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The Iseran Rebellion was a bloody but small conflict involving Avatar Tiros and Earth Kingdom forces against the warlord Lesun.

The War That Didn't Happen

The Southlands held many riches and active military outposts that could enforce the Earth King's rule if necessary. An officer in one such outpost soon decided that these outposts could become the backbone of a kingdom separate of an ignorant Earth King. Lesun began a brutal campaign to take over the Southlands.

He soon broke off after taking over the Iseran Fortress which was extremely close to port. He soon began leading raids on local villages in order to gather resources and prepare for war.

The first raids were shrugged off as unimportant. It soon became clear that the marauders were dangerous as raids ended with the villages being razed to the ground. Even then, the Earth King only began marshalling his northern forces in a lengthy and unhurried manner despite messages from the South urgently requesting aid.

The Avatar's Arrival

Despite his slow response, the Earth King did send a request for aid to the Avatar, Tiros. Tiros was training in waterbending but came nonetheless in order to prevent a full-scale war.

He soon realized that war had already broken out in the south as Iseran had more men than the north was aware of. Only two points of resistance stood between the rebellion and a new kingdom; the outpost of Michyu and the great city of Omashu.

Avatar Tiros arrived at Michyu and spoke with those given the orders to try and stop Lesun before he invades Omashu. Outnumbered over three to one, Tiros and Melasa figured that killing Lesun would end the war but have to deal with the rumors of him being immortal as multiple attempts to kill the warlord have ended in failure and no one knows why.

New Stratagem

Tiros decided to take a new tactic in order to face and defeat the Iseran rebels and their leader. All the villages between Iseran and Omashu were evactuated with the exception of one. This message was sent all over the southern Earth Kingdom in order to make sure the word reached Iseran.

True to form, Iseran sent out a raid after the remaining town; only there were no villagers. Instead an army was waiting for them. Tiros and Melasa waited and let the raid attack what appeared to be a few defenders until Lesun himself appeared to fight the Avatar. Melasa then appeared and nearly cut the warlord in half. He survived to their amazaement as he drew his sword and attacked.

Melasa eventually learned the truth of Lesun's 'immortality'. He was using an Ish Kash, the Thorn Cutter similar to her own. Melasa was able to incapacitate the warlord but was wounded severely protecting Tiros from a crossbow bolt. Tiros took his wounded companion and fled the mountains while the Earth Kingdom forces retreated to Michyu. They suffered heavy casualties as Lesun revealed that he knew it was a trap and had reinforcements waiting.

Final Tactic

Tiros fled into the mountains with the wounded Melasa, where he managed to heal her some small bit. Melasa was able to recover with her own spells and overcome some internal conflicts about the Avatar, finally admitting her feelings for him. The two were staying in an abandoned village when a raiding party revealed that the Iseran rebels would soon march on Omashu.

As a great sandstorm broke out, Tiros and Melasa made for Michyu to warn the forces there of the inevitable siege of the city. They discovered that most of the men sent with them to the village were killed or missing, including the commanding officer. Tiros managed to inspire the remaining forces to embark on a daring assault on Iseran itself. Using the massive storm as cover, the loyal forces scaled the walls of Iseran and attacked from high ground.

The battle was to their advantage for a while, but the larger army was eventually able to respond, with Lesun at the forefront. Melasa dueled with Lesun while Tiros used his Wrath of Fire to keep the rebels distracted. Unfortunately, Lesun turned into a Dosh Rak who quickly overcame Melasa and stabbed her. Melasa was able to keep it off-balance while Tiros entered the Avatar State in rage and killed the Dosh Rak. He used the Thorn Cutter on Melasa to heal her, though it barely worked without consuming her.

In the aftermath of the battle, the rebels were defeated and the fortress retaken. Rebuilding and returning to peace took time as Earth Kingdom forces hunted down the rebels who were now criminals.


  • It is unknown whether Lesun acquired the Thorn Cutter before or after he started the rebellion.

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