The auditorium was filled with various characters from the cartoon series 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'. People from all four nations were seated together, with an assortment of animals at the back of the hall, which was mostly taken up by a large sky bison. Everyone was either chatting animatedly to each other or silently cursing someone else present, for almost everyone could find another person they disliked in the room. Suddenly the lights grew dim and the chatter stopped as the curtains on the stage drew back to reveal a podium. As everyone watched, a teenage boy and a petite girl walked out from backstage. They each held a microphone in their hands and the boy was also holding a sheet of paper. He stepped in front of the podium and lifted up his mike. "Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the Avatar: The Last Airbender Awards! I'm Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe and this is Toph Beifong. We'll be your hosts for the event as well as your entertainers to keep things interesting during the whole awarding process! So without further ado, I present -"

He was cut off by the blind girl. "Ahem, that will be enough from you Mr. Entertainer. I'll be taking it from here." As her fellow host shot her a glare she couldn't see, she stepped in front of him. "The rules are simple. The voting polls will be open from the moment we announce the category and will close 24 hours later. If a winner hasn't been picked out yet, we will open the polls for another 24 hours and so on until someone wins. So remember people, your votes are what keeps this show going. If you don't want to see a hiatus you'd better start voting like your life depends on it! And relax, this is not a death threat. Back to you, Joker."

"Thanks for the nickname," Sokka said sarcastically. "So anyway, the first category IS... (pause for dramatic effect) 'Favorite Episode'! Voters will choose from the 61 episodes in the series, excluding deformed shorts, pilot episodes and the like. Voting begins right this moment, and in 24 hours' time we will announce the winning episode!"

"You mean IF there is a winning episode already. I'm not putting too much hope on this."

"Aren't you a right little ray of sunshine, eh Miss Beifong?"

"Well, you're always the pessimist. About time someone took over the job." Toph cleared her voice, then continued. "The winning episode will be represented by a character who first appeared in the episode, or to whom the episode has some significance. The character will be invited on stage to receive the trophy and say a few words." She took out a golden trophy in the shape of a miniature version of the statue of Avatar Aang in the harbor of Republic City. The only difference, other than the size of the figure, was that the symbol on top of Aang's staff had been changed to a merging of the emblems of the four elements. Toph set down the trophy on the podium. "The character then gets to keep the trophy. It makes a good paperweight, I've tried it out."

Sokka stared at the trophy. "Hey, why is it in the shape of Aang? Why can't it be in the shape of me or something? That way it'll look way cooler."

"Gee, Sokka, I don't know. It couldn't be because this is the award for Avatar: The Last Airbender, right? Or, as they call it in Europe, the Legend Of Aang?"

"Okay, fine, I get your point."

"Glad that you did, Dumbo." Toph turned back towards the audience. "So, people, start voting right now! We'll be giving out the award when the winner comes out, so until then it's bye bye for now! Toph and Sokka signing out!" She then dragged a protesting Sokka backstage with her, ignoring his cries of "Why is it your name first? Why isn't it mine? Doesn't 'Sokka and Toph' sound better?"

"Shut up, chatterbox, or I'm kicking you off the show and putting Momo in your place!"

The Water Tribe boy fell silent, and the curtains fell on the stage.

If anyones reading it is you who is supposed to vote

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