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The Kyoshi Day Feast
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Chapter 7: The Kyoshi Day Feast

The entire village sat at several tables set up in the middle of the square, around the refurbished statue of Avatar Kyoshi. Chief Oyaji began by making an opening speech.

"We dedicate this feast to a celebration of the glorious creation of our island! Thanks to Avatar Kyoshi, we were spared from devastation in the recent war! And thanks to Avatar Aang for defending us against the Fire Nation!"

Yun watched in amazement as the Avatar he'd heard so much about flew in on a Sky Bison. He and another, a Water Tribe girl, jumped down off of the bison and bowed to Chief Oyaji.

The old man held up his hand. "Please, Avatar, you and Katara do not need to bow to me. I am merely an old man. Aang, it is you who should be receiving the honor." At this, everyone at the tables, including Yun Zhen, stood and bowed to the young Airbender.

Aang cheeks flushed red. "Please, that isn't necessary. I mean, we're all friends." He smiled as Oyaji guided him to a spot at the table directly under the statue.

"Then simply accept this as an honor bestowed by a friend." He then directed Katara to the seat next to Aang.

Sokka piped up, "Hey Aang, where's Toph?"

The Avatar took a sip of his water that the servers placed in front of him. "She finally decided to reconnect with her parents back in Gaoling. She's catching up with them and getting quality family time in."

Suki smiled. "That's great!"

Yun Zhen watched as the Avatar greeted Sokka and Suki. I wish I had friends like that. He quickly pushed the thought aside as plates of Grilled Gemsbok Bull were brought forward. The smell caught his nose as he inhaled deeply. "How did you get this? These are incredibly expensive!" Yun sat staring. Even in Ba Sing Se, Gemsbok Bull was considered a delicacy.

A little girl tugged on Yun Zhen's sleeve. "The village takes up a collection during the year for the dinner. It's a special day."

Yun grinned. "I guess it is."

"My name's Koko, what's yours?"

"Yun Zhen."

Koko looked up at him. "Are you a bender?"

He nodded. "Yeah, I can Earthbend."

She stood up in her chair. "Can you show us? Pleeease...."

Suki walked over to the table and put her hand on the little girl's shoulder. "Koko, stop bothering him; he doesn't want to be bothered."

Yun chuckled. "It's fine. She's little; it's her job to be curious."

Koko put her hands on her hips. "I'm nine years old. Plenty old enough to see some Earthbending."

Yun stood. "If it's alright with you, Suki, I'd be happy to give a demonstration."

Suki got up and moved toward one of the less populated tables. "We can clear a spot if..."

Yun held up his hand. "That won't necessary. My Earthbending style doesn't take up much room."

He threw his fists into the ground and brought out his rock gauntlets. He raised his arms in the air as the children of the village watched in awe. He spread out his fingers and launched the sharp, pointed tips of the gloves out toward the bay, but he wasn't done. Yun kept up the barrage as long as earth was still on his arms.

The children cheered and the impromptu audience clapped at the demonstration. "That was incredible!" Ty Lee stood and walked over. "What else can you do?"

The young Earthbender's eyes darkened for a fraction of a second, but he quickly covered it up. "A lot, actually." He quickly turned away and began speaking to the crowd, "For my next trick," he said in his best announcer's voice, "I will need a volunteer."

He scanned the crowd, ignoring the eager Ty Lee and pointing at Sokka. "You, sir, step right up!"

Ty Lee's face fell as she realized what had happened while Sokka was trying to get himself out of whatever he'd gotten into. "I'm not really comfortable with this. I... I'm the... uh.... meat and sarcasm guy, and I don't really..."

Yun grinned maniacally. "Oh, come on, where's your sense of fun?" He pushed his hand down, submerging the poor warrior into the earth. He then twisted his foot bringing the Water Tribe teenager behind him and pulled his hand back up. Sokka popped out of the ground, eyes wide.

"Never... huh...ever... do that.... again!"

"I have yet another special ability, but I need a bender!"

Aang ran forward. "I'll do it! Pick me!"

"Okay, Avatar, you asked for it." Yun lunged forward as Aang's eyes grew as big as the dinner plates. Yun could feel what he was about to do and used the first two knuckles of his left hand to punch just behind the elbow, rendering Aang's left arm useless. The Airbender's jaw dropped as the air failed to blow Yun Zhen away, air that didn't come.

Katara's eyes widened. "Chi blocking?! Where did you learn that?!" She moved to drag water from the water skin at her side, but Yun threw up his hands in surrender.

"Whoa, whoa, easy, it was only a demonstration!" He nodded toward Aang, who was massaging his arm. "He'll regain the use of that limb in about five minutes."

Katara glared but replaced the water. "You're right; I'm sorry. I just have a... well... I'm not a big fan of something that can take bending away."

Sokka walked up and clapped Yun on the back. "I thought it was impressive. Come on, sit with us and tell us your story."

Yun grinned. "Sure." He sat down on Sokka's left, next to Chief Oyaji and across from Ty Lee, while Suki sat on Sokka's right, across from Aang and Katara.

Aang immediately began asking questions. "Who was your Earthbending teacher? Where did you learn Chi Blocking? Who are you?"

Yun laughed. "Alright, I'll answer all of it; just give me a chance to speak." Where to begin?


- This chapter was created to showcase some of Yun Zhen's abilities


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