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The Journey Begins
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Fanon:The Legend of Tintsu


The Journey Begins

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Thu. Sept 9. 2010

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It would be wise to read up on the Rough Rhinos before reading this fanon. the parts with Team Avatar in it are taken directly from the episode, The Avatar and the Fire Lord. WARNING: character death


Tintsu's epic battle with the Rough Rhinos, and the events that fallow leading to Tintsu leaving the Village and beginning the adventure


Somewhere over the Fire Nation

Aang stood on Appa's head cloud bending themselves hidden. Sokka, Katara and Toph sat in Appa's saddle. It was a short trip to Roku's island. When they got there, Aang released the cloud and looked around. "This is Roku's home? But there's nothing here," said Katara looking puzzled. Toph jumped down off of Appa, and as soon as she hit the gound, said, "Yes, there is. An entire village, hundreds of houses, all completely buried in ash."


Tintsu leaned against the town Torii gate at the entrance to the village. "So you've heard of us?" laughed Mongke. "Yeah, and I know exactly why you're here." Tintsu said calmly. He straightened up, "And it would be best if you turned around and left this town alone, or else." The rhinos burst into lafter. "or else what!?" exclaimed Mongke, almost falling off his komodo rhino. "Take one more step and find out" Tintsu threatened pulling out his staff. Suddenly, a bright light flashed from Tintsu's eyes. He saw a vision of Mongke firing a fire blast at him. A second later, Tintsu saw the colonel raising his fist in preparation to throw a fireblast at him. At the last second, Tintsu avoided it by backflipping. He then charged at Mongke, zig-zagging to avoid more fireblastes. Tintsu jumped and as he flew, he swung his staff and knocked Mongke out. As soon as Tintsu landed, he had a vision of a flaming arrow flying at him from behind. He turned and batted the arrow out of the air with his staff. Tintsu then threw his staff head first at Vachir, immediately diving after it. The staff hits Vachir on the forehead, knocking him out. Tintsu lands next to the archer and catches his staff as it bounces off the archer's head. He then foresaw a heavy ball at the end of a long chain flying toward him. Tintsu turned and caught the chain, and used momentum to pull Ogodei off his komodo rhino. He then had a vision of an explosive flying tord him. Tintsu jumped, dived and rolled to avoude the reslting explstion. He then turned to face Yeh-Lu and charged at him, dodging, ducking, diving, dipping and dodging to avoid more explosives. As he ran, Kahchi stuck his halberd in Tintsu's way in an attempt to trip him, but Tintsu saw it coming, and used it as a spring board (and breaking it in the process) to launch him self at Yeh-Lu. Tintsu flew past the explosives expert, hitting in the head and knocking him out (in fact, if Yen-Lu had not been wearing that helmet, he would have been killed). Tintsu rolled as he landed a few feet behind Yeh-Lu's komodo rhino. While this was happening, Mongke regained consciousness, and looked around. Suddenly remembering what was going on, and he started throwing fire blasts at Tintsu. After Tintsu took out Yeh-Lu, he foresaw Mongke's attack. Because of Mongke's concussion, his fire blasts were weak enough for Tintsu to block by spinning his staff rapidly. Mongke continued to fiercely shoot fire blasts at Tintsu. Tintsu blocked, stepped forward, and blocked again, all in one fluid movement. . Kahchi whipped out a knife and leaped off his komodo rhino diving at Tintsu. Foreseeing this, Tintsu gracefully stepped to the side of Kahchi, barely avoiding his blade. As he flew by, Tintsu thrust downward with his staff in to the flying halberd user's back, forcing him to the ground and braking his neck, killing him instantly. In the same motion, Tintsu thrust his the sharp end of his staff into Ogodel's stomach who had been trying to sneak up on Tintsu while Kanchi distracted him. When he pulled his staff out Ogodei fell to his knees. Tintsu spun around and smacked him square in the temple. Ogodei was dead before he hit the ground. Mongke could only watch in horror as Tintsu killed two of his men. Furious, he started to launch much more powerful fire blasts at Tintsu. At this time, Vachir had regained consciousness, and quickly began firing flaming arrows at Tintsu. Tintsu struggled to dodge both of their attacks, until he saw a small rock on the ground out of the corner of his eye. Tintsu dashed toward the rock, snatched it from the ground and hit it directly at Mongke. It flew in a perfect line before hitting him in the forehead, stunning him. As soon as Mongke hit the ground, Tintsu swiftly charged for Vachir. Vachir launched one more arrow, which Tintsu deftly caught in midair. Before Vachir could notch another arrow, Tintsu thrust the one he had caught into his face, then immediately hit Vachir in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him before he could scream in pain. Vachir clutched his face and stumbled a bit before leaning forward in an attempt to balance himself. Tintsu took this opportunity to bring his staff down on to the archer's first vertebrae, crushing it. Vachir fell to the ground with a dull thud, his lifeless eyes still wide with fear. Tintsu then turned to face Mongke, who was still slightly disoriented from the blow to his head. Mongke looked around at the bodies of his comrades, and knew he was defeated. He hopped on the nearest komodo rhino and took off, but not before saying, " You may have won this time, but I'll be back, and when I return, I'll bring back an entire army to burn this town to the ground, you here me! To the ground!"

Tintsu walk over to Yeh-Lu, who was stirring. Tintsu raised his staff, and thrust the sharp end into his heart, killing him. Tintsu then pulled out a handkerchief and began to wipe the blood off of his staff and hands as he walked back to the village. As he stepped throu the town Torri gate, he finished wiping blood off his staff and hands, and put his ftaff back on his back, and tucked the handkerchief back into his pocket. The entair village of Temujin had crouded around the gate and watched the whole thing and cheering as he walked through the Torii gate. The village leader stepped forward from the crowd. "Thank you for saving the village once again from the Fire Nation!" the croud chered even louder, but Tintsu didn't join in on the festivities, Mongke's words still echoed in his ears. The whole town burst into a celebration in Tintsu's honner, with music and dance. Tintsu sat alone in on a bench off to the side, watching the party. When Lee noticed Tintsu sitting alone, he walked over and sat next to him. "What's the matter?" Lee asked? "Everybody thinks I saved the village today, but I didn't, I only condemned it." Tintsu confessed. "What do you mean?" " I only killed four of the them, their leader escaped, but before he did, he threatened to bring an army here and burn this village to the ground." Lee laughed, "and you actually believed him?" Tintsu looked at Lee with total seriousness in his eyes, "Yes." Lee looked at the sky, "Its getting late, maybe you should call it a night, and we will discuss this in the morning." Tintsu looked up at the sky, " Yeah, the sun will be setting soon anyways." Tintsu got up and walked toward the mountain. When he finally got to the top, the sun was hovering over the horizon, casting beautiful oranges, reds, and yellows across the landscape. He sat up at the top of the shrine, watching the sun go down, and as the last bit of sun disappeared behind the horizon, he closed his eyes and let the cosmic energy flow.

That night, Tintsu didn't just immediately wake up the next morning like he did normally. Instead, he had a vision. He was standing in the middle of town, people going about there normal business, when suddenly, an army emerged from over the top of a hill, dressed in red and black. They held Fire Nation battle flags high above as the marched toward the town. When they at the entrance to town, without hesitation, they charged, slaughtering everyone in sight. No man, woman or child were granted mercy from their wrath. The fire benders began to burn everything in their path. Buildings and people, plants and animals, nothing was spared. Tintsu wanted to do something to stop the destruction, but was frozen in place. He could only watch helplessly as they burnt the village to the ground. When they were finished, they turned around and left, as if nothing had ever happened.

Tintsu opened his eyes the next morning in panic. He dashed over to the cliffside that overlooked the village and breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing that it was still there. He wanted to tell himself that it was just a dream, but he knew it wasn't, and that was the events that would come to pass if he didn't try to prevent them. He started down the mountain to the village thinking about his vision all the way down. When Tintsu walked into town, he saw Lee and the village Chief standing at the center of town. Tintsu walked up to them, "What's going on?" he asked. "We would like to speak with you about what happened yesterday," said the Chief. "You told Lee that you didn't believe that the village was safe, do you still feel that way?" Lee asked. Tintsu closed his eyes and shuddered. When he opened them, he said, "Last night I had a vision, a vision of this town being wiped out by the Fire Nation." After a moment, the Chief spoke, "Do you believe this 'Monkey' person will be responsible?" Tintsu nodded. "Then you must pursue him." "What?!" Tintsu looked at the Chief like he was crazy. " If you truly believe that if this man will return with an army, then you must find and defeat him before he returns." Tintsu thought for a moment, then asked, " What about you guys, what if you get attacked while I'm gone?" "Don't worry about us," said Lee, "We'll be fine, and besides, if you don't go, we'll all be killed when that guy gets back anyways, right?" Tintsu sighed. " I suppose you're right. I better get going then." Tintsu turned to leave when the chef stopped him. "Wait," he said, " You will need some things before you go." "I don't need any 'things', I just need to go." The chef thought for a moment, "Then just some money and an ostrich horse." Tintsu stared at him. "I can't take money from you, you and the villagers need it more than I do." "I suppose, but at least take the ostrich horse. That 'Monkey' was on komodo rhino, and has a whole day's head start, you will never catch him on foot." Tintsu frowned. "Fine, I'll take the horse." he sighed. "Excellent!" exclaimed the chief. "She's wating for you by the gate all set and ready to go." Tintsu smiled and bowed a very low bow. "Thank you for every thing." The Chief and Lee both returned the bow. " No," said the chef, " We should be thanking you." Tintsu turned around and walked out the village to the ostrich horse, mounted it, and took off down the road.

Roku's Island

After Roku finished showing Aang their shared past, he returned Aang to his body. After explaining everything Roku showed him, Katara was the first to speak. "You mean after all Roku and Sozin went through together, even after Roku showed him mercy, Sozin betrayed him like that?" Toph spoke next, "It's like these people are born bad." "No, I don't think that was the point of what Roku showed me at all." Exclaimed Aang. "Then what was the point?" asked Sokka. "Roku was just as much Fire Nation as Sozin was, right? If anything, their story proves anyone is capable of great good, and great evil. Every one, even the Fire Lord and the Fire Nation have to be treated like they are worth given a chance. And I also think that it was about friendships." Toph looked at the ground "But do you realy think friendships can last last more than one life time?" she asked. "I don't see why not," said Aang as he took her hand. At the same time, Katara took Toph's hand. "well, scientifically speaking there is to proof..." Katara cut him off. "Sokka, just hold hands." After a moment of hesitation, he reached out and grabbed his sister's hand. As they all stood looking out at the sunrise.


this chapter was almost a week late because the author had a terrible case of writer's block, and wrote the entire thing on the weekend he was planning to post it on. It was then in editing for four days before it was finally deemed acceptable for posting.


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