Ty Lee chi blocks Toph
The Kidnapping of Toph
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August 31, 2015

The Kidnapping of Toph is a fanfiction created by 35Baragon.


Today in this fanfiction, Aang and his friends take the day off from training and decide to relax. As Toph was getting some firewood, she then gets captured by Azula, Mai and Ty Lee, and now it's up to Aang, Sokka and Sokka to save her from Azula's clutches


This story begins with Azula coming up with a new plan to capture the Avatar by kidnapping Toph, so she sends Mai and Ty Lee to kidnap her. Later, Team Avatar was doing a training session and when they were done, they've decided to take a break as Toph decides to get firewood for the fire, but realizes that Mai and Ty Lee were behind the trees as they started a surprise attack on the blind Earthbender. Toph was smart enough to feel their movement and dodge Mai's daggers just as Ty Lee disables Toph and brings her to Azula as she command two of her soldiers to tied up the blind earthbender and bring her to the tank and storm off. 

Meanwhile, the gang realizes that Toph hasn't came back while a group of Fire Nation soldiers began to attack them, but Aang, Katara and Sokka defeats them and one of the soldiers tells them that Azula is holding Toph captive which shocks the entire team as the soldiers ran away while the gang must come up with a plan to save them.

The next scene shows Fire Nation soldiers bringing Toph to a metal room where they clamp her wrists and ankles to a metal chair as Azula walks in and greets her and ask Toph if the chair is comfortable just as Toph replies that she does not like the chair because it too cold and the fact that she can't move a muscle because of the restraints and also sarcastically thanks Azula for kidnapped her in which Azula says you're welcome. In the meanwhile, Azula tells Toph that she is using her as bait to capture Aang  Later, two soldiers inform the Firelord's daughter that the Avatar and his friends have defeated many of the soldiers and are heading their way to get Toph.

As Azula leaves the room with Mai and Ty Lee are up hiding on the sealing. Aang was being surrounded by Fire Nation soldiers, but he defeats them by using his airbending to blow them into a forest just as Azula pops out from the shadows and claps her hands after being impressed of him for defeated her soldiers as Aang and Azula began to fight for the 3rd time. In the meantime, Katara and Sokka came to the room and freed Toph as Mai and Ty Lee jump from the sealing and began to fight the two siblings. Mai was fighting Katara while Toph and Sokka were dealing with Ty Lee. But Unfortunately, Ty Lee disables Katara, Sokka and Toph as she and Mai were about to get them, but luckily they were saved by Appa and Momo in which Momo licks Toph's feet which causes her to laugh as Sokka and Katara started to laugh too.

Later, Aang was fighting Azula with his airbending as he mocks her while he notice that she and Zuko are pretty much the only two firebenders who wish to hunt him down as Toph, Katara and Sokka came to help him after Katara freezes Mai and Ty Lee. Azula then battles the team as Sokka manage to get Azula off guard by throwing his boomerang at her as Toph uses earthbending to shackle her feet while Katara uses waterbending to freeze her hands as they went to ride on Appa and escape. Later on Azula's ship, she and the other two were shivering and commands the captain to tell the cook to make them soup and bring some more tissues.

As the team was flying on Appa, the others were glad that Toph is safe as Aang wonders if she was scared. Toph admits that she was never afraid of Azula as she thanks them for rescuing her as Sokka suggest that everyone should hug Toph which makes her cheeks blush the color red as Toph giggles a bit and smiles.


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