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Ken was feeling better, but his mind was not at peace. he had been thinking about Tamara. Ashley came to check on Ken and then invited him to the festival. At the festival Ken had completely forgot about Tamara, it wasn't until the trip back that his worries returned. Ashley asked what was on his mind at the river, and then he told her. When they got back to camp the others were knocked out and having the same nightmares Ken was having. They decided to take them into town, although worried about Tamara and the possibility of her finding them.

The lake

"Ken!" she called walking around the lake looking for Ken.

"Yeah?" he asked from behind a tree, he had been thinking about the others. They still didn't know what had happened to them.

"Can you watch the others while I go out for a second?" she asked kindly.

"Were are you going?" Ken asked curiously.

"Just to the town to get some books."

"Well okay, I guess, come back soon."

As she turned around towards the city, Ken had one last look at the lake, before returning to camp. It was a beautiful place, The stream they were at before had lead here. The lake was surrounded by trees -huge trees, lush amazing trees as Ken saw them- Ken had never seen anything like them in his life. He felt slight regret never leaving the village before this; He felt as if he had been missing out on something his entire life.

He and Ashley had taken Cong and Cheng to the medic a few days ago. They stayed long enough for them to stop the bleeding, But They couldn't afford to stay in the city for much longer; Not with Tamara hunting them, After they left and the others were feeling better they had come back to the camp to collect the stuff. But soon after Cheng came up with a fever,Then Cong. They lasted long enough to get here, but when Cheng couldn't go on, and Cong started seeing things They decided to stop. they had made the camp a good walk away from the lake just incase Tamara really had been following them.

Ken let out a sigh then began the short walk to the camp, he looked back one last time, but this time he wasn't looking at the lake he was looking at Ashley

The camp

"Hey Cheng!" said Ken cheerfully.

"Hey," replied Cheng. He still looked sick, but he wasn't acting sick. Just this morning he had gone out to get firewood and When he got bored he started carving some of the wood. He already made the Fire Nation insignia out of a small chuck of wood, and he had just started on something else.

"What are you making?" asked Ken.

"The Earth Kingdom symbol thingy, I want to make then all."

"Insignia you mean? The Earth Kingdom insignia," he said correcting Cheng.

"Yeah that, so where's Ashley?"

"She went into town to get a book."

"A book?"

"Well that's what she told me."

"Okay, so can we go to the lake now?"

"Cheng you know why we can't do that, oh and how's Cong been? Has he woken up?"

"Well, yeah, this morning. But he only lasted about twenty minutes."

"Oh," Ken said worriedly, Cong might really need to go see a medic. But could they risk another big entrance into the town?

"Cheng can you go get some rest please, I don't want you getting worse," said Ken stressing out about what he would do if... He can't bare the thought, after that last fight Ken had developed a fear of Tamara, and her power.

"And Cheng..." He wanted to say be ready but he didn't want to worry him. "Just try to get some rest," continued Ken.

"Um, okay, but you just said that."

"I know." He didn't know what else to say.


"Ken, Cheng!" Ashley yelled waking up the others, it was already morning.

"Ashley?" asked Ken getting out of his sleeping bag.

"Cong's gone!" she told him, Ashley had been worrying all weak and the stress was noticeable in her voice.

"Ashley please keep calm, you are worrying to much, maybe he was feeling better and went for a swim, or a walk?"

"Ken... not even you believe that," she said with a pitying look.

"Ken can't you track his energy?" asked Cheng while stretching himself out.

"I could, but it won't be super easy since he's not a bender."

"How would you do that?" asked Ashley.

"Well it's just like, um..." Ken didn't know how to explain.

"It's kinda like seismic Sense but instead of seeing rocks you see peoples chi and stuff," Chen said while lazily getting up.

"Well could you do that right now?" Ashley asked.

"I'll try Ashley, but I'm not making any promises."

Then Ken sat down put his hand's together, then after that covered his eyes with his hands. Ashley had to cover her eyes for the next part because of a bright light. Then when she looked at Ken his eyes looked blind.

"Ken are you... okay?" she asked worried.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Follow me."

"I'm coming too!" yelled Cheng he was looking better so Ashley didn't argue.

"Wait, Ken is it far? do we have to pack up?" she asked.

"No, I don't think? It's pretty recent so he couldn't have gotten far." Then Ken blasted off like an animal Ashley couldn't believe his speed.

"Hurry we got to keep up, he's using spirit energy so he might even forget about us for a while?" Then he darted off.

"What?" Then she went off with them.

It wasn't to hard to follow him, every once in a while he would just stop, then after a few seconds run out again at full speed. He didn't even look back when they were falling behind. Then they were approaching the city, she yelled for Ken to stop, but he didn't even slow down. Cheng tried shooting a fire ball near him and that seemed to work, he did slow down. But not stop, Ashley also sent some fire then he finally stopped.

"Ken, stop!" she yelled.

Ken looked back then made a wolf like howl -loudly yet rationally as if he was now aware- then his eyes returned to normal as he covered his eyes again.

"Ken what was that about? How could you run so fast?" asked Ashley.

"Let me explain. That was spirit bending its still energy bending, but more like a sub-skill; like lightning to fire or metal to earth. It mimic a certain spirit's ability or even call one if he wanted too," cleared Cheng.

"Oh, is that dangerous?" asked Ashley.

"Well isn't all Energy bending dangerous, there's always a risk. Energy bending is bending your own energy but if you bend, and stretch is enough, it might just snap..." He finished dramatically.

"Cheng don't scare her." scolded Ken rubbing his eyes.

"I'm sorry Ken I didn't know that it was dangerous. I would have never asked you," Ashley worried.

"It's okay, I would have done it anyway, besides how else would we have found him," he said curving his lips into a half smile.

"So did you find anything?" asked Cheng.

"Yes I found him," he cleared.

"Well is he in the city?" asked Cheng.

"Yea, and don't worry he's not in danger," replied Ken.

"Well lets go!" yelled Cheng taking off, with Ken right behind him. Ashley didn't know much about energy bending and that bothered her.


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