie version serves confectioneries, just like the one where Aang is welcomed as the Avatar in the fourth episode. While Katara is off with Haru, Sokka trains with Suki after he walked out once Haru came back to the shop. The events of Imprisoned takes place the day after Sokka's training (though the appearance of the tax collectors and Haru saving an elderly villager happens during the training), and this time, the Kyoshi Warriors sneaks in with Aang and Sokka once Katara makes her speech to the imprisoned Earthbenders. The warden has a much smaller role in this movie. Likewise, Katara's imprisonment only happens in a day, meaning the uprising (as in once the coals pops out from the vent) happens directly after her speech. Zuko decides to sneak into the ship as well, as opposed to attacking Kyoshi Island like in the series. He does, however, interrogate some villagers until one pointed out the trio might be in the prison rig. Suki's kiss on Sokka's cheek will happen once the Earthbenders are freed.
  • The King of Omashu would be removed in the first movie due to run-time and dramatic flow. The episode is also anti-climatic. King Bumi, however would be mentioned by Book 2, revealing that he is in it, just not right away. Bumi will have a large role in Book 3.
  • While the events of The Waterbending Scroll are omitted in the movie, the scene where Aang and Katara are practicing water bending together in the beginning of the episode is kept. The episode The Storm would be cut to just the confrontations of Prince Zuko and Aang's back stories, the latter told right after Aang's training with Katara. The Fisherman sequence would be removed as well, so Aang's story will be told at a campsite beside a waterfall, not in a cave during the rain.
  • The Great Library may be foreshadowed during a conversation with General Shinu, so that Zhao's reveal by the final act will not serve as a sudden surprise.
  • While The Blue Spirit sequence would be nearly the same, it will be combined with the Winter Solstice. Instead of finding medicine for his sick friends, Aang wanders off to the Northern Air Temple alone once he had a vision from Fang in his dream, where Roku will give his message during the solstice. Roku's giant statue is no longer in Crescent Island, omitting the Fire Sages, but instead in an abandoned Northern Air Temple. The Mechanist will be shifted to Book 3. Aang will be captured by the Yu Yan archers on his way back from the temple. Katara's necklace is found by Aang right after Aang found out that Zuko is the Blue Spirit. The scene where Aang gives back the necklace to its rightful owner and gets a peck in the cheek in return, which originally serves as an epilogue to the episode Bato of the Water Tribe, is now shifted to right before the main characters depart to the North Pole as an epilogue to the Blue Spirit act of this movie.
  • The episodes The Great Divide, The Fortuneteller, Jet (episode), Bato of the Water Tribe and The Deserter are omitted in the first movie. However, the events of Jet will take place at the same time as the events of The Blue Spirit, and this will serve as a flashback for Book 2. Jeong Jeong will be shifted to Book 3. A scene where Aang meets a fortuneteller in Kyoshi Island may be included as a deleted scene. This time, the role is reversed regarding the prediction that someone will marry a powerful bender, which foreshadows the development of Aang and Katara's relationship. It was Aang who gets the prediction, not Katara. So this implies Katara's improvement of her waterbending throughout the course of this movie series.
  • The last three episodes will be similar to the show, with minor tweaks. Zhao set up the explosion of Zuko's ship himself, since the pirates from The Waterbending Scroll are omitted. Drill tanks would emerge from the North Pole capital's ground, as a mock to the man-operated drills in M. Night's film. Zhao would burn the moon spirit within his hands, rather than striking the pond, as that would likely kill the ocean spirit as well. Koizilla would form a wave to wipe out the last Fire Nation ships, as a shout out to M. Night "Hey, use it". Yue's sacrifice will be like M Night's film, except she becomes the Moon Spirit like in the series, right after Sokka cries over her body. Zhao's death through the water bubble in the movie is slightly changed, this time made by the Ocean Spirit and not four waterbenders, right before he was sucked into the river.
  • While the Azula stinger may be kept in the theatrical release, an alternate version will be similar to the deleted scene Field Ablaze, but this time the soldier will get engulfed in flames through the sparks created by Ozai himself (whose face is still hidden as of this movie) and then die. That would make Ozai much more sinister than his original movie counterpart. Likewise, this also communicates with the idea that as powerful as the Avatar is, Firebending is superior.

Book Two: Earth

  • The beginning of the film, would be in a very similar fashion to that of The Avatar State episode. However, Aang's dream in the beginning is longer, and it will include his vision of Toph from The Swamp and Roku's teaching about the Avatar State. All the scenes which include General Fong are omitted.
  • The episode The Cave of Two Lovers would be omitted from the film, but would contain several references to it, mainly Katara and Aang's relationship development. However, Iroh and Zuko's visit to Song, which gives the audience a view on the aftermath of the war, will be included.
  • Only the hiring of Mai and Ty Lee from Return to Omashu are included in the movie. The rest will be omitted. The episodes Avatar Day and The Swamp will be excluded as well.
  • Mostly all of The Blind Bandit would be included, minus the scene involving Sokka prior to the Master Yu's Earthbending Academy sequence. Another scene omitted would be Aang's first act to meet Toph at the Bei Fong estate. It would place between Azula's first appearance and Zuko's eventual escape from her.
  • The flashbacks of Zuko Alone would take place within the timeline of hiring Azula's pals and The Chase. Only the scene involving Zuko spotting Than would be involved in the present-day timeline of the episode.
  • The Chase would start at the night Toph runs away from her parents, it would also be shortened, as Team Avatar face Azula's transport tank at its second arrival. Appa's shedding would also first be mentioned earlier in the film.
  • Bitter Work would be changed greatly as it would focus more on Iroh training Zuko how to regenerate lightning; the scene would take place within six minutes, with the scene flashing back and forth to a no-dialogue scene as blind-folded Aang dodges Toph's rocks and then in self-defense he creates a rock-wall; while the meantime Zuko and his Uncle practice regeneration. The sequence where Zuko yells at the storm, as he brings himself to tears would be included and would be slightly longer. Naturally, due to the film series' serious tone, the scenes where Sokka gets stuck underground are excluded.
  • Directly after Bitter Work, Team Avatar would be shown entering Misty Palms Oasis as they run into Professor Zei who brings them to the Great Library. The Library sequence would be very similar to that of the show. Zhao will make a "cameo" appearance in an extended flashback during the time he stole the scrolls from the library.
  • The Desert would be changed slightly, Sokka's hallucinations would be cut for a more realistic tone. Zuko and Iroh would not face Xin Fu nor Master Yu, as they would not be shown again until at Ba Sing Se. Midpoint would strike once the The Desert sequence ends.
  • The events at The Serpent's Pass timeline would take place. The Fire Nation Ship also would not attack nor spot them. The serpent would drown the team, forcing Aang into the Avatar State in order to save them.
  • The Drill timeline would be the most notable difference, because of run-time and dramatic flow. The Drill sequence involving Team Avatar would be removed; the drill itself, however would not be, as earlier in the film the Fire Nation are shown transporting the drill. Later, towards the end of the film, the drill would break through the walls while Aang fights in the Crystal Catacombs. The scenes of the episode involving Jet and Zuko would be included.
  • Flashbacks from the Jet episode will be included time-to-time throughout the movie, and this takes place during The Blue Spirit act of the first movie. For a more realistic feel Sokka would not clear the village, but instead attempt to stop the Freedom Fighters from blowing the dam, however he would fail, letting the town flood, but instead it would be an all "Firebender Town" making it slightly less forgivable. After the flood, some surviving soldiers are shown.
  • City of Walls and Secrets would be shortened, removing Pong, the student and the pet-storekeeper.
  • The only part of The Tales of Ba Sing Se would be Iroh celebrating Lu Ten's birthday and singing him Brave Soldier Boy; earlier in the film, directly before Bitter Work the song would be sung to Lu Ten as a child in Iroh's dream.
  • Appa's Lost Days would take place throughout the film after the Desert act; it be reduced as well, Appa would not be a part of the Fire Nation Circus, and would instead escape the Si Wong Merchants; Appa's fight against the Boarcupine would be included, involving Appa letting it go after nearly killing the beast, this would shown personification. Suki's visit with him would be included as well, leaving the audience to believe Azula killed her. Appa's visit at the Eastern Air Temple would be reduced to one night.
  • The Lake Laogai incident would omit the sequence involving Old Sweepy. Also, in anger Katara would attempt to execute Jet, only to be stopped by Aang. She would later take out her Spirit Water; but Jet demands her to leave as time is running out.
  • The Earth King timeline would be reduced slightly, as the Fire Nation Drill would not prove the war's existence, but instead a large wreckage site and burnt walls from The Dragon of the West's attack would convince the king.
  • To avoid character clutter and due to time constraints, instead of Pathik, Roku himself will teach Aang about chakras.
  • The Guru and The Crossroads of Destiny would be very similar to that of the series, but the drill would arrive during the Crystal Catacombs fight.

Book Three: Fire (Part 1: The Awakening)

  • As Part 1 focuses on the timeline of only the first eleven episodes of the third season, major changes are in need. As The Awakening remains nearly the same, The Headband episode's main school sub-plot would be removed as it draws away from the main point of the story, Zuko's confrontations with Iroh, and scenes before the school plot would be included. A brief dance at night with Aang and Katara would be included as a reference to the episode, it also advances them through their relationship.
  • The Painted Lady episode would be entirely removed, as it draws away from the main story.
  • Timelines for Sokka's Master and The Beach would be merged, as Sokka would be busy training with Piandao and would not attend the first fight with the assassin. The time-span would be expanded, as it gives Sokka more time to train in the arts of the sword. Zuko, Azula, Ty Lee, and Mai would visit Ember Island and attend Chan's party; this would not interfere with the realism, if anything, it expands realism as it depicts the teenagers are indeed teenagers.
  • However, scenes with Lo and Li on Ember Island would not be included. The film also would show part of the Fire Lord's important meeting while Zuko is at the beach. The boredom expressed by Team Avatar would be removed. Iroh's exercise routine would be shifted throughout the film.
  • Bits and pieces of The Runaway would be shifted throughout the movie, starting before Sokka's Master and ending before The Avatar and the Firelord, which would be shifted to a later point of the film, read more below. The scams would be changed, as it drew away from some of the characters' personalities. The gags and jokes of the episode would be removed completely.
  • Several more scenes regarding June, who now serves as a stand-in for Combustion Man, would be added including a dialogue scene involving her and the Fire Fountain City Mayor discussing the Avatar's return while they make a deal, naturally afterwards he executes the mayor to keep the Avatar a secret.
  • Toph's nickname "The Runaway" would be removed as she was not a threat to the town and Katara and Toph would simply be captured by the mayor's guards for June.
  • The Deserter from Book 1 will now be shifted to Book 3 and this will take place during The Runaway. Aang temporarily leaves the other three after he had burnt Katara. Chey would be omitted, as Roku would tell Aang to meet with Jeong Jeong after he questions him about how to learn firebending. Team Avatar would not meet up with Bato (who is omitted in the film series). Jeong Jeong's camp would include a perfume building; the Shirshu sequence would happen here after Jeong Jeong's absence. The perfume spilling would be accidental rather than purposeful. Aang's fight against June would continue in a full town of civilians, making it more abrupt. The letter Katara writes with Toph would mark the midpoint of the film, as they are writing it, a voice-over of Toph is included for that scene.
  • The Puppetmaster sequence would be slightly different as it draws away from the horror movie theme, and stays as a more scary moment of the film. The main events of the episode would take place, although Toph is the first to notice Hama's arrival, to coverup a mistake within the episode. Team Avatar would not try to investigate the town folks such as Old Man Ding, instead while Katara trains with Hama; Toph and Aang would practice earth bending, only to hear screaming beneath the mountain. The episode would have to benefit the rest of the film, Katara would use her techniques learned by Hama later on during the invasion, mainly pulling water from thin air.
  • The Avatar and the Fire Lord would be shifted to later on in the film, two days before the eve of the battle. The episode's time-span would be expanded covering more on Fire Lord Sozin's back story. The coincidence of Aang and Zuko learning their shared past at the same time would be included, although Iroh delivers the message earlier on within the film.
  • The Mechanist and Teo will now appear in Book 3, this time as residents in an Earth Kingdom settlement in the Fire Nation, who are involved in the Omashu resistance. Slight character development would be involved between Team Avatar and Teo. The residents would already know of the Fire Nation's presence rather than a secret. The Mechanist's attitude would also be changed, he would also be given a name. Team Avatar try to inspire him to fight back, but in fright, the Mechanist denies. Team Avatar will reunites with Haru and Tyro. Haru will have a bit of a stubble, as a nod to the series counterpart's moustache.
  • Bumi makes his debut in Book 3, as opposed to being imprisoned like in Book 2, he is now a refugee, leading the Omashu resistance. He accepts Toph as his disciple, but after a brief duel, he realized that Toph is too good and can handle herself without his guidance. Bumi's robe would cover his whole body, his large muscles wouldn't be shown until the battle at Ba Sing Se.
  • The dreams and hallucinations within Nightmares and Daydreams would be shifted throughout the film, the first one starting the beginning of the film, each would remain on a realistic scale, however. As the third film would focus heavily on Aang and Katara's relationship, he would daydream about their love at two different moments. He would have several hallucinations during the eve of the battle, one involving a very frightening dream. The Zuko and Mai sub-plot would be included as well, however unlike the show, the war meeting would be shown.
  • The tenth and eleventh episode timelines which regard the Invasion would be expanded and tweaked; The Hippo and The Boulder would not attend the battle however; Haru and Tyro returns; the Mechanist would appear, the Air Walkers with him; the custom staff made for Aang would not feature the candy compartment. The Water Tribe supposed to of split up and gathered two groups of people: the air walkers, and the Omashu resistance. The eclipse's time-span is not mentioned to be eight minutes. The Dai Li agents working for Azula would wear Fire Nation robes, as they are now allied with her. Before entering the capital, Hakoda would preform a speech, towards the end Sokka preforms a longer speech in return.
  • Azula's fight scene between the team would be shortened, and the larger distraction is the fact that Azula managed to stab Sokka with Mai's blade after mocking Suki. The team had to focus on getting him to Katara to heal him, which ultimately left them to not face Ozai. Emotionally distressed, Aáng would stand still as the airships dropped bombs below, leaving Sokka to save him by pushing him away. Ty Lee would appear once again with Azula when she is in the airship following Aang; a scene involving Mai crying over Zuko's letter would be included towards the end as well.

Book Three: Fire (Part 2: The Journey's End)

  • The Journey's End focuses on the last nine episodes of the third season, many changes included are for expansion and readjusted time-slots. The movie would start off with a never before seen back story of Zuko's. The Western Air Temple episode's timeline is very close to that of the series, but an injured June is battle-damaged because of their previous encounter and manages to survive in the end (see below). Several scenes would flash back to the Fire Nation including a scene regarding Azula's speech to the Air Ship fleet crew (Phoenix Force), this would be necessary as the film should regard the comet throughout. An extra awkward scene involving Zuko asking what Aang's name is would be added as well.
  • The Firebending Masters timeline would take place the first day with Zuko on the team, several changes would be added for a more realistic feel. Zuko's fire would shrink as he is not bending with rage, but the jokes cracked at him would be removed. The episode would happen within one day's period, rather than staying the night at the city, the golden egg would be removed as it is too similar to an Indiana Jones movie. The sun warriors would seem less good and more towards the frightening side; the chief, however does allow Aang and Zuko to face the masters, as he plans them to be executed by them. The "dance" jokes would be removed.
  • The Boiling Rock, Part 1 and Part 2 timeline would be slightly shortened, as his father would already be at the prison when he arrives, just absent to him. A prisoner who takes Chit Sang's place would serve less importance, and the "cooler boat" subplot would be removed. A scene involving Suki yelling at Zuko would be added, as she did not forgive his father for threatening the peaceful life of her village. Zuko would be discovered and put in prison, which eventually leads to Mai arguing with him.
  • The Southern Raiders timeline would take place directly after The Boiling Rock, which would indeed separate Hakoda again. Several encounters with Zuko and Katara would be shifted throughout the film, Zuko would ask Sokka to tell him details about the fire navy attack while they are travelling to The Boiling Rock. Overall the plot would be nearly the same, at the point of when Katara is one step away from murdering Yon Rha, she would have a vision of Aang's face, which would lead her into falling back.
  • The Ember Island Players episode timeline would be omitted, as it draws away from the main plot. The scene involving Aang kissing Katara would be added the night he is drawn toward the Lion Turtle.
  • The scenes throughout the last four episodes would be nearly the same, just expanded. Aang's encounter with each Avatar would be extended, leading a back story behind each one. June is revealed to be alive, nursing her wounds in an abandoned house. Zuko eventually asks her to help find Aang, which she reluctantly agrees. Zuko would trace his uncle using Roku's crown rather than his stinky shoe.
  • As Azula trips into insanity, an extra sequence is added involving her crying and whispering as she stares upon the turtle duck pond, as a turtle duck looks at her, she uses her anger against her friends and strikes fire at the poor creature. At the moment when Sokka is dangling on the airship ledge holding onto Toph's hand would be changed, as when he is doing it, the scene would flash back to each battle briefly, for dramatic flow.
  • After removing The Phoenix King's bending, Aang would fall down and slowly falls asleep in stress, as he had been put through a lot within the last year. The next sequence would involve Sokka's airship stopping next to the rock structure in which Aang and Ozai are on, Aang would be shown being carried aboard, as compared to the series in which the team just mocked them. The epilogue of the episode would be drastically similar. An extra scene involving Aang in bed waking to find Zuko waiting his wake would be added, as the scene would heavily have character development and the expansion of friendship between the two. Aang and Katara would not meet up again until Ba Sing Se, however during the coronation of Zuko, Aáng would watch Katara from afar. Also within the same coronation sequence, Zuko would bow before Aang, leading the audience to do the same. The film would end in the similar fashion, including Sokka's painting. Just slightly beforehand, Aang would voice-over the scene speaking about the happy times to come, brief shots of the future, including one shot of Republic City and another being Sokka's wedding kiss. After the brief voice-over, Katara would enter the room, which Aang would leave, and her to follow. As tears rush down their faces, the final sequence would end in exactly the same fashion.

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