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During the time of Avatar Kuruk, the four States lived in harmony, with the world divided into equal portions. But when Kuruk passed, the world fell into war. The Earthbending Avatar was long sought after to bring an end to all the fighting but, sadly, was never found. Seventeen years later a girl from a small provincial town, Kyoshi, discovers something about herself that could change the course of the war - or even the world. 


Major Characters:


The young Avatar Kyoshi.

  • Kyoshi - 17 years old and the newly-discovered Avatar. Tomboyish and a skilled fighter, she will do anything for a bit of adventure.
  • Bako - Hot tempered and reserved. Although he is a non-bender, Bako has great skill in combat and sword fighting. A poor boy from Ba Sing Se with a clear view of what justice is.
  • Momzen - A high-spirited firebender prisoner in Lake Laogai. The clown of the group. A charismatic firebender and self-proclaimed comedian
  • Eya (eye-ah)  - An airbending girl who found Kyoshi at Omashu. She strictly follows her cultures customs and traditions.
  • Nero - The Grand Secretariat of Ba Sing Se. He is well kept and highly proper.
  • Astrid - A firebending bounty hunter hired by Nero to capture the Avatar.
  • Tori - A small, dirty bird with a big personality.
  • Jin Jin - A loyal and strong shirshu . She was in prison with Momzen.


Also, a big thank you to Kugumi for doing the cover art! I just love it!

Book 1: Earth

Synopsis: For seventeen years Kyoshi thought she was nothing special. But nothing could have prepared her for the news she would receive. Bigger than the Si Wong itself and greater than the Earth State empire, Kyoshi's journey will bring her head on with some shocking revelations and powerful enemies. In Book 1 of The Kyoshi Chronicles Kyoshi and her band of friends discover what it truly means to stand up and be a hero.

Chapter 1: The Avatar - Chapter 2: Ba Sing Se - Chapter 3: The Boy Under the Lake - Chapter 4: Spirituality - Chapter 5: Crossing the Serpent's Pass - Chapter 6: The Agent - Chapter 7: People of the Desert - Chapter 8: Bako's Escape - Chapter 9: The Cave Man - Chapter 10: Student and Master - Chapter 11: The Stone Family - Chapter 12: Battle at Caoyan Hill - Chapter 13: Coping - Chapter 14: Sleepless Nights - Chapter 15: The White Tiger Part 1 - Into Earth - Chapter 16: The White Tiger Part 2 - Winds of Change

Book 1: Earth contained 97,772 words total and consisted of 264 pages

Book 2: Fire

Synopsis: The Sun; an almighty orb of fire, hailed by some as a god. With the world still at the peril of the Earth State the Avatar and her friends head to the Fire State to seek refuge and a firebending master. But the Fire State is different to the Earth State. Whispers and secrets dance among the flames and painful memories surface from the ashes of the past. In the second installment of The Kyoshi Chronicles the Fire State is no longer in balance; and it is up to Kyoshi and her friends to search for a solution, all the while surviving the conquests of the Earth State.

A promotional interview for Book 2: Fire done by the great Snivystorm can be found: here.


  • Unlike the first, Book 2 will contain 18 chapters instead of 16 - more for the readers!! This book will focus on the group (colloquially dubbed the "Kyds") and their experiences to and in the Fire State - with an emphasis on the stories of Kyoshi and Momzen
  • Book 1 was about Kyoshi coming to terms with being the Avatar and what the responsibilities meant for her. In Book 2 Kyoshi is now starting to fill the shoes and taking on her role more seriously. If Book 1 seemed lacking of a drive, Book 2 will definitely see Kyoshi more focused and determined
  • While the Earth State and its attacking empire is the main complication in this series, the Fire State has its own turmoil too. Kyoshi will have to face head on with this, all the while maintaining her new found Avatar duties and remaining neutral between two opposing sides
  • Also, DRAGONS!
# Chapter Summary
01 Chapter 1: Earth to Fire On their journey north to the Fire State Kyoshi and Eya begin to butt heads. With the Fire State on everybody's minds, memories of Momzen's old life surface.
02 Chapter 2: Customs Travelling north Kyoshi and Eya continue to bicker. Upon facing Earth State security, will Kyoshi and Eya be able to work together to free themselves?
03 Chapter 3: The Ringmaster Jin Jin faces her past when she meets up with her previous owner
04 Chapter 4: Taku Getting to the Fire State proves harder than anticipated when the Kyds find themselves amid a skirmish between Fire and Earth State troops. A single decision changes the dynamic of the group.
05 Chapter 5: Remembrance With Momzen gone Kyoshi finds herself in a funk aboard Hozon's ship. Meanwhile, Momzen recounts the footsteps he took last time he left Taku.
06 Chapter 6: Fuel to the Fire Momzen faces one of his greatest regrets. The Kyds arrive at the Fire State and see that things aren't as perfect as they thought. 
07 Chapter 7: Summer Solstice Part 1 - Burning Heart As the Solstice Festival begins Kyoshi and Shinzo's relationship develops and Bako is given a shady proposition. Back on the mainland Momzen stumbles upon his redemption.
08 Chapter 8: Summer Solstice Part 2 - Colour Me Red
09 Chapter 9: Rebels
10 Chapter 10: Hot Headed
11 Chapter 11: The Masters


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This fanon, or more so the character I created for Kyoshi, was nominated for Best Female Lead Character in the Fifth Fanon Awards (August 2013). Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for me. I feel so blessed.

  • This fanon has been interviewed by Fanon Fact Finders Fruipit and Snivystorm. The interviews can be read here and here respectively.
  • This fanon scored a 9.2 on Omashu Rocks' review
  • This fanon scored a 7.9 on MibuWolf's review
  • This fanon scored an 8.66 on ByBray's review
^ well, this comment alone almost made me well up...So humbling to see my work get regarded to this degree. :') Thank you, Ty.

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