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January 22nd, 2012

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The Kyoshi Code is the third chapter of The Lost Scrolls. The chapter reunites Team Avatar with Suki as they help her locate a mysterious article containing the secrets of Avatar Kyoshi and get a new enemy along the way.

The Story So Far

After finding a Water Scroll, Aang headed to the Jasmine Dragon where Iroh tells him about the Lost Scrolls, sacred scrolls that contain the information about each nation. To open one, you must get a master to do it. Team Avatar then head to the Southern Water Tribe to reunite with Master Pakku while Mai and Ty Lee run the Fire Nation in Zuko's absence. Meanwhile, Azula has sent three Bounty Hunters after Team Avatar.

The Kyoshi Code

The sky was a clear baby blue. The wind smelled like seawater. Appa roared in happiness as Aang sat on his head. Momo purred as he lay in the middle of Appa's saddle. Katara, Sokka, Toph, and Zuko sighed impatiently.

"What's taking so long?" Toph asked. "Where are we?"

"We just passed Omashu a few hours ago." Katara said.

"What's Omashu?" Toph asked.

"It's a city where we met a crazy old king who was Aang's friend before the war." Sokka informed.

"You guys are weird." Toph stated.

"No kidding." Zuko said.

"Cheer up you guys, now that the war is over, we can lay back and cut loose." Aang said as he laid on Appa's back.

"We can't Aang." Katara said. "We have to find out about these Scrolls. Maybe if I can look inside them."

"Where are we Twinkle Toes?" Toph asked.

"We're nearing the shore of an island." Aang stated. "I can't really see it too well. Maybe if I-" Aang squinted. "It's Kyoshi Island!" Suddenly, the breeze picked up. Aang looked around and turned to see Appa's saddle. All of his friends were gone!

"Guys?" Aang asked.

A light glowed in the middle of the saddle. It turned brighter until it transformed into Avatar Kyoshi!

"Avatar Kyoshi, what are you doing here?" Aang asked.

"Avatar Aang, now that you are a fully realized Avatar, you must head to Kyoshi Island and find the Kyoshi Code." Aang's past life said.

"What's that?" Aang asked.

"It is a sacred scroll I wrote about my powers, strategies, and weaknesses so you can better yourself as an Avatar. It's as important as the Lost Scrolls. Get my Kyoshi Warriors to help but be warned. They might seize the Code for themselves." Avatar Kyoshi said and shimmered until she was gone.

"Aang!" Katara shouted.

Aang snapped his eyes open. He looked around in a small cabin. All of his friends were looking at him. "What happened?" He asked.

"You fell asleep." Sokka informed.

"Are we on Kyoshi?" Aang asked.

"Yes." A familiar voice said. It was Suki!

"How are you, Suki?" Aang asked.

"Fine but you talk in your sleep. Something about a Kyoshi Code." Suki asked.

"I need your help." Aang said. "Avatar Kyoshi contacted me and told me about her Kyoshi Code."

"What's that?" Zuko asked.

"Something that Kyoshi said was important like the Lost Scrolls." Aang answered.

"I'll get my second-in-command to come with us." Suki said.

Team Avatar trudged up a small hill along with Arena, Suki's second-in-command. She had black hair and golden eyes. The warrior eyed Zuko cautiously.

"Where is it that we're going exactly?" Sokka asked.

"I sense a cave somewhere in the distance." Toph said. She shot the ground they were standing on high into the air. A cliff was soon in front of them. "See?" The team walked forward until they reached a dead end. Toph sighed and smashed her fists into the rocks that blocked them. The rocks exploded revealing a beautiful cave.

"Good work Toph." Aang said.

"Look!" Arena shouted.

A rolled up scroll was tied with a golden seal.

"The seal of Avatar Kyoshi!" Suki shouted.

"A rare scroll, huh?" A voice said.

Team Avatar and Arena turned around to see two people on Mongoose Dragons. The one on the left had a mask over his eyes. The man on the right was holding cards. They were all wearing a black cloak with a symbol in the middle. The symbol showed a card, money, and sand.

"Who are you guys?" Katara asked, summoning out some water.

"They're bounty hunters." Arena said. "I hired them so I can get the Kyoshi Code."

"What are you talking about?" Suki asked.

"Suki, I never cared about the Kyoshi Warriors. I just wanted the Code. I bet people all around the world would pay a lot of gold for it." Arena said and stepped out of her Warrior outfit. She had a knife in her hair and was wearing the same clothes as the bounty hunters. Arena bended sand from under her and shot it at Team Avatar. Aang took a deep breath and blew. Air shot out of his mouth and soon no one could see through the cloud of sand.

"Guys!" Aang shouted. "Where are you?!"

A boulder missed him by an inch. "Okay, I'll be quiet!"

Aang turned and dodged an attack from the man with the mask. The man smiled evilly as he tossed a small stick at Aang. The stick opened releasing a horrible stench. Aang covered his nose and shot a blast of wind at the stick, destroying it.

Meanwhile, Sokka and Suki looked around for Arena. "Over there!" Sokka shouted. The man with the cards was walking toward them. The warriors took out their weapons but were hit in the back. They turned around to see the man with the cards!

The man smiled and shot the cards at them. They spun in the air and turned into knives.

Katara looked around, trying to see through the sand. "Toph, can you sense them?"

"This is impossible. I can only sense Twinkle Toes, Sokka, Suki, Zuko, us, and the mongoose dragons." Toph breathed slowly when her ear perked. "Watch out!" Toph shouted and raised an earth wall. Sand shot around the earth wall and struck the girls in the eyes.

"You can never beat us." Arena said.

Zuko looked around the smoke. He dodged an attack and shot fire from where it came from. Aang ran out. He shot a slice of wind behind him. The man with the mask came out. Zuko looked at the man and said, "Dai Nero."

"How flattering." Dai Nero said. He took out chains and threw them. Zuko kicked them back and tied up the bounty hunter. "How do you know him?" Aang asked.

Suki blocked the cards with her fan and spun on the ground, knocking the hunter off of his feet. Sokka took out his sword and pointed it at the villain. "Who are you?" Sokka shouted. The man smiled as sand covered him. When it cleared, he was gone.

Arena bended the sand into a whip and prepared to strike it at Katara. Suddenly, her eyes widened as she jumped, barely missing Toph's boulder. Toph smiled and waited until Arena landed. She punched a fist into the ground. The earth were Arena landed swallowed her up. Suddenly, the sand was gone. Aang had bended it away.

"Who are you?" Toph asked.

Arena smiled and shot out of the ground in a vortex of sand. She jumped and landed on a mongoose dragon. "Mago, Dai Nero, let's go!" They snapped the reins and left the cave.

"Wait, they have the Kyoshi Code!" Aang shouted.

"No, they don't." Suki said and took out the scroll. "I switched it before you took off the smoke, Aang." Suki handed the scroll to Aang.

"You deserve it Suki." Aang said and gave the Kyoshi Code back to Suki.

"We're on a new journey." Sokka said. "Suki, you can join us!"

"I'd love that." Suki said.

"So, Zuko, how is it that you knew the Bounty Hunters?" Aang asked again.

"I was going to hire them to kill you but they betrayed the Fire Nation so I asked Combustion Man. I wonder who they're working for now." Zuko said.

~~Elsewhere on Kyoshi...~~

"We failed ma'am." Dai Nero said in a small clearing into a device.

"Don't come back until the Avatar is dead." Azula's voice shouted over the device.

"Gladly." Dai Nero said.

Dai Nero, Arena, and Mago snapped the reins and took off into the ocean.


  1. Suki was set to debut but not join Team Avatar. She was planned to join in The Rebirth of Revenge.
  2. The reason for Arena being at Kyoshi Island and not Ba Sing Se will be revealed in Secrets of the Bounty Hunters.
  3. The chapter was originally called Return to Kyoshi Island before the concept of the Kyoshi Code was created. In addition, this was supposed to be Ty Lee's final text to join the Kyoshi Warriors but that was scrapped.
  4. The citizens of Kyoshi Island never appear. This is because the author did not want to make the interactions because he wanted this chapter to be released as soon as he wrote it.

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