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The Story so Far

Having chosen the right relics and getting a new friend, Aang is ready to complete his Airbending training. Now, he must train for Sky Bison Polo but a mysterious island pays him a visit.

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~~Aang's Room~~

"You finally got your tattoos." Mia shouted. The nomad was petting Appa. The sky bison was floating outside of Aang's window. ROAR! Mia giggled. Aang stepped out of the bathroom.

"Ta-da!" Aang shouted.

The monk had a blue arrow on his forehead. He had finally achieved master status at only level 35.

"I'm so jealous." Mia said. "If only I got my Airbending tattoos. Why won't my move work for me?"

"It'll work." Aang reassured. "You just need to believe in yourself."

ROAR! Appa flew in a circle. Aang ran to the window. Appa flew towards a small rink. The rink had two big goalposts with a coliseum around them.

"It's time for practice." Aang said and took out a staff.

"Let me guess?" Mia asked as she raised an eyebrow. "The monks gave you that because you're a master?"

"Yep." Aang said and jumped out of the window. Mia gasped and ran to the window. Aang flew up shouting in delight. Mia gazed in wonder as the young Airbender flew after his Sky Bison.

~~The Sky Bison Polo Rink~~

"All right, buddy." Aang said as he flew onto the grass. Appa roared. "We have to think of a new strategy. Gliders aren't allowed in Sky Bison Polo." Aang walked over to a small locker and opened it. Inside was a brown polo stick. Aang grabbed a ball and shot it with the polo stick. The ball soared into Appa's mouth. "This is the one."

Aang jumped on Appa's neck. "Yip, yip!" Appa took off into the sky and landed in the middle of the field. "We'll start with free shots. That's your weakest link." Aang looked at the stands and saw Mia waving hi. Aang waved when Appa suddenly flew toward the goal. Aang raised the polo stick. Appa blew a tiny ball of air that floated toward Aang. Aang hit the ball but it vanished instantly. "You have to make them harder Appa."

Appa did a U-turn around the goalpost and headed toward the other one. The bison blew an air sphere. Aang smacked it with the polo stick. The ball twirled and made it into the goalpost. "Yeah!" Aang shouted while Appa roared in delight. "Now, for my weakest part of this game, concentration."

Appa roared as he shot multiple balls of wind into the air. Aang shot two of them toward the goalposts but one whisked past him and entered the other goalpost. "See what I mean?" Aang asked. A few hours past and dusk made its way to the temple. Aang led Appa to the ground as Mia walked up to them.

"Are you going?" Aang asked.

"My mother said yes but my father has to take me there." Mia said.

"I'm happy to take you." Aang said.

"It's okay Aang." Mia said. "I'll see you in a week."

Mia turned and ran off. Aang smiled and turn to look at Appa. The bison winked. "No, it's not like that!" Aang shouted. The nomad turned pink as Appa roared.

~~Night: Outside the Temple~~

An island with many trees slowly made its way toward the Patola Mountain Range. The mountains were big and the island couldn't fit. In Aang's Room, Aang woke up and put on his clothes. He grabbed his staff and flew toward the mountains. Mia walked back to her room, carrying a glass of water. WHOOSH! Mia screamed and looked at the dark sky. She could barely see the figure. "Aang!" Mia said. ROAR! Mia looked down at the Courtyard. Appa soared into the sky, after his beloved friend.

Aang whisked toward the island. He flew on top of it and walked toward a small clearing. Aang sat down and mediated. "Young Airbender, your future is grim. I am here to guide you. We will meet again." Instantly, Aang saw images in his mind. There was a Water Tribe girl on Appa's back, bending the clouds. A Water Tribe boy ran up to some fancy doors and screamed. He hit the door and fell. An Earthbending girl struck the metal box she was trapped in. Aang saw himself dancing with the Water Tribe girl in a cave surrounded by Fire Nation school kids. Aang saw himself Firebending with a teenager. The teenager had a scar on his left eye. Dragons soared behind them. Aang then saw himself bending at some man. A purifying light blocked his vision and soon Aang saw himself outside of a tea shop. The Water Tribe girl walked up to him. The two leaned for a kiss when ROAR!

Aang opened his eyes. He was in the ocean. Appa came to his friend and grabbed him. Aang looked back to see an island disappearing behind the dark night sky.


  • The vision Aang has are from the episodes The Fortuneteller, The Earth King, The Guru, The Headband, The Firebending Masters, and Sozin's Comet, Part 4: Avatar Aang.
  • Sky Bison Polo was mentioned in the episode, The Northern Air Temple.

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