Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Journals in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

Book of Clouds
Journals of Team Avatar
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Arthur Wheeler


The Promise Trilogy


Eyes of Katara


This series was created as continuation from the canon series A:TLA and The Promise Trilogy. The storyline will carry though major life events of the original Team Avatar, through The Legend of Korra (170 AG).


After the death of Katara a collection of journals written by Team Avatar after the war, which Katara kept in her possession. The journals are passed on to her daughter Kya, who publishes them in hope that by publishing their story will help spread peace and harmony in the world and provide a history of Avatar Aang, his family and friends.

Fallowing after The Promise Trilogy Four years have passed since the end of the war, the team faces new challenges while their personal lives develop and grow, including major life events, from romantic, exciting adventures and tragedy.

Each new chapter is told from the point of view of the charter who wrote the journal, carrying the story consistently in time.

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- Kya (The Second)
- Aang:Four years have passed he is now 17 and has grown tall, he has been working with the newly formed republic council. He and Katara have been living in Ba Sing Se for several months, while traveling the world on various political affairs.
- Katara:Now 18, she has developed into a strong, beautiful and powerful waterbender (but we all knew that) She has been happily dating Aang now for four years, her role in this Fanon will be based primarily on this relationship, however still expect to see plenty of her aggressive side.
- Sokka: Now 19, has married Suki, they have made a home on Kiohsi Island where they both teach the way of the sword.
- Suki: Now 19 has married Sokka and has welcomed him to her home on Kioshi Island, continuing to train with the Kioshi Warriors in addition to her new endeavors with Sokka.
- Zuko: Now 20 he has become a powerful ruler working with Aang on high profile political project.
- Mai: Now 19 she has been in an intense relationship with Zuko, the transition to the thrown has not been easy for her and the many pressures that come with it.
- Iroh: Same old tea loving, proverb giving Iroh. Who is living in Ba Sing Se operating his tea shop; The Jasmine Dragon
- Azula: She has been locked away at the Boiling Rock for four long years, which have not served her well.
- Kya- The First: Katara and Sokka's mother
- Hakoda: Katara and Sokka's Father. He has been working with Pakku and the other men of the Southern tribe to rebuild and revitalize the tribe.
- Kanna: After finally marrying Pakku, she lives at the South Pole continuing her calm elderly life.
- Pakku: After finally marring his long lost love, Kanna he has been primary working on revitalizing the Southern Water Tribe.
- Julia Fanon: Katara's friend she meets in Ba Sing Se.


- Appa: Aang's loyal sky bison and animal guide.
- Momo: Aang's pet winged lemur.
- Hawky: Sokka's Fire Nation Messenger Hawk
- Kesuk: Katara's polar bear dog.



Part One

- Introduction: Journal of Katara
- Across The Horizon: Journal of Katara
- The Escape: Journal of Zuko
- The Strike: Journal of Aang
- The Stray Spirit: Journal of Katara
- The New Dawn: Journal of Aang
- The Falcon's Fire: Journal of Sokka
- Suki's Secret: Journal of Suki
- From The Ashes: Journal of Zuko
- Return to Kioshi Island: Journal of Sokka
- Truth and Teasing: Journal of Katara

Part Two

Coming - winter 2012

Part Three

Coming - spring 2012

Part Four

To Be Announced

Part Five

To Be Announced

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