Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Isle of Atlantis in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The lost isle of Atlantis
The Isle of Atlantis
Gods have abandon us, the end of Atlantis is near...
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More than four thousand years before the first Avatar was born, and more than thirteen thousand years before the Hundred Year War, an advanced civilization used to thrive between the Fire Nation and Patola Mountain range, called Atlantis. Atlanteans were the first benders ever alive, they discovered it long time before the first Avatar was born. They were famous in all world, with their metals, many goods like gold, silver and bronze, and as well bending. They were the very first advanced civilization alive... But very soon, the wealth they possessed was wiped away in a single day and night, and the island of Atlantis disappeared from the face of the earth and was lost to mankind forever...


  • Kastor is the son of a man from the Earth Kingdom known as Kastor and of a young Atlantean women Lyera. He is the main protagonist in the Atlantis series.
  • Arkantos is a powerful man in Atlantis who owns an Atlantean fleet. He is the minor character in the Atlantis series.
  • Chira is a young teen, but in the same time, a great fighter. She is the main protagonist in the Atlantis series.
  • High Priestess; her duty is to keep the gods in check if anything happens, she is the leader of Atlantis. High Priestess is a minor character in the Atlantis series.
  • Anotas was born in Northern waters. He is the main antagonist in the Atlantis series.
  • Lyera is Arkantos' wife, a beautiful and caring woman. She is a minor character in the Atlantis series.
  • Poseidon Is the lord of seas, but better known as the first ruler in Atlantis. He is a minor character in the Atlantis series.


Book 1: Blood and tears

  • Chapter 1: The Very Beginning...
  • Chapter 2: Gods and Mortals
  • Chapter 3: Visions Not Always Come from the Gods
  • Chapter 4: A Sudden Visit
  • Chapter 5: Recovery
  • Chapter 6: Visions
  • Chapter 7: Four Elements of Nature
  • Chapter 8: The Earth-shaker is Speaking to Us...
  • Chapter 9: Darkness Covers the Isle
  • Chapter 10: The Man in White and Golden Robe
  • Chapter 11: The Escape
  • Chapter 12: Shifting Tides of Sea

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