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The Island of Lightning: Part 1
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The Final Avatar


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Chapter 14

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1 March, 2011

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The Black and White One

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After Zaru's fight, he travels back to the Earth Kingdom to make a terrible discovery. A discovery that make the war more destructive than ever before.


Zaru was getting off of his boat. He was back in the Fire Nation. He was about to start searching for his friend Patola. Just then, a Fire Nation soldier came up to him.

"You are the Avatar?" the soldier said.


"I'm a Fire Nation general that was employed by Ajoke}}. My squad has reason to believe there is a conspiracy against the Fire Nation. We told the Fire Lord, but he just cried."

"I'll go check it out," Zaru said, "Lead the way. And bring some soldiers. Lots of them."

Zaru, the general, and a few squads of soldiers were marching through the Fire Nation. They infiltrated the area undetected, and listened in on the conversation. They realized Azap was in there.

"Gios, how is the plan going?" Azap asked.

"Well, the summer solstice is almost over. Your plan with Hei Bai was a failure of course, but there is still a chance. You can still summon Wan Shi Tong," Gios said.

"When will I have to leave in order to make it in time?" asked Azap.

"Right now."

Zaru realized what was going on just in time. He launched himself onto the ceiling as Azap and Gios opened the door. Zaru shot a fireball. They broke into a run.

The chase lasted until they made it to their boats. Then, they chased until they made it back to the Earth Kingdom. An earth soldier tried to stop them, but Azap kidnapped him and kept running.

"STOP!" Zaru yelled.

"Do you honestly think we'll stop because you said stop?" Gios asked.

Zaru shot some fire. They dodged it. Then, Zaru realized they were in the desert.

"Zaru," Azap said, "You are an important part of my plan. Now..."

Si Wong Desert

He blasted Zaru with a storm of fire. This was about to kill him, but he went into the Avatar State, and extinguished all of the fire. Azap and Gios smiled. They had the kidnapped earth soldier shift the ground. Zaru was blasting walls of fire at them, but Azap held them back. Then, an earthquake started.

"Yes. Yes! It's working!" Azap said.

A big building raised out of the ground.

"I've done it! I've summoned a building from the Spirit World!" Azap shot a fireball at the earth soldier, and approached the building. He entered. Zaru ran after him, with Gios following him.

"Azap! What do you think you're doing?!" Zaru asked.

"I'm retrieving knowledge that will destroy you," he responded.

They ran until a GIGANTIC owl flew in front of them.

"What are you doing here?!" it asked.

"Wan Shi Tong! I have come to give you a gift!"

He bowed, and presented Wan Shi Tong a book.

"Your library is missing information on what's happened in the last few hundred years. I'm giving you all that information!"

Wan Shi Tong read the book.

"Amazing. You may enter, but only because you have given so much information. Good luck with your three hundred years of peace."

Azap entered the library.

"Three hundred years of peace?" Zaru asked.

"Yes. According to this book, after the last war, there has been peace that lasts to this day."

Zaru thought this over. "He's lying!" Zaru finally said. "There's a big war waging throughout the war as we speak!"

Wan Shi Tong was furious. He flew off to find Azap. An hour later, Zaru heard a fight, and ran to them. Azap and Wan Shi Tong were about to fight.

"For a long time, powerful Firebenders have been able to generate and redirect lightning," Azap said, "But imagine, if a Firebender could... Lightningbend. I have found the book." He held up a book. "It contains all of the knowledge I need to do... THIS!" Once he said this, he shot a bolt of lightning that blasted Wan Shi Tong out of the sky. Then, Azap turned to Zaru. He did the same moves, and shot lightning at him. Zaru raised his hands, and absorbed the lightning. He was about to shoot it out of his other hand, nut Azap forced it to explode, launching Zaru into a wall.

Azap shot a hole in the wall, with his new power, and left.

"Show off," Zaru said.

Wan Shi Tong flew back up, and turned on him.

"Bye!" Zaru yelled, and he jumped out the hole.

The library sank back into the ground. Zaru ran after Azap.

A few hours later, they had gone back in their boats, and traveled back to the Fire Nation. Night was falling now. The summer solstice was ending. Zaru was right outside the building Azap was in with his followers. He couldn't hear them, but he could see them. Azap showed them the book, and they cheered. Then, he read the book aloud to them. Each of them was trying to Lightningbend. The scariest part was, they were doing good.

Then, everyone went outside. Zaru hid as Azap did something. The clouds above them turned gray, and shot a bolt of lightning at Azap. It stopped when it was right above him, came off of the cloud, and floated in front of Azap.

"I am Azap! Master of lightning!" He shot the lightning at the ground, making a crater. Everyone cheered. They tried, and didn't do to bad.

"Now!" Azap said, "We must take over Ember Island!"

The Lightningbenders moved throughout the island, probably trying to take over. Zaru decided to sneak back to his boat. And he went as fast as possible to the Fire Nation palace.

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