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The Journey of Tala
Everything is Divided
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Adventure, Political Thriller




The Snowbold





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September 2012 - May 2013


The Snowbold


The Legend of Korra


The Rise of Lirin


Storms of the Future Cycle

The Journey of Tala is a completed adventure fanon that covers the story of the Avatar succeeding Korra, Tala. She has been born into a world heavily integrated after the choices of Aang, but there is a fraction of the world that plots bring the division of war from the past. The Journey of Tala is the first part in the Storms of the Future Cycle.


The Journey of Tala takes place during the time of the Avatar succeeding Korra, an earthbender named Tala. She has been discovered in Omashu, where King Urri has used this to make his city strong politically and keeping her training enclosed in the city.

Peace is widespread, but it is an illusion. Republic City has taken actions that threaten and insult the sovereignty of the Fire Nation. Fear has spread around the world that war will break out again. Tala is nineteen years old when the story begins. Choices must be made, as an individual called the Black Dragon orchestrates a world war, Tala must find a way to end it.

But in a world of power and greed, nothing is as it seems. Even Tala will be rocked by her choices, and the past shall decide the future. Can Tala fulfill her destiny? What will her journey bring?

The story is divided into three books, each containing a different phase of the conflict.


Book I

Tala: Tala is the Avatar after Korra. She is serious, reserved and cunning, a clear difference from generations of Avatars. She has dark secrets of her past and ancestry. Tala is currently with an airbender named Kulek Rohan, the spitting image of Aang. Tala is a very attractive, lean young woman, but she is awkward and often fails at humor and jokes. Tala is deadly in battle. Furthermore, Hava has declared her a prodigy in airbending, her native opposite.

The Black Dragon: A mysterious person of great power in the Fire Nation. Rumor is that he is descended from Fire Lords. He is the 'Apex of Fire', so powerful he can create white flames. The motive of his actions are unknown, or who he serves. However, it is clear, he wants the Avatar to join his cause.

Rishu: The new councilman of Republic City representing the Fire Nation. Cousin of Fire Lord Ma-Tin, he has great pull in the homeland. Rishu wanted Tala to learn firebending from him as opposed to a sub-par member of the White Lotus. Rishu is revealed to have a complicated past stemming from his bloodline and their traditions.

Hava Jinorra: Younger brother of Councilwoman Lio Jinorra. Considered one of two most powerful airbenders beside his sister. Hava went to Omashu to teach airbending to Tala. He is compassionate but tough.

Lio Jinora: The leader of the Air Nomads and sister of Hava. Lio must rule and defend within Republic City.

Simi Rohan: An airbending master and elder. He was a scout that was wounded seriously by the Black Dragon.

Kulek Rohan: An airbender from Clan Rohan, Kulek is the 'wild child' of his clan, meaning he's the least uptight of them. He is dating the Avatar Tala, making up for her lack of comedic skill. Kulek is the spitting image of Aang and like him mastered airbending at 12.

King Urri: King of Omashu, Urri is descended from the mad genius Bumi. A powerful earthbender and a determined politician. He discovered the Avatar at 7 earthbending and firebending. He used her to increase the power of Omashu.

Kuir: Kuir is Crown-Prince of the Earth Kingdom. Recognized as the most powerful Earthbender alive, a master of both Omashu and Beifong style. Kuir is stubborn and determined. He isn't afraid to confront a superior or being outnumbered.

Arkoda: Chief of the Southern Water Tribe and descendant of Sokka. Arkoda is a master swordsman and a noted scholar.

Ma-Tin: Firelord and cousin of Rishu. Ma Tin became Fire Lord after her father's untimely demise. She relies heavily on Rishu's leadership and experience.

Ralyn: A mercenary waterbender known as the She-Wolf; Ralyn has a complicated past. She controls the all-waterbender company known as the Wolves. Ralyn is said to be colder than the ice she uses.

Suun: Younger brother of King Urri and Tala's Earthbending master.

Ilan: Tala's animal guide, this fierce Eel Hound is protective of his master.

Esas & Kilidi: The twin sons of King Urri. They have not been disciplined by their father and so are very spoiled and arrogant, reveling in their status. The brothers are inseparable and entitled. Urri cares for them deeply, as does their uncle Suun.

Kuel: Grand Lotus and a powerful firebender. Kuel is an important leader in the defense of Omashu.

Book II

Ustad: A master Earthbender and father to Tala. His past and connection to current events is chilling.

Alov: Grand Marshal of the Fire Navy, brother of Ralyn, he is called the Sea Wolf. Alov is even colder and crueler than his sister. The Grand Admiral has an important but secluded mission.

Liman: A Master Lotus of the Order of the White Lotus and a master waterbender. As second in command, he answers to Kuel.

Iruei: Iruei is the Earth King. A master earthbender and metalbender. His desire to rule the entire continent that once belonged to his ancestors is only rivaled by his lethality.

Liam: A loyal and dangerous lieutenant of Rishu's. As a non-bender, he has mastered the sword, a Jian in particular. He seems to have a crush on Tala.

Tuo: A powerful plantbender from the swamp.

Lya: Rishu's mother. As Rishu continues in his plans, he remembers the events surrounding him and his mother.

Lira: A Sky Dragon Lieutenant and wife of Rishu.

Book III

Lenet: This wicked and vengeful witch has taken the war as her chance to strike at the Avatar.

The Spirit of Revenge: Master of the Spirits, he has never been seen, nor does anyone know how he has such a high level of access to military intelligence.

The Night Spirit: An assassin of great skill. The Night Spirit is often sent to oversee assassinations in the Southlands.

The Spirit of Metal: A vicious and cunning individual who commands the Spirits in Ba Sing Se. His innate knowledge of the city makes him hard to pin down.

Qatil Jinorra: Son of Lio Jinora. A convicted murderer, Qatil was banished from the Nomads before he earned his tattoos. It was believed that he died in a storm soon after his exile. However, he survived.

Vurmaq: Leader of the Seasons mercenary company and a powerful earthbender.

Quru: A United Forces general and a master earthbender of incredible power.

Organizations, Ranks and Warriors

In Avatar Tala's quest to become the Avatar, she comes across several organization that are either for, against her, or no inclination. They work on many levels and affect the conflict that is raging on the Coastlands and Southlands.

The Order of the White Lotus: The multi-national organization touts benders of every nation and members from across the world. They started as a group united in its love of art, philosophy, and beauty. But as time passes, their public revelation has forced them to take a new role in the world. As such, they serve to protect the Avatar and find masters fit to train her. The White Lotus is led by Grand Lotus Kuel, followed by three Master Lotuses, including Liman.

The Air Nomad Clans: The Air Nomad Clans reside all across the world and are growing three centuries after their genocide. Clan Rohan is in Omashu training the Avatar.

Grand Marshal: The Grand Marshals are the overlords of the Fire Nation military. Answerable only to the Fire Lord, they are incredibly dangerous and powerful, each commanding a specific branch of the military. Grand General Toz commands the army. Grand Admiral Alov runs the navy, and Grand Marshal Rishu rules the air force. The Grand Marshals oversee their respective theaters of war.

Dragon Corp: The 'Dragons' are the most elite soldiers of the Fire Nation military. Highly trained, each corp corresponds to a branch of the military. The Dust Dragons are the special forces of the army. The Sea Dragons are elite marine warfare from the navy. The Sky Dragons are the only paratroopers in the world.

The Ba Sing Se Regulars: In the aftermath of the Coup in Ba Sing Se, the Earth King created a force of loyalists that would always serve the city and its king. These loyal troops have since been deployed to Omashu to siege it and capture its rebellious king, Urri.

Mercenary Companies: Bands of mercenaries have united together to work together for a larger profit and safer guarantee of success. Of these companies, there range the elite Seasons to the notorious Spirits.

Royal Guards: These elite metalbenders are the loyal bodyguards of the Earth King.


Unification of the Earth Kingdom: This ancient war created the Earth Kingdom and is the source of tension between Ba Sing Se and Omashu.

The Triad War: What started as a turf war between gangs in Republic City exploded into the bloodiest event in the city's history. It led to the near destruction of all Triads but was the first recorded breakdown of relations between the City and the Fire Nation when the Fire Lord and her Regent were attacked while in the City.

The Fifth Nation War: The war that has broken out in the Journey of Tala. The Fire Nation and the Earth Kingdom are allied against the United Republic of Nations and its allies the Water Tribes, the Order of the White Lotus as well as the cities of Omashu and the Northern Fortress. Avatar Tala is in Omashu where she defends the city under siege as she trains to become the Avatar.


Dol Mordath: A haunted and ancient land in the north. The coast of the Iar Sea has never been settled since whatever cursed this place.

The Cave: A place near the Sun Warriors' ancient city. This little known chasm holds a powerful presence within.


All three books of forty-six chapters are complete.

For a little music to get you in the mood of the story, here is a cool song from Bleach, Echoes by Universe.

Universe - Echoes (Bleach)

Universe - Echoes (Bleach)

Book I- Sand and Steel

Book 1 is up

Avatar Korra has passed and the world continues to change with more and more advanced technology developing. Republic City is very powerful in the world politically and is now a major player militarily thanks to its advanced air force.

But Republic City is now overstepping its bounds and dictating orders to the other nations. Divisions are spreading in the world as people look on to see who prevails. It is in this world that Avatar Tala born.

Chapter 1: Revival

Tala is training in airbending when a special invitation comes from the Fire Nation. A Grand Marshall has been selected to become the new Councilwoman of Republic City. Tala has been invited but the King of Omashu hasn't. Tala decides to go to Republic City for the first time and see the new changes in the major city.

Chapter 2: The Council

Tala has arrived in Republic City, a massive city it has grown over the mountains. She is given another invitation to receive a special dress of Dragon Silk for the ceremony and be the guest of honor. While having the dress tailored, the curious tailor asks questions nonchalantly that make her rethink her career so far as the Avatar.

The ceremony, while pleasant has undercurrents of tension and fear.

Chapter 3: Impasse

Tala has returned to Republic City only to learn that strife is spreading. The militaries of the world are marshalling for what appears to be a confrontation between the Fire Nation and Republic City.

Chapter 4: The Blockade

Republic City has been blockaded by the Fire Nation. The Earth King is marshalling his forces and calls on King Urri to march at the head of his armies to Ba Sing Se.

Chapter 5: Invasion

Omashu has been sieged and now war begins. But who is behind it? The war that was coming is here and there is nowhere to hide from it.

Chapter 6: Holdouts

The War begins and leaders discuss options. Rishu reveals a layer of the subtle plot he has made.

Chapter 7: Resistance

Omashu has begun a guerrilla war beyond the city, harrying the enemy supplies and transport. At the same time, Prince Kuir hunts the Southern Tribe warriors. The battle gets ugly for Tala though when they are ambushed instead of ambushing the enemy.

Chapter 8: Foundations

While waiting for the moment to strike at the siege, Omashu must survive and get more supplies to feed their city. Both sides intend to use an ancient secret to change the pace of the war, but who will succeed if any?

Chapter 9: Myths and Omens

Winter has hit the city in full, and the siege has halted to weather the worst of it before attacking, but the cold is a time to learn for Tala.

Chapter 10: History Repeats

The time has come to strike at the enemy, but will they have an edge or overconfidence?

Chapter 11: The Order and the Coast

Reinforcements have come to the city, and they come with both good news and bad.

Chapter 12: Queries

An important prisoner is captured, but what will they do with him?

Chapter 13: Agni Kai

The Black Dragon challenges Avatar Tala to Agni Kai on the winter solstice for the fate of the City. With so many lives to consider, Tala must fight for their safety, even against her better judgement.

Chapter 14: The Night of Puppets

The enemy will strike on the night of a full moon, a waterbender's peak. The White Lotus and Southern Waterbenders will win for sure, why would firebenders attack at night? There are serious losses in the fight.

Chapter 15: Exile

An enemy makes a fateful decision. Will it save or ruin the city?

Book II- Blood and Swamps

War and blood have spread across the world again as nations seek to overpower one another. The Avatar is meant to bring balance to the world. But she is enclosed within the great city of Omashu while the Black Dragon plots. Avatar Tala must master the elements and seek a path to continue her journey as the Avatar.

Book II is up...

Chapter 1: The Prisoner

The city's newest 'guest' is one they can't understand. One for their actions, and then for who they fled to. Tala must continue her journey as the Avatar by learning waterbending.

Chapter 2: Heritage

Tala begins waterbending but isn't making it to all her training sessions. Where can she disappear to in a siege?

Chapter 3: Kin

A hunt for old fears resurfaces, creating divisions in the city, an opening for the enemy.

Chapter 4: The Edge

The Western Air Temple is under attack. Surrounded by the Fire Nation, the children need to get out, or else their safety will be in jeopardy.

Chapter 5: Siege of the North

Earth King Iruei is sieging the Northern Fortress but needs to cut off their supplies from the North Pole.

Chapter 6: Into the Mists

The Foggy Swamp Tribe hasn't been heard of since the war began. Tala and her party seek to find these loyal allies in the Swamp.

Chapter 7: Supremacy of Wolves

The Sea Dragons are slowly destroying the Swamp Tribe and Avatar Tala intends to end it, but she needs help if she is to face the Sea-Wolf.

Chapter 8: A Dark Art

Tala continues in her waterbending under the teachings of a master the city doesn't trust.

Chapter 9: The Black Dragon

The History of the Black Dragon is explored as Rishu thinks on the day his mother took him away from the homeland. This chapter happens concurrently with Chapter 8. The beginning was given out as a preview to subscribers.

Chapter 10: A Dark Path

Tala is mastering her final element, but things around her are deteriorating.

Chapter 11: The Way Out

Hava learns of the Clans' distress beyond the city and is going to help, no matter the cost.

Chapter 12: Lord and King

The Firelord and the Earth King are preparing for new strategies as the Black Dragon's plans are coming to fruition.

Chapter 13: The Ties that Break

Avatar Tala is reconsidering her stance on the city and now must choose when it all collides. Subscribers received a preview of this chapter. Tala will make a hard choice.

Chapter 14: Avatar Tala

Tala has lost the ability to trust those around her. She sees deception and vile everywhere, who can she trust when so many have betrayed her.

Chapter 15: All Nations

Things are coming to a head and the King of Omashu is too proud to admit the realities. Republic City comes under new yet familiar rule.

Book III- Pyres and Storms

Tala has made an extreme change. She must handle the repurcussions of siding with new allies and making new enemies. As things become more tense, an ancient thing wants vengeance on the Avatar.

Book III is up...

Chapter 1: The Other Front

Tala now looks at the war from a different point of view. She also thinks on the choices she made that led her here. Focus from the war changes as the enemy has been beaten in some arenas while they persist in others.

Chapter 2: The Witch

Urri is descending into madness and will do anything to get his revenge. Subscribers recieved a preview of this chapter.

Chapter 3: Ancient Dangers

The Avatar awakes far form the siege lines while they try to learn who is behind the attacks on them.

Chapter 4: The Spirits

Urri has promised significant pay to a treacherous mercenary company if they kill Grand Marshal Rishu.

Chapter 5: Ambush

Tala faces the source of mysterious attacks while Kuir is ambushed by a precise attack too well, someone in his ranks is a spy.

Chapter 6: Nomad

Tensions worsen in the besieged Omashu, and the friendship of Hava and Urri break for disastrous results.

Chapter 7: The Exiles

The Fire Nation pursues the defeated United Forces who are conducting a guerrilla war across the coastlands.

Chapter 8: The Airfield

A massive but secluded airfield for the United Forces has been discovered. Too powerful to be sieged, sabotage must be used. Will it be too much for the Sky Dragons to handle?

Chapter 9: Roots of the Past

Lenet's continued attacks persist, even in Republic City.

Chapter 10: The Storm Grave

Tala goes to face the witch on equal ground, but learns its dark history and that of her past lives as well.

Chapter 11: Spirit of a Dragon

Rishu is critically injured and fails to wake. But his connection to the Spirit World is strong. Is it too strong for Tala?

Chapter 12: Night of Steel

Bitter memories haunt Ba Sing Se as the Avatar learns from a new mentor there.

Chapter 13: Things in the Night

The 'Spirits' continue to attack Tala and her family. To survive, they must hunt down their base and break them.

Chapter 14: Falling Seasons

Rishu is still weakened from the events at the Storm Grave but determined to prove he can't be beaten down by one hit. A famous company betrays its contract, destroying the status quo of the Siege of Omashu.

Chapter 15: Black River

The final battle to decide Omashu's fate begins as the forces collide at the Black River.

Chapter 16: So Ends The Journey

The great journey of Avatar Tala comes to an end and Tala must face her destiny.

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"Risks: Laughing, Questioning,
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A preview of the Book 3 titlecard from CrimsonShogun.

The Illustrator of The Journey of Tala is CrimsonShogun. He makes both character sketches as well as the opening cards for each chapter. He is also the author of The Dark Knight of Republic City, a crossover fanon of Batman and Avatar taking place forty years before "Legend of Korra".

The Next Journey

As the first part of the Storms of the Future, The Journey of Tala will be followed in telling the story of the Avatars. Fates and Vows will be a short story that covers events of characters surrounding Tala at the same time as Journey of Tala. This saga will then be followed by the Rise of Lirin, a new saga about the Fire Nation Avatar after Tala.


  • A large emphasis of the story is choices and its effects on legacy. We see the effects of the Hundred Year War centuries later as opposed to the decades when Korra came. We also see the effect of Republic City to the world at large.
  • A lot of the naming has been inspired by Azerbaijani words, even mistakenly.
  • Several Events that happened in the ancient past can have little to huge impacts. These include the Unification of the Earth Kingdom.
  • Some things that may become clear to the reader early on may not be explored until much later in the story. And still some is left to interpretation.
  • The later half of the story has more focus on Rishu than it had before. Even a chapter of Rishu recalling the memories of when he was child during Sozin's Comet. Chapter 9: The Black Dragon will come from his point of view. This chapter is also the author's favorite chapter.
  • The Journey of Tala will be followed by two more Avatar sagas; The Rise of Lirin & The Reclamation of Arein; these three will encompass the Storms of the Future Cycle.
  • Fates and Vows will cover events before, during, and after the Journey of Tala.

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