The Konoha 11
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Avatar: The Unending Adventure


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25 December, 2010

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The Konoha 11 is the first chapter in Avatar: The Unending Adventure.


After facing a long journey, the Gaang finds themselves on a dangerous fight in a half - destroyed forest. They then slips into the fight, only to be uncared by everyone and attacked continuously. Afterward, the Gaang fled and meet an unknown nation, which they met 11 person plus one another person and they agreed to be an ally.


After passing Si Wong Desert from south to the north, Gaang decided to rest at Ba Sing Se. But somehow, they passed the OWL Camp and stopped by Pakku, who' s told them to rest here and saying, "Your clothes is more likely a beggar than a heroes..."

After hearing that, Sokka silently moans "I hate that Grampakku..."

"I hear that!, and call me PAKKU!"

Then, Toph replied, "You must more silent to moans, Sock - a, Hahahahahahaha...."

Sokka replied again "My name is SOKKA, not SOCK - A!!!"

Suki then slipped "Stop your mouthings!, we must rest and continue our jorney tomorrow!!"

Aang then suddenly appeared behind a tree and said, "What?! tomorrow?! We're TIRED!"

And later, Zuko ended the talk by saying, "Stop complaining!!! We need to rest now, because we must continue our journey as fast as we can!! So we must rest now!"

Then, the Gaang agreed and start to do their normal activity for an hour and rest immediately after that. Next day, they meet Piandao, who told them that Iroh wanna meet them.

Iroh' s Advises

The Gaang then meet with Iroh, who wants to give them advises on their journey at his tent.

Toph come first to the tent and asks Iroh "What do you want to do with us?"

'"Be calm, little girl. I only want to tell something to you..."

Then, the rest of the gang arrived and Zuko slipped "Hi, uncle!"

Iroh then replied, "Hi too, my niece... I wanna tell you something."

The Gaang then sit down and begin to hear what Iroh want to said. While Iroh fencing the tent with fires.

First, Iroh sits down and show an "future" full - earth map, who shows the newly - known world and says, "I got this from a pirate, so, keep this secret!"

"And look, the color of the nations are dark yellow & the waters were light blue, that means all nations all now in same conditions, in war & conflict, but the sea was only a "path" for the conflicts. I hope you know what I means..."

Then, Aang replies, "I knew that..."

"Good... and I want to tell you something..."

But Suki cuts shortly, by saying " What' s that? please, tell us!!"

Iroh replied and continue he sentence that he wanna told "Okay...I only wanna warn you if you wanna go to this place ( pointing at Mountains' Graveyard ), this place was extremely dangerous, that place contains 3 people that have same power with 3 fully - realized Avatar in Avatar State, and 100.000 army of Venus Flytrap - like humans. So, that' s all, and please beware of them..."

The 11 Ninjas

Afterward, the Gaang extremely shocked & decided to take the map and go to the opposing way, but after 1 weeks, they found themselves involved in a battle, but only for uncared and attacked coninuously, which make them fled to an unknown nation where he meet 11 unknown person plus one another person.

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