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This is Chapter 2 of the Phoenix Chronicles.


Mian and his friends journey to South Eagle Island to fight against the raids by The Phoenix Islands.


Mian ran out of the house and to the coast, where his father already was. After a quick observation, he figured out it was a diplomat. As he and his friends walked up to the coast, he could hear his father and the diplomat arguing. He already knew what they were arguing about, the Water Tribe settlement on the South Eagle island. The Phoenix islands owned the north part of the island and the Water Tribe the south. Due to shortage of food there, the islanders had begun raiding each other.

While the Water Tribe tired to discuss the situation, the militaristic king of the islands declared war. Mian noticed the diplomat left angrily and boarded his ship. The Chief of the Southern Water Tribe, Mizurai, looked at his son and his friends, with a worried look. He then began to ask them something.

Southern Water Tribe ships

The small fleet

All the children had recently gotten approval to follow through with Chief Mizurai's plan. The foursome put on their armor and prepared for the coming mission. The foursome boarded a Water Tribe cutter and left with a small fleet of 20 ships. The journey would take about 1 night, and then they would reach their destination. While on the ship, the foursome sharpened their tools and weapons. They also practiced their bending. Mian began to practice with his grandfather's sword, given to him by his dad before they left. After dinner they collapsed on their beds to be woken to see the island of South Eagle.

The settlement was in bad shape, several houses were on fire, the wall was torn down, and their food supplies were little. Luckily, the fleet had brought supplies, soldiers, and weapons. The healers went to work and established a field hospital. Wood and Steel were taken out of the ship, and were used to begin repairing, the town. All left over steel were stacked on top of each other to act as shields. In front of the town, the soldiers began to dig ditches and placed some buckets of water nearby, in case of another raid. They had to work fast and there was little time for talking, but the established a Headquarters in a large blue tent.

Mian and Tia began to make earth walls as more shields, while Ami and Zura continued to put out any remaining fires. Once they were all done they gathered in HQ, and began to discuss tactic. They knew that they had to retaliate, and began to organize a group to attack. After heavy discussion, they agreed that the group would have to attack when the raid was occurring. They would be when the enemy was most vulnerable. After discussing with the Commander of the fleet, Min, they all agreed that the naval fleet would be allowed to stay here at all times, in case of a naval attack. Ami then wrote a message to Mian's dad about the situation. As the team was about to sleep, the forest in front of the town suddenly burst to flames and arrows flew in to the town.

Zura got up and began blocking the fireballs that were coming in. The soldiers in the edge of the town began throwing spears and arrows. Ami was already on an air scooter to the front lines. Everybody else was quickly following. Mian grabbed his sword and began to run toward the enemy. He didn't like killing so he tried not to. He was swinging his blade everywhere and was finally able to get a good look at the enemy. They all seemed male, and were Firebenders, some had spears and swords. They all were in full armor and all he had was a sword and casual clothes. As he swung his way through their lines and saw red all over, he saw the archers in the back. They were wearing casual robes and were using crossbows. He then noticed he was completely surrounded, and saw all of the enemies beginning to chuck fireballs at him.


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