Aang and Katara's finale kiss
The Kataang Day
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Kataang Marriage

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Busy Mama Katara

"Sokka... I am ready to marry Aang."

"Okay, Katara..."

"We prepared all of the things!"

"Thanks, Toph!"

"Katara, are you ready to marry me?"

"Yes, Aang..."

"Let's invite people!!"

"Appa, yip-yip!"

"Appa, go to the South Pole then North Pole then Omashu then Ba Sing Se then Fire Nation then..."

"Sokka, Appa is confused!"

"No, Suki, he understands. Yip-Yip!"

"Zuko, I'll go to some places alright?"

"Yeah sure. I'll invite people from the Fire Nation."

"We will spread it faster, Katara!"



"We are flying in your glider!"

"Yes we are!"



"Hello, Katara. The Avatar is your husband now. You must be happy."

"I am happy!"

"Darling, look at your..."

"I know..."

"SHH!!! The celebration is starting..."

"Night, everyone. Welcome, people. My name is Sokka. Katara's brother. We had so many adventures together from releasing Avatar Aang from the iceberg to the heat of Sozin's Comet. Now, we are here to celebrate their marriage. The Avatar with the Waterbending master."

"Aang, I am ready."

"Me too, Katara."

Sokka keeps talking...

"Avatar Aang, are you ready to take Katara as your wife?"

"I do."

"Katara, are you ready to take Avatar Aang as your husband?"

"I do."

"I pronounce you, husband and wife..."

Sokka cries a lot. Team Avatar are touched by this moment.

"Are you ready to have children, Katara?"


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