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The Avatar Returns

The sun is shining. It's a new day but not a normal day. A year before, the same day the war ended. So the Team Avatar will reunite at Ba Sing Se at Iroh's tea shop, the Jasmine Dragon to celebrate and see each other again.

South Pole

The morning at an area full of snow and ice with the sun shining is too beautiful.

That is what Katara thought when she got out of her igloo wearing her usual blue warm clothes.

She felt the cold air on her face, and she put on her hood. She put her arms around her, and she began to move them slowly up and down to warm up. She walked very slowly towards the stairs of the snow wall. Their whole fortress was made of white snow. It was so white that if you looked at it for many hours you would become blind. The stairs, the gate, the towers for the scouts and the battlements were all made of snow.

It maybe wasn't so protective, but it gave courage to the small village, not that they needed it so much as there was no war, but there was peace. Katara walked up the snow stairs of the snow wall. She had started to warm up a little.

She hasn't seen Aang for a long time. Last time she saw him, they were at the Jasmine Dragon around a year before. However, even then if they were so strongly bonded, they had to go down different roads. Aang had to rebuild and bring life again at the Air Nomad's temples.

Not one visit from Aang. Even if he was at the Southern Air Temple he didn't have time to come. At least Katara had Sokka, Suki and even Ty Lee near her. She would pay a visit to them when she was feeling very lonely. They would visit her when Sokka wanted to see his home. "If they didn't, what I would have become?" she thought...

However, at least last night she received a letter from Iroh, and the letter gave her a little hope that she would see them all again... Zuko and Mai, Toph, of course Sokka, Suki, Ty Lee and she might see Aang as well.

She wished to see him. She sometimes wished he was not the Avatar. However, then crying she always forced herself to take her words back. If he wasn't the Avatar he wouldn't have frozen in the sea. They wouldn't have met. He wouldn't have saved all the world. And she may never have learned how to Waterbend like a master, nor would she have met any of her best friends.

"Katara," A voice said behind her.

Katara caught out of defense turned around quickly and with her hand stretched to the sea ready to Waterbend if there was an enemy or a ghost or something...

Katara saw Master Pakku and returned to her usual stance. She was embarrassed for what she did.

"Katara, even in a time like this where peace exists you are right that you need to be careful, don't be embarrassed," Master Pakku said passing her and looking at the endless blue sea.

Katara was staring at him with her mouth slightly open. Her cold breath was visible like white smoke, like mist.

Master Pakku turned and suddenly after some seconds of absolute silence he asked, "What do you want to tell me?"

Katara was surprised by this question How did he know... Katara thought, but then he was a master after all. A master of Waterbending, a member of the White Lotus, and most of all, he was the strongest Waterbender.

"Master Pakku, I want to go to Ba Sing Se..." Katara said and then closed her eyes like she was waiting for a hit.

Master Pakku raised an eyebrow...

"Well, you can go Katara." He said closing his eyes.

Katara looked at him in surprise. He opened his eyes and looked at her with a smile on his face. He lifted his hand and pointed at the sea.

"Go Katara, right now before someone wakes up and sees you."

Katara was happy. She would never believe that Master Pakku would let her leave, especially in a time like this. Her father is missing around a month and she along with Master Pakku had to take control of the whole village. She was so happy that she hugged him with a tear of happiness on her cheek.

"Thank you Grandpa." Pakku was surprised by her last word.

Sokka usually called him like this but Katara was more stubborn.

He hugged her back for some seconds before they broke the hug.

"Go, leave before the guards awake." Pakku said and let Katara go.

Katara ran down the stairs and to the gate which was at the left of the stairs.

She put her hands forward and pushed. However, she didn't push the door, she was pushing something invisible. However, the door was moving. She was bending it. She was bending the snow. So the door was opening. However it made no noise. She opened the door slightly just to pass. Then she closed it with the same technique. She began to run towards the cold sea, but she stopped on her step. She turned around and stared at Pakku.

She whispered a "thank you" before she ran to the sea.

Kyoshi Island

It was morning. The sun was shining. It was morning. The weather was fine.

Sokka, Suki and Ty lee live here since the War had ended.

Sokka as usuall wakes up last. Ty Lee and Suki must have already woken up, and they must have started to train as usual.

Sokka got up from the floor and stretched for a long time.

He walked up to the window. He looked at the sea. He was really calm.

"I have a feeling something will happen today," Sokka said. "But, for now...I will just do what I must do," Sokka said again talking to himself.

He then rapidly grabbed a paper, a brush and a couple of colors and went running out.

He ran upwards toward the higher lands of the island. He stopped at a particular place.

It was a straight stone. Sokka put his paper and his colors on the rock. He looked at the front and was ready to paint. Near him, over the bridge Ty Lee and Suki were ready to fight.

That was what Sokka was ready to draw. A fight was about to happen between the best Kyoshi Warriors.

"Are you ready Ty Lee?" Suki asked expanding her fans.

"Of course," Ty Lee said happily in a playful manner as usual.

They both were wearing Kyoshi Warrior uniforms.

One of the Kyoshi Warriors walked between them and before running back to her place she shouted "begin"!

Ty Lee and Suki charged to each other. Sokka then began drawing his picture.

Suki expanded her hand to hit Ty Lee with one of the fans. Ty Lee just jumped, circling her body and landed behind Suki. Ty Lee moved her hand to block the chi of Suki's left arm.

Suki turned around really fast and turned her left fan into a shield. Ty Lee's fingers hardly hit Suki's shield and Ty Lee fell down and started sobbing. Tears were running from her cheeks to the grassy field. Suki turned her shield back to a fan and threw her fans on the floor.

She then fell at her knees as Ty Lee did some seconds before. Suki placed her hand on Ty Lee's shoulder. Ty Lee then started to cry and shouting loudly.

"It's hurting." Ty Lee shouted.

Suki hugged her whispering "It's okay. We will fix it."

The other Kyoshi Warriors ran to her to support her too. Sokka jumped above the rock to go faster but he also spilled all of his colors on the rock. All of them were standing up around Ty Lee in a circle.

Suki took Ty Lee's hand and watched it carefully. Suki after analyzing it had bad news. "Oh no, two of your fingers broke." Suki said shocked. Sokka passed between the Kyoshi Warriors to make space and see. He sat on his knees too and went near Ty Lee and Suki.

"Sokka help! I broke two fingers!" Ty Lee said and hugged him still crying. However, she was not crying as much as before.

Suki glared at her and Sokka, who was hugging her back. Sokka put his finger front of his mouth. "Shhhhhhhhh," Sokka said. "We have to fix those two fingers, and you know that it will be painful," Suki knew Sokka was right.

Sokka grabbed Ty Lee's hands and made her stand. "Come on we have to fix these fingers," Sokka said trying not make her scared.

"But it will hurt me," Ty Lee said leaving Sokka's hands shaking. Then Suki blocked the chi on her shoulders while all the other Kyoshi Warriors blocked the chi on the rest of her body.


Katara is Waterbending a huge amount of water, so she can pass the sea without a boat. She is walking on the sea and travels very fast. This seems so fun for her as she is playing with the water while she is always traveling on this way. Now she is near it. She sees it. The Kyoshi Island. She moves faster now by creating giant waves to get on the coast. She is near the coast.

Unfortunately then the Unagi jumped out of the water and made her lose her balance. Katara's wave suddenly disappeared and she fell in the sea. The Unagi stayed out of the water searching for his food. Katara suddenly came out of the water, Waterbending and made a water cloak shoot at the Unagi's body. And then she breathed cold air. So the water cloak froze and the Unagi couldn't move. Katara turned around and by Waterbending, she created a small wave which she used to arrive at the coast quickly.

Before walking further she turned and put her hands in the air. Then she brought them down fast and made the ice cloak into water again. The Unagi was free.

Katara walked up to the village. Most of the citizens were awake.

Katara looked around searching for Sokka, Suki and Ty Lee. An old man drinking his tea saw her suddenly. He put his tea down and ran to her.

"Katara! How are you doing?" Oyaji asked welcoming her.

Katara was happy at least someone welcomed her, but she had to find her brother.

She asked tentatively, "Where is my brother?"

Oyaji couldn't answer for sure but he after a few seconds of silence answered, "He is either at the higher lands of the island, or he is still sleeping."

"Thanks you Oyaji," Katara said and ran happily towards the higher lands.

Katara looked everywhere, even at Kyoshi's shrine.

When she came out of the shrine she knew exactly where her brother was.

Katara ran to the house that belonged to her brother. When she arrived at the garden of Sokka's house, a few metres from it she heard shouting, She walked slowly to the door, and she put her ear at the door to hear better.

"No, no please... it will hurt me. Don't do it," Katara was sure it was Ty Lee's voice.

Katara got a small amount of water out of her flask ready to save Ty Lee.

She opened the door suddenly and jumped in yelling, "leave her alone."

Sokka was excited to see his sister and ran over to her and hugged her splashing the water and making them both wet. Katara Waterbended the water out of her and Sokka's clothes.

She turned and looked at the Kyoshi Warriors who were kneeling around Ty lee. Katara sat on her knees too and asked "What happened."

Suki answered saying "She broke two fingers when we were training."

Ty lee looked up at Katara "Help, me. They want to hurt me. Please heal me. I know you don't like me very much but..."

Katara suddenly got up and by turning around and crossing her arms, she said "Yes, I don't like you... I am not healing you."

Ty Lee said a weak "Please." Before she closed her eyes and waited to feel the pain.

Sokka turned to Katara angry and said "Come on Katara. Weren't you the one that around a year ago said no! I will never, ever turn my back on people who need me"?

Katara turned and looked at Sokka surprised. Sokka was looking at her angrily. He was right.

She had to help Ty Lee. She sat back on her knees and went near her. She couldn't move. They must have blocked her, so she wouldn't feel the pain so much. Katara, by Waterbending took a small amount of water out of her flask, and she began healing Ty Lee's fingers.

After some time passed...

"So you mean we have to go to Ba Sing Se!" Sokka said surprised.

"Yes, but you didn't get a message?" Katara asked confused.

"I think we did," Ty Lee answered again playful and happy.

"Where is it?" Suki asked confused too.

"There..." Ty Lee said pointing out of the window. It was a messenger hawk. It was the same that came to the South Pole. Katara could recognize it. The hawk flew to the window. Ty Lee ran and took the message.

"Greetings... celebrate... at Bang Sing Se... From Iroh," Ty Lee said reading most of the letter really quietly for the others to hear.

"Okay but couldn't he have called us sooner, for example, before the celebration, so we could be there at the celebration?" Sokka said making the others to wonder too.

"Erm, how will we go?" Suki asked bringing forward another good question. After some time, all eyes turned to Katara with a smile on their faces.

Katara then understood what they were thinking answered, "No, I cannot travel on the sea with other people."

All of them then lowered their heads.

"I know. Our dad may get us there," Sokka said happily.

"About that..." Katara was going to say the story about their dad but then Sokka stood up too and grabbed her by her clothes. He was moving her forwards and back really fast.

"What are you going to tell me? That our dad can't get us there because he disappeared a month ago, and we don't know where he is?" Sokka said sarcastically.

Katara removed Sokka's hands from her and said "Yes," Sokka fainted.

"We can go on a boat," Ty Lee exclaimed.

Everyone looked at her with really weird looks.

Ty lee getting up angrily said "What? I mean the secret boat at the northern coast. Unagi doesn't go there so we can go."

"Yes, that's it. Ty Lee you are the smartest person I have ever met." Sokka said after he ran towards her and hugged her.

Suki then grabbed Sokka from the ear saying jealously, "Come on you love bird," and dragged him outside.

Some time later they were in the secret boat at the north coast.

"Ready?" Katara asked. All of them were unsure. Katara did some Waterbending moves, turning around and moving her hands in a circle creating a really big wave. Their boat was at the top of the wave. And so they were going really fast. They were screaming. They also were hugging each other in fear. Well except Ty Lee who was enjoying the ride.

"I hope we will be there before the night," Suki said before she started screaming again.

Last night at Whale Tail's island...

At the beach, a woman is dragging herself along the sand. She is wet and very weak. She has no power left, and she is freezing.

She is too weak to continue.

She turns and lies on the beach staring at the stars.

"I was near it," She is whispering. "I did it," She says smiling. "I escaped," she says and laughs weakly. "Now I can die," she said closing her eyes to die without pain, to die alone, to need no one. She was alone...

Author's Note

So this is the very chapter. Yeah, Aang didn't make an apperanse. I just wanted to concentrate at Katara and Sokka but as Sokka is stuck with Suki and Ty Lee is stuck with Sokka(not that Katara isn't stuck with Aang)...Anyway I hope you enjoy this chapter. Yeah it doesn't have action. My first chapters would be like this so please just have patience.ElessarNikos (talkcontribs) 20:10, May 13, 2011 (UTC)

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