Ozai generating lightning
The Island of Lightning: Part 2
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The Final Avatar


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Chapter 15

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16 March 2011

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The Island of Lightning: Part 1

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The Final Dragon


After the Lightningbenders take over Ember Island, they unleash their terror on the Fire Nation. Only Zaru can stop them.


"Erus!" Zaru called out. He was in the Fire Lord's throne room. A man was sitting on the throne. Fire Lord Erus was doing better than when Zaru last saw him. At least this time, he wasn't crying his eyes out.

"Yes Zaru?" There was a quiver in his voice, but Zaru pretended not to notice.

"Azap is causing more trouble. He discovered the secret of Lightningbending."

Erus shot up.

"This is very bad," he said.

"You think?!"

Erus and Zaru walked outside. They got on their boat, and went to Ember Island (which had been renamed Lightning Island).

They got off, and walked into the heart of the island. Everywhere they looked, there were signs of the struggles to take over this island. There were whole buildings blown apart. Then...

"Well... Look who we have here. Do you like it?"

Zaru and Erus twisted backwards. Azap was behind them.

"The very presence of this disaster disgusts me. You sicken me, and you should be put down!" With that, Erus twisted his arm, and a fireball floated in the air.

"You have no idea! The power! It is... amazing! You can shoot bolts of what you call lightning, but I! I can do... this!" He swept around, twisted his arm, and out came lightning. Raw power exited his hands, and it began to circle around him. Then, he shot out his arm, and the lighting hit a mountain. It was a massive explosion! The rubble came crashing down over them, all pebbles.

Erus twisted his own body around. Call it ironic he chose lightning as his attack. It stopped before it touched Azap, and vanished.

"You do not understand now. I am more powerful than you can imagine." Azap shot streams of lightning. Zaru and Erus jumped out of the way, and Erus whistled. The Fire Nation Army walked out.

"You don't honestly think I would have came without back up, did you?" Azap growled with anger. He shot lots of lightning. Zaru couldn't even see where one bolt started and the next end.

"Run!" Erus said, and Zaru ran. Not only Zaru, but the smarter Fire Nation soldiers ran with him. There was no stopping Azap. They ran all the way back to the boat.

"He's unstoppable!" Zaru said.

"We should find our friends. We will need help," Erus said.

They got on their boat, and traveled. During the ride, Zaru wrote a simple letter.

Dear Stroe and Heesu,

I hope the Stone Soldier recruiting is good, because we're 
going to need a lot of troops. Azap learned the ancient 
secret of Lightningbending, and now he's taken over Ember 
Island. The Lightningbenders, are attacking everyone. We need help.

Your friend,

Zaru put the message in a bottle, and gave it to a Fire Nation soldier manning the boat.

"Take this, and bring it here," Zaru said. He pointed at a map. The soldier boarded a life-boat, and set off to the Earth Kingdom.

"What these guys do just because I tell them," Zaru muttered.

Their boat docked at a Fire Nation island, and they got off. They walked through the island until the ran into Patola... literally.

"Why did you smash into me?" Patola asked.

Zaru ignored him and started to tell him about Azap.

"That jerk-face!" Patola marched with Zaru and Erus to the boat.

"Now what?" Zaru asked Erus.

"Now we hide out. In a few days, Heesu and Stroe will be here with additional support. Then... we attack."

They waited. They had sent out a scout, and the news got worse every day. First, they were told control over the island was lost completely. Next, they heard about attacks on important government officials. Then, they told about the killings.

"Three more dead Fire Lord," a soldier told Erus.

Zaru slammed his fist in the table.

"Where are Heesu and Stroe?!" Zaru asked.

"They're right outside," the Fire Nation soldier told him. Zaru looked outside, and they were out there with about a hundred Stone Soldiers.


"About ten minutes," and the soldier left to let them inside.

In a few minutes, everyone had found a place to sleep (the Fire Lord's palace had enough room), and they made a battle plan. There was a map of Ember Island on the table.

"Okay," Erus said. "Azap must be stopped before he gets out of control."

"Too late!" Heesu said. Erus shot him a look and continued.

"Stroe, you are going to take half of the Stone Soldiers, and lead them through the south, Heesu, same for you for the north. Both of you should fight to the middle of the island, where you will hold your position. Patola, you are going to take the ships I had docked outside, where you will bring them to the east side, and drop the tanks onto land. Zaru, you will go with Patola, and take the Yu Yan Archers, where you will conquer Azap's fortress. I will lead the Fire Nation army on the west side, where the defenses are strongest."

Then, they put the plan into action. Zaru, Patola, and the archers got on the boats.

"So... you guys can shoot arrows?" Zaru asked, trying to start a conversation.

"The Yu Yan archers are a noble group! We have been shooting arrows for hundreds of years!"

"All right! All right!"

The boat was at the Eastern end of the island. Patola flipped the switch, and the tanks on the boat were put onto land. Other boats were doing the same.

"Now!" Patola said, "We fight for Erus!"

The tanks rolled out as Zaru and the archers got off the boat. Patola told the driver to start shooting at things while he went with the tanks. Patola got in the tank, and drove off, laughing maniacally.

"Do you trust him with that tank?" an archer asked.

"He'll live."

Zaru ran into the island, followed by the archers. Then, a Lightningbender stopped them. Arrows fired, but fast as lightning, he shot them out of the sky. Zaru shot fire, but that was blocked and sent back at him. An easy dodge, but still a close one. More arrows, but they were all hit by lightning. Then, another flash and an archer was shot into the sea. Zaru finally shot into the air, and blasted the man with two streams of blazing fire. The man squealed as the fire ended his life. They continued running, and found a small palace, guarded by about twenty Lightningbenders. Arrows flew, and there were only ten Lightningbenders. Zaru climbed the walls, and shot fire. Lots of fire. The guards were Firebenders though, so they all blocked. Zaru then switched tactics, and repeatedly hit them with powerful gusts of air. As the Lightningbenders were blasted off their feet, more arrows flew.

"Well well well," Azap said. Zaru spun around, and the Yu Yan notched their arrows.

Ozai generating lightning

Azap shooting lightning

"There will be no need for those," and Azap shot a Lightningbolt out of each finger, and blasted the bows out of their hands. "Now stand aside!" Azap blasted the Yu Yan with lightning, and they hit the floor... dead.

"You're just a terrible murderer!"

"Is there anything wrong with that?"

That's what set Zaru off. He attacked with huge blasts of fire. Azap just blocked every one.

"You under estimate me. I'm simply to powerful. I just don't feel like fighting you. Gios!"

A man came over.

"Yes lord Azap?"

"Kill this pest."

"At once sir."

Gios wasn't as powerful as Azap, but still quite a challenge for Zaru. Lightning flashed left and right. Zaru could only jump out of the way. Then, Gios stuck out his finger, and had a spark sit on it. It released a blast much like a flashbang. Zaru, dazed as he was, jumped as he felt the power of lightning. Then, Zaru came back to his senses. He jumped on Gios' face.

"Get him off! Get him off of me!" Zaru realized a series of punches, each hitting Gios with fire. Gios then fell, and hit the ground with a bang. He was only knocked out, but he walked away as if he was dead.

"You beat my second in command!"

"You know, he wasn't very tough," Zaru said. "Not like me anyways."

"You?!" Azap exclaimed, "Don't make me laugh. Everyone knows I'm the most powerful man on this island."

"Are you sure? Because the guy mowing down your palace seems pretty tough."

"My palace... Azap turned, and saw a tank crashing through his palace. The building crumbled with a thud.

"Hey Patola!" Zaru said.

Azap prepared to shoot lightning, and hit the tank. It exploded!

"No! Patola!" Zaru glowed, and the four elements beat Azap to the ground, and sent him out to the ocean.

Zaru went over to the tank's rubble, and saw Patola healing himself.

"Look what I can do!" he said as he touched himself with water.

Zaru proceeded to the middle of the island with Patola, where they saw Stroe and Heesu with a bunch of Stone Soldiers, and a few defeated Lightningbenders.

A few hours later, Erus met them there.

"The island has been conquered."


Gios was on a small boat, fishing Azap out of the sea.

"How many Lightningbenders do we have left?" Azap asked after he was recovered.

"Ten sir."

"Start recruiting. Get people working for me, and teach them how to bend lightning. I want it done now."

"Yes sir." And they set off.

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