The King of Omashu
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The King of Omashu

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"I'm in. I'll fight the Fire Lord."
Aang in "The Avatar State"
"I would like to defeat the Fire Lord by the end of summer, but I can't do that without finding an earthbending teacher first."
Aang in "The Blind Bandit"
"I always knew that I would have to face the Fire Lord, but now, I know that I need to do it alone."
Aang in "The Awakening"

Omashu has withstood Fire Nation conquests for a hundred years, indeed with the most powerful earthbender in the world residing here and later king of the city. Now, Omashu has fallen and King Bumi has been taken captive. A small resistance group has dared to fight back against the Fire Nation soldiers. Among them is General Yung.

Pakku and Kanna's marriage was arranged. Kanna ran away because she did not want to marry a total stranger whom she knew nothing about.

Hahn and Yue's marriage is arranged. Yue is content to marry someone she does not love over someone who loves and whom she loves back.

Kanna's friends include Yugoda and Hama.

Aang's friends include Bumi and Kuzon.

The Northern Water Tribe is an icy fortress. The Southern Water Tribe is surrounded by snow and ice and seas.

The Si Wong Desert and the Foggy Swamp exist independently from the rest of the Earth Kingdom.

The Sun Warriors' ancient city exists independently from the rest of the Fire Nation.

The Fire Nation has colonies in the Earth Kingdom.

Kyoshi Island and Chin Village are interconnected. The two villages used to be the same land. Avatar Kyoshi separated the landscapes from one another. This action was part of the conflict between Avatar Kyoshi and Chin the Conqueror. Chin was trying to extend his power all over the Earth Kingdom by force. When he came to Kyoshi's hometown, he demanded their immediate surrender. Kyoshi did not stand down and the two engaged in a duel. Kyoshi used earthbending and airbending to partition the landscape into Chin Village which remained on the mainland and her hometown which became known as Kyoshi Island. Chin's clothes fell off as a result of Kyoshi's airbending. As the landscape fell apart, Chin lost his balance and fell into the new ocean to his death. In Chin Village, this day was known as Avatar Day and became a day of dishonor for Kyoshi and her future lives. In Kyoshi Island, this day was known as Kyoshi Day and was known as its birthday. In her honor and personal image, the Kyoshi Warriors were formed - an elite group of female non-bending fighters dedicated to protecting the people of their village. Their leader Suki is a brilliant fighter and a capable warrior on the battlefield. The chief of Kyoshi Island is Oyaji. For the past hundred years, Kyoshi Island has stayed out of the War against the Fire Nation and intend to keep it that way.

Omashu and the Cave of Two Lovers are interconnected. King Bumi is the greatest earthbender of his lifetime. He resides in the Earth Kingdom city of Omashu. Here, he invented an alternate usage for the slides in the city, keeping his mind open to the possibilities and thinking like a mad genius. The name "Omashu" has its origins in a time as old as earthbending itself. Long ago, there were two villages that were constantly at war against each other. From one hailed a woman named Oma and from another hailed a man named Shu. Oma and Shu fell in love with each other and were destined to be together no matter what the risk was. Their villages fought and battled relentlessly time after time. Oma and Shu learned earthbending from the badgermoles. Using their newfound powers, the forbidden lovers delved a series of labyrinths into an underground cave. They used this cave to secretly meet outside their respective villages. Only one who trusted in love would enter the cave and come out the other side otherwise, one would be trapped in forever and die. If one trusted in love, shining crystals along the ceiling of the cave would guide the way to the exit.

Unfortunately, Shu died in the war between the two villages. Devastated by the loss of her true love, Oma let loose a devastating array of earthbending and declared the war over. The people of the two villages helped Oma build a new city where they could all live together in peace. From "Oma" and "Shu", the great city was named Omashu as a monument to the forbidden love. When Oma died, she was buried inside the Cave alongside Shu in the Tomb of the Two Lovers. Within the Tomb was the inscription that "Love is brightest in the dark". Omashu is a great Earth Kingdom stronghold. King Bumi rules his city independently from the rest of the Earth Kingdom. He is a master of jing, of which he says that there are eighty-five. A highly accomplished earthbending master, he teaches that neutral jing is the key to his skill and power - waiting and listening before striking. Bumi has a gorilla goat named Flopsie whom he owns as a pet. Among his chief generals is Yung, a steadfast and unyielding Earth Kingdom commanding officer. The slides have found their application as Bumi had predicted. Last but not least, Omashu is unwelcome to the merchandise for cabbages.

Senlin Village and Jang Hui Village are interconnected. Both these villages have connections to the Spirit World. Senlin Village is having negative consequences because of Hei Bai. Jang Hui Village is having positive consequences because of the Painted Lady. In Senlin Village, the winter solstice is drawing near. In Jang Hui Village, the summer solstice is drawing near. Because the Fire Nation destroyed his forest, Hei Bai is kidnapping innocent people from Senlin Village. Because the Fire Nation has been polluting the air and contaminating the water, the Painted Lady must heal the sick and tend the wounded in Jang Hui Village.

The mining village and the Northern Air Temple are interconnected. The Fire Nation invaded and conquered the mining village five years ago. Fire Lord Ozai uses the village's coal mines to fuel his warships. When the earthbenders rebelled against the invaders, the Fire Nation captured them and took them as prisoners away from their homes. The captive earthbenders have not seen or heard from their families in five years.

Crescent Island and Roku's island are interconnected. Avatar Roku is affiliated with both these islands. His spirit lives on in them both. Ultimately, they both fall into ruin. Roku wishes to communicate with Aang on Crescent Island during the winter solstice and again on his home island during the summer solstice. Roku has information for Aang. The first is that one hundred years ago, Fire Lord Sozin harnessed the incredible power of a passing comet and used it to start a century of war by dealing a deadly first strike against the other Nations. The Comet Sozin and his firebenders stronger than any opponent could even imagine. The relevance of Sozin's Comet to Aang is that it will be returning by the end of summer and that Fire Lord Ozai will use its power to finish the war once and for all. If Ozai succeeded, not even Aang would be able to restore balance to the world hence, the Avatar must defeat the Fire Lord before the return of Sozin's Comet. The second is that Roku and Sozin started out as best friends, sharing a great many things including a birthday. The war began because Sozin wanted to share the greatness of the Fire Nation with the rest of the world and in their hands the most successful empire in history. Roku wanted nothing to do with Sozin's plan, but Sozin would not listen and went ahead with his plan by occupying Earth Kingdom territory into a Fire Nation colony. Roku defied Sozin and spared his life. Twelve years later, Roku met his end with a volcanic eruption on his island, but Sozin was there and left him to die just so he could go ahead with his plans.

The Sun Warriors' ancient city and the Si Wong Desert are interconnected. Go to Imprisoned for further reference.

The Foggy Swamp Tribe and Hama's village are interconnected. Long ago, a group of tribespeople from the Southern Water Tribe ventured towards the Earth Kingdom in search of a new home. These wanderers founded a unique civilization at the Foggy Swamp in the southwest Earth Kingdom. The Swamp was nothing like they had ever seen. It was a strange and queer place. The Swamp called the waterbenders inside and there, they made a settlement where they flourished for a very long time. This Tribe became known as the Foggy Swamp Tribe. When the Hundred Year War broke out, the Fire Nation conducted a series of raids upon the South Pole by means of capturing and imprisoning its waterbenders. Time after time, the Fire Nation hammered away at the Southern Water Tribe, reducing it from a grand and powerful city to a series of small devastated dwellings. The waterbenders fought back, but one by one, they were taken away, the last of which was a woman named Hama. The Foggy Swamp Tribe developed their own distinct style of waterbending. The Foggy Swamp Style allows one to control the water inside plants, from the highly saturated vines and roots found domestically to seaweed on the ocean floor. Hama was the only waterbender to escape from prison using a waterbending technique of her own invention - bloodbending. Hama settled down in a Fire Nation village. Wanting revenge on the Fire Nation for her capture and imprisonment, she continues to use bloodbending to kidnap her fellow villagers and entomb them in a mountain prison every night on a full moon, where a waterbender's power was at its peak.

Taku and Tu Zin are interconnected. Go to Imprisoned for further reference.

The Realm of Koh and Wan Shi Tong's Spirit Library are interconnected. Go to Imprisoned for further reference.

Azula does not feel any hostility towards her mother.

Zuko does not feel any hostility towards his sister.

Both Ozai and Ursa love and care for each other and their children, no matter how they treat their children (as on Ozai's part).

Azula's animosity is all for Zuko.

Zuko's animosity is all for Ozai.

Pirates rob and loot people from all four Nations. One group has a ship boutique at the seedy merchants' pier. Their distinguished characteristics are their love for the sea, their specially acquired merchandise, and their pet reptile bird. This group likes to think of themselves a high risk traders.


The Gan Jin tribe and the Zhang tribe are not entirely part of the Earth Kingdom. Tribal peoples including Lin Yee's tribe are not entirely part of the Earth Kingdom. Chong, Lily, and Moku are singing nomads. The people of the Earth Kingdom are not nomads. Chong, Lily, and Moku are not entirely part of the Earth Kingdom either.


When the royal family goes on vacations, Zuko must carry all the baggage, on Ozai's orders. Zuko must deliver all messages from his parents to the hotel staff and vice versa.

In the Northern Water Tribe, arranged marriages are traditional. It is also custom for the groom to carve a betrothal necklace for his bride.

In the Southern Water Tribe, when a boy turns fourteen, his father takes him on a rite of passage known as ice dodging.

Aang, the Water Tribe family, and the two animals in their trail reached the top of a hill. Aang spread his arms wide at and spoke "The Earth Kingdom city of Omashu."

He said, "I used to always come here to visit my friend Bumi."

Kya said, "Wow. We don't have buildings like this in the South Pole!"

Hakoda said, 'they have buildings here that don't melt."

Aang said, "Well, let's go, slow pokes. The real fun's inside the city!"

Aang bends the air as he leaps off the top of the hill, landing a few meters below in the snow and starting to slide down. Kya said, "wait, Aang! It could be dangerous if people find out you're the Avatar."

Hakoda said, "You need a disguise."

Aang said, "So what I am supposed to do? Grow a moustache.

Aang wiggled his nose when it was under a patch of Appa's fur serving as a moustache, wearing a tall wig made of the same material.

Aang said, "This is so itchy. How do you live in this stuff?"

Appa snorted at Aang. Sokka sat on a rock with his sister and their mother standing beside him, his arms crossed.

Sokka said, 'Great, now you look just like my grandfather."

Katara said, "Technically, Aang is 112 years old."

Aang spins his staff rapidly around before placing it upright on the ground to be used as a walking stick, hunching his back and leaning heavily on his staff.

Aang said, "now let's get to skipping, young whipper-snappers. The big city waits!"

Hakoda said, "Your mother and I will stay here with Appa. You kids go and have fun."

Sokka said, "Okay. See you when we get back."

Katara said, "Bye, Mum. Bye, Dad."

Kya said, "Bye, darlings. Bye, Aang."

Hakoda said, "Enjoy Omashu. See you, Aang."

She smiled affectionately.

She said, "Bye, Momo."

Momo leapt into Aang's wig.

The chapter proceeds exactly as it is, until Aang said that Momo could fit through the hole in the bad Chamber.

Momo lazily lay on the bed, licking a half-eaten apple. His belly protruded from eating so much.

Aang said, "Momo, I need you to find Katara and Sokka's parents and bust us outta here!"

Momo looked up surprised. When pushed inside the tube, Momo was shoved back and forth a few times much to his displeasure. Aang stood on a chair trying to push Momo into the air vent without success.

Aang said, "go on boy, get Hakoda, Kya, and Appa!"

Aang quits, leaving Momo stuck in the vent.

Sokka asked, "How were Mum, Dad, and Appa supposed to save us anyway?"

Momo tried to free himself pushing of against the wall with his hind legs.

Aang said, "Appa's a ten ton flying bison, I think he could figure something out."

The chapter proceeds just as it is.

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