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第四天 杏月, 三年後 偉大的彗星 - Day 4 of the 2nd Month, 3 AG

I didn't feel like moving today...

I had no choice...

It seemed as though the skies were tiered, exhausted from last night's downpour. The grey clouds were thinning, but small droplets still found there way down. The ruins of Taku seemed to sigh as the low thunder grumbled, as if saying it too was tiered. The world seemed so drained, but the war has only begun...

I thought today would be uneventful and bleak, just like most others. I started my day by simply staring at the ceiling, counting cracks and scorch marks. I didn't have to get up for anyone. Nobody was expecting me, nobody even knew of my existence. It's nice to not have a care in the world, but still, it makes one feel purposeless and unneeded.


That's what he said about us, about his own people.


I let the word play in my mind, over and over.


When was the last time I heard it? When was the last time I spoke to another living human being? Has it been so long that I cannot even remember? No. I do remember. It was today...

"Listen here, you little brat! We don't need any more workers! It's unneeded!"


"You're unneeded!" He spat.

The young man's words seemed so familiar...

"The world doesn't need any Air Nomads! Air Nomads are unneeded! You are unneeded!"

I tried to contain myself, I really tried! This man wasn't making it easy.

"You know what?"

"The world"




At that moment I forgot about trying to contain myself. This man was asking for it. The next thing I heard was a strong gust of wind and a hard thwack. The next thing I saw was my bloodied fist extended and the big, burly man unconscious against the wall of his abode, his meat stall shattered.

I froze. People all around me froze. Did I just... Airbend? I turns out I did. A mistake that I though I would not soon see the end of. People starred at me in shock. No one moved.

I did not feel like moving...

Soon enough I heard peoples whispers starting to arise. They started sounding louder and louder. I could hear each and every one as an individual voice piercing my very thoughts. The world was spinning and my heart was racing. An anxiety attack. They had been coming back to me. The first one I had ever experienced was when he tried to kill me, and since then I've had plenty, but they gradually disappeared.

I really did not feel like moving, but I was soon persuaded by a blast of fire landing at my feet. I did not dare turn to look at my attacker, instead I fled, grabbing a sack of meats and fruits from a young lady in a dark cloak. For a moment it seemed the world slowed down as her golden eyes pierced my soul. No, they were soft. The look she gave me was sympathetic, and it wasn't the golden orbs of the Fire Nation...

I didn't have time to admire her any longer, I had to make a run for it!

Those eyes...

For reasons unknown to me, I felt my energies rejuvenated and my resolve lifted. For the first time in three years... I laughed as I ran. I felt the freedom of the air around me, the joy of its movements. The feeling was glorious!

"Halt! Get back here!"

As if I would do that!

I closed my eyes as I ran and let the wind carry me. I ran faster than I ever thought I could. What was this feeling? I didn't care...

After ten minutes rest I was still panting from my swift journey. It wasn't the running, no, it was the laughing. It felt good to laugh like that. Dare I say it, I felt happy. Maybe there is such a thing as hope, or maybe it's just the false delusions of a melodramatic young man. A melodramatic young Airbender. The last Airbender.

"At least say thanks for those supplies I gave you."

I jumped in surprise at the sudden intrusion. I could feel my pulse rising and my face warming. I shut my eyes, no I shut them tight.

"Relax." The voice was soothing. It was like... Like a gentle autumn breeze...

I did relax. I don't know how or why, but I did. That same feeling came over me again. That peace, that joy. My spirit felt so free...

"Who are you?" I said as I opened my eyes. The first thing I saw was two big golden eyes and the smile. Another thing I haven't seen in years, a smile.

"That is not important." She replied as she swept a strand of onyx-black hair from her face.

"What is important is that you should meet my sister."

"Meet your sister?"

I wondered what she was talking about.

"I hardly think I'm in any state for that!"

"You have no idea!" She giggled.

"All I'm asking is that you come meet me and my sister."


"Because you are special."

With that she turned around and started for the exit. I did not know what she was talking about, and to be honest I still don't, but nevertheless I was intrigued... Reluctantly.

"But where should I meet you?" I yelled out after her.

She stopped for a moment.

"Oh, you'll know."

And so she resumed her walk, leaving me staring out into the cold. Time has passed so quickly and I found long shadows stretching towards me.

Perhaps I will go meet her and her sist... No... Where do I even look for her... But I guess she was right... I am special. I am the last Airbender.

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