Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Kyoshi Warrior Chronicles in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Kyoshi Warrior Chronicles
The Kyoshi Warrior Chronicles
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The Kyoshi Warrior Chronicles is a fanon written by AvatarHaiLi and Rassilon of Old. It follows the Kyoshi Warriors as they travel the world, fighting the Fire Nation, and aiding members of the Earth Kingdom.


  • Miekka is a shy, fifteen year old Kyoshi Warrior, and the newest addition of the team. After loosing both of her parents in an arson fire, she decided to dedicate her life to protecting Kyoshi Island, so that nothing like that would ever happen again.
  • Aya is a skilled sword wielder and one of the most confident of the Kyoshi Warriors, Aya is Miekka's best friend and is usually there to comfort and support her whenever she needs it.
  • Zhe is a powerful fighter, usually using her strength over her brains. She also torments Miekka, due to her jealousy of Suki liking Miekka more than herself, and the two have clashed multiple times before.
  • Su is one of the more quiet members of the group, Su specializes in stealth and general sneakiness. She is often the first to be called onto a mission, due to her stealthiness, and expert tracking abilities. She also is very skilled with a bow and arrow.
  • Caili is the only Earthbender in the Kyoshi Warriors, Caili failed to find a master to teach her to Earthbend, and forced to train herself. Although she is very limited to her Earthbending abilities, she is still able to utilize it in battle.
  • Suki is the confident, strong, wise and skillful leader of the Kyoshi Warriors. She never fails to build enthusiasm amongst her team, and when they are looking down, she is able to give them the confidence they need to defeat the coming obstacles.


Book One: Earth

The first book follows Miekka and the Kyoshi Warriors as they meet Team Avatar, then decide to leave Kyoshi Island themselves, to help the with the fight against the Fire Nation.

No. Chapter Author Summary
000 Prologue AvatarHaiLi On the south east peninsula of the Earth Kingdom, lay the battle ofChin the Conqueror and Avatar Kyoshi. After an immense display of power by Kyoshi, Chin falls to his death when the peninsula splits, and separates from the mainland. Back in the newly named Kyoshi Island, the Avatar proposes an elite team of female warriors. A team, known as the Kyoshi Warriors.
001 The Avatar, the Warrior, and the Waterbender AvatarHaiLi Three strange travelers appear on the Bay of the Unagi, and the Kyoshi Warriors suspect them of being Fire Nation spies. After capturing them, it is revealed that they are in fact the Avatar and his friends. Just when Kyoshi Island seems safe from the Fire Nation, they are proved so horribly wrong.
002 Rain of the Unagi AvatarHaiLi The Fire Nation launches their attack on Kyoshi Island.
003 As This World Turns AvatarHaiLi

Production History

The idea for The Kyoshi Warrior Chronicles began with a blog post by AvatarHaiLi, which Rassilon of Old read, and liked the idea of. Busy with his own fanon, Rassilon of Old began contemplating whether or not to help HaiLi, and after a small period of writers block, his answer was yes.

After exchanging emails, the two began talking about possibilities for the series, such as; characters, weapons, enemies, animals and chapter ideas, until the main idea of the fanon was formed, and the two agreed on a partnership.

A while later, Rassilion decided he would not be able to help write the fanon any longer. Shortly after this, AvatarHaiLi was inactive on the wiki for several months. She returned in July and will continue The Chronicles.

Since it is her first fanon, AvatarHaiLi will be writing the majority of the chapters, whilst Rassilon of Old helps with plots, articles, and edits the chapters.


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