Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Journey Of Flynn in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Journey of Flynn
When you're lost, how do you find your way?
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Comedy/ Action/ Adventure


The Walking Inferno




The Walking Inferno


The Walking Inferno




Prologue: The Fall of Bending

It has been over 400 years since the death of Avatar Korra and the world has been changed beyond all recognition. A Non-Bending organisation called the Authorities rose shortly after her death and with their advanced technologies and mass numbers they waged war across the world. The war ended with their victory and through many generations and over three centuries they managed to remove the history of bending forever.

Now, determined to keep their hold on the world they kill benders before they know of their abilities to make sure the world remains oblivious to its true past. Their campaign was successful over the years, but one escaped their grasp. His name was Flynn.


This is one of my first fanons that I'm trying not to mess up too bad. I have been thinking about this story as well as an other for a while now and I thought why not! The Journeys of Flynn is full of laughs and some bad puns but also it does have its moving moments so don't get too happy. I hope you have fun reading it.


Flynn was enjoying his sixteenth birthday before he was forced to go to the hospital for mandatory tests. Since then his life changed forever after he discovered he was a Firebender.

After a series of tragic events, a non-bending organisation called the Authority began hunting Flynn down to make sure he would not reveal Bending to the world.

Now Flynn is on the run, desperatly trying to get to safety before the Authorities find him. But will he make it?


The Runaways

  • Flynn- The main protagonist of the story. Flynn is a novice firebender who has just learnt of his abilities. Flynn is an optimistic guy who tries to look at the best of every situation, his stale jokes have put him in trouble many times but his crazy ideas usually get him out of them, or make them worse. Although he seems like this on the front, tragic events have changed him on the inside and has created a monster that desperatley wants to escape. Whilst fighting his inner turmoil Flynn must keep control so he doesn't destroy the people he cares about, or himself.
  • Andra- She is a powerful earthbender who is strong and loyal. She has trained herself in secret since she was 6 years-old and has mastered the basics of Earthbending and the seismic sense, making her a formidable opponent. Andra enjoys the freedom Flynn gives her and relishes disobeying her brother. Determined to master Earthbending she is always looking for people to test her skills on.
  • Jake- Andra's older brother. Jake is fiercely protective over his little sister and is cautious around Flynn. He is an extremely talented hand-to-hand specialist and an expert marksman. He always tries to void his mind of emotion so his decisions will not falter during a bad situation, this prompts Flynn to constantly annoy Jake in an attempt to get a reaction out of him.

The Authorities

  • The Colonel- Only known by his rank in the Authority, The Colonel is a ruthless tactitian who is highly respected in the Authorities. He has an abnormal hatred for benders, especially Flynn and he would love nothing more than to see Flynn face down in the dirt, dead. He is trained in a vary of different weapons and is a master in chi-blocking. These skills have made him feared amongst all benders which The Colonel uses to his advantage. Whilst this is his advantage against benders, Flynn doesn't seem to show that much emotion infront of him apart when he is mocking him. This humiliates The Colonel and infuriates him even more.
  • The rest will be added as the story progresses



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